One of the reasons a Game of Thrones is such a captivating and intriguing series are the amount of possible twists and turns, and ultimate ending to the story line. This is the genius of George RR Martin, by setting up so many conflicting and intertwined story lines he leaves so much to our imagination. It’s impossible to know how it will end. Only he does… maybe he doesn’t, actually. Either way there are endless possibilities and that’s why so many fans post their own theories online. In this article we look at ten Game of Thrones theories, all of which amazing in their own way. Some are amazingly complex and well thought out while others are amazingly insane. You should probably only read this is you’re up to date with the series.


King Robert was some kind of Evil witch

This is one of the more insane theories. King Robert died in season one. He was introduced at the start of that season when he arrived in Winterfell with his massive royal entourage. So he gets off his horse and approaches the stark family. Every single member of the Stark family he touches dies. He hugs Ned and Cat, who are beheaded and executed at the red wedding. He touches Rickon, who was poisoned by his enemies… only joking, he was shot dead by Ramsay Bolton. He shakes Rob’s hand – who of course also dies at the red wedding. He doesn’t touch Arya Sansa or Bran, who as of yet are still alive in the show. We can only assume King Robert was some kind of evil witch who curses those he touched. Imagine how many prostitutes he left dead because of this. It’s a tragic tale.


There Is Another Targaryen

This theory is drawn more from the books and so this might be a spoiler for later in the show. In the show, Daenerys Targaryen is the last living Targaryen. But some say Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell survived. In the show the mountain killed Martell and her two children. The mountain killed the baby boy by smashing it’s head until he was unrecognisable. For this reason we can’t be sure it was Aegon Targaryen who was killed. In the books it was almost certainly not Aegon killed as Varys claims to have swapped him for another baby. The real Aegon was taken somewhere safe by Varys and raised to be the perfect king. This is said to be Varys’ master plan – to somehow put Aegon on the throne. Maybe Varys will betrey Daenerys to achieve this. Or maybe Aegon really was killed by the mountain.


Varys Is A Merman

Mermaids and mermen have been mentioned a lot in a Game of Thrones. There are said to live in seas far north. The Iron islanders completely believe in them. One of the reasons they have no fear of drowning is that drowning will take them to a land where Mermaids care for them. Varys is from far away and in some ways is very fish-like. Early in series one Arya appears to witness him emerge from a well leading to the sea. That would be a strange thing for a human… but not a Merman. When Tyrion threatened to have Varys thrown into the sea, Varys wasn’t worried at all. In fact he replied in a very Merman-like way:

“The storms come and go, the waves cash overhead, the big fish eat the little fish and I keep on paddling”. Varys claims to have been castrated as a child – but this could just be his cover story. Everyone knows Mer-people don’t have penises… they just have scales or whatever. So Varys is probably a Merman, just because.


Daenerys Will Be A Mad Queen Just Like Her Father

When I say just like her father, he was a king. I mean if he wants to identify as a queen I’m okay with that. But I don’t think he dis. So anyway, Daenerys might go insane. The Targaryens were known for insanity. Centuries of inbreeding left them prone to madness. They interbred to maintain their ability to control dragons which was linked to their genetics. So her father was mad. Her brother was also pretty mad too. So it would be no surprise if she also lost her mind. George RR Martin has a good understanding of power politics. He knows that power can corrupt, and quickly. If Daenerys has even the slightest vulnerability to madness absolute power might push her over the edge and we could see her become a villain.


LittleFinger Has A Secret Child

Tobin Arryn is lord of the Vale. Littlefinger had his father killed and then married his mother. And then killed his mother. He now acts as his protector and holds huge influence over the boy. But some say Robin is secretly Littlefinger’s son. His mother was always in love with Littlefinger. It would have been easy to seduce her. People also note the similarities between the two. Robin is a small weak boy – just like Littlefinger was as a boy. But completely unlike the lord he is supposedly the son of. They even look more similar. His legal parents both had blue eyes, giving a 99 percent chance their child would also have blue eyes. But Robin has brown eyes. All things considered I can see him being Littlefinger’s son.


There’s an impossibly large Giant

In season one Rob Stark tells of how and old woman told him that the sky is blue because the whole world exists inside the eye of a blue eyed giant called Macumber. It’s mentioned a couple of other times in the show. No character seems to actually believe it though. But an increasingly popular theory is that the story is real and Macumber exists. There doesn’t seem to be any reasoning or logic behind this theory – but a lot of people believe it. So it’s amazing that this isn’t the dumbest theory on the list.


Jamie Will Murder Cersei

It’s clear this season that they are growing apart. Jamie has changed a lot since the show began. He’s more honourable than he was. Yet Cersei is, if anything, more monstrous and tyrannical. She is becoming more and more like the mad king, who Jamie killed also. In season five, a young Cersei visits a witch who predicted her future. The witch said she would be queen, but she would see her children die. But in the book the witch gave further predictions. As part of the prophecy Cersei will be killed by her brother.
That leaves only him or Tyrian. The second prediction wasn’t included in the show. But that could just be to make her death at the hands of Jamie a plot twist. I think he will – to complete the transformation of his character.


The Hound And The Brotherhood Will Slay The Mountain

So the mountain is a massive knight loyal to Cersei. Very few people are able to kill him. One of which might be his brother, the Hound. The Hound was also loyal to the crown until he went rogue and abandoned service. He’s done a bunch of random stuff and drifted around, but eventually teamed up with a group known as the brotherhood without banners. It’s an outlaw group loyal to whoever pays them. They are famous for never giving up on a job; they keep going until their task is complete. Before dying King Robert paid them to kill the mountain, in the books at least. The fact that the Hound hates him combined with the book storyline for the brotherhood means we could soon see the Mountain die.


Varys And Littlefinger Are Secretly Working Together

Almost every major event in the story has in some way been caused by these two. They are both cunning manipulators with seemingly opposite goals. It appears that Littlefinger wants to gain as mich power as possible for himself. And Varys simply wants stability for Westeros. But could they secretly be working towards one common masterplan?
In Stalinist fashion they both draw on the strengths of others to eliminate their rivals. And also in Bolshevik fashion they appear to be building something new. Littlefinger is using chaos to destroy the current balance of power, while Varys is working to build it’s replacement. We know the two men admire each other and realise how dangerous they are. I don’t think they are working together. But if they were they could reshape Westeros in whatever way they like. I think Littlefinger will soon die though.


Tyrion, Jon, and Daenerys are all Targaryens and Will Ride Dragons Into Battle

It’s pretty obvious by now that Jon is a Targaryen. Some speculate the mad king had an affair with Tyrion’s mother, which created him. This would explain why his father always resented him, even at one point saying Tyrion wasn’t his son. People note that the three seem to have naturally bonded – and that could be down to their common blood. Since Targaryans were known for being able to ride dragons, it might be possible for each of them to ride one into battle. It was three Targaryans riding dragons who originally conquered Westeros. There is a prophecy that it will take three more of them to conquer westeros again. Just as the Targaryan sigil has three heads.

The season latest season of Game of thrones has come to an end, and some of these theories are now clearly false, but others have been proven innocent. I do hope season eight of game of thrones will prove Varys to be a merman.

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