All cops enforce the law and keep us safe, but sometimes you hear about the badass cops who take it to a whole new level, and take actions so heroic they would seem completely unrealistic in a film. There are cops who simply jump into danger if it will save a life, and these badass cops need to have their stories told to everyone.


Mario Gutierrez

Mario Guiterrez got into an unbelievable fight with a man who had just set fire to gas station Gutierrez saw the man walking through the gas station and instantly realised what was up. The suspect had blown up the gas station to try kill himself, and anyone who was close to the explosion. Guiterrez ran as quickly as he could and tackled him to the ground. The man pulled out a knife and stabbed him. Guiterrez kept going anyway, even though he was stabbed several times, he eventually managed to shoot the suspect. Guiterrez received the medal of valor, and was recognised on the local news for his deeds.


Frank Serpico

Frank Serpico was the first police officer to testify against another officer. Frank is a retire Italian American police officer, who worked for the NYPD. Serpico was hated by his fellow police officers, and fell out with a string of partners. The main reason they hated him is because he refused to be corrupted. He refused to take bribes from criminals, and would complain to his superiors about corruption. Serpico reported reliable evidence that there was widespread corruption in the NYPD. At first nothing happened, until 1970 when he contributed to a New York Times front-page story on widespread corruption in the NYPD. Thanks to this there was finally an investigation in the issue, Serpico’s problems hadn’t ended yet. Hated by his fellow police officers for testifying against them, they refused to help him when he was shot by a criminal. Luckily he managed to survive, but had had enough of life as a policeman and retired.


David Muniz

David Muniz is probably one of the only people in the world to get shot in the chest and then act like nothing happened. Muniz was responding to a domestic violence call, when he was unexpectedly shot by a drunk man with a pistol. The drunk man shot him in the chest, and amazingly Muniz managed to keep his cool, and keep doing his job as if nothing had happened. He tried to convince the assailant to lower his weapon, and attempted to reassure him that he wasn’t in any danger, but instead the man reached for his gun, but Muniz was quicker and shot him first.


Wasil Ahmad

Wasil Ahmad is the youngest of all the badass cops on this list by a large margin. Ahmad was only ten years old, when he stood up to the Taliban as a cop. Ahmad was inside a government building being besieged by the Taliban. The Taliban had surrounded a government building Ahmad and many others were trapped in. Ahmad shot from the roof of the building using machine guns, and mortars to fight off the terrorists. Ahmad was celebrated as a hero by people all over the world, but his fame had made him a target for the Taliban, who assassinated him. Ahmad was out shopping for groceries when two men shot at him, and left him for dead.


Wild Bill Hickok

Wild-Bill-Buffalo-Bill badass cops

Wild Bill Hickok is famous folk hero, and lawman from the American Old West. Bill was known for his skills as gunfighter, and gambler. He famously took part in a quickdraw gun fight with Davil Tutt, which he won. Hickok was known for several famous shootouts. Hickok was actually attacked by a bear in 1860, he apparently walked up to bear and shot it in the head, but the bullet ricocheted off his skull, and sent the bear into rage. The bear charged Hickok and after a fight that almost led to his death he managed to stab the bear in the face. The credibility of this story is disputed. Hickok was shot while gambling on a game of poker, he died with a hand of black aces and eights, which became known as a dead man’s hand after this incident.


Colonel Hugo Martinez

Death_of_Pablo_Escobar badass cops

Colonel Hugo Martinez is a man with an unshakeable desire to deal out justice. He shot down the most notorious drug dealer who ever lived, which was an almost impossible task. He was the leader of team Search Bloc, a unit of officers assembled by the president of Colombia with only one purpose, stopping Pablo Escobar. Pablo Escobar was the richest drug dealer to ever live, and head of the Medellin Cartel, one of the most deadly cartels in history. Most of the people who fought against Escobar were killed quickly, but Martinez managed to stand up to him. Even though his live was threatened, his family was threatened, and his house was blown up, Martinez kept going. Eventually the mission was accomplished when Martinez shot Escobar on a Medellin rooftop on December 2, 1993.


Ivan Marcano

Ivan Marcano became a local hero when he got shot by an armed suspect, but managed to keep his composure, and shot back while clutching his wound, and managed to kill one of the criminals. The two suspects were robbing someone for $80 when Marcano spotted them. He walked up to them and announced he was a policeman. One of the suspects quickly turned and shot him in the chest, then ricocheted inside him and ended up in the right side of his chest. The suspects got away but he eventually managed to catch up to them, and shot one of the suspects in the head with one hand.


Eliot Ness

Eliotness badass cops

Eliot Ness is probably one of the most famous, badass cops from America. Ness was the leader of team that fought to enforce prohibition in Chicago, Illinois. The group became famously known as the untouchables, and were remembered as an incorruptible team of crime fighters. He’s been made famous through the release of films, and books after he died. Ness wasn’t afraid of any criminal no matter how powerful, and famously took on Al Capone, a notorious gangster who had already paid off a lot of people in law enforcement. One day one of Capone’s men offered Ness $2,000 to stop ruining Capone’s business, and promised an additional $2,000 every week he complied. Ness was enraged, and kicked him out of the building. The next day he put on a press conference saying that he would not be bought off by Capone’s men, which is when his team gained the nickname “The Untouchables”.


Wyatt Earp

Wyatt_Earp_portrait badass cops

Earp was a deputy sheriff in the Old West, and was a central figure in the famous “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral”. The shootout lasted 30 seconds between between a group of outlaw cowboys, and lawmen. It’s likely the most famous gunfight in the history of the American Wild West. Earp had an interesting life, he was a constable, city policeman, county sheriff, Deputy U.S. Marshal, teamster, buffalo hunter, bouncer, saloon-keeper, gambler, brothel keeper.


Kevin Philippy

Kevin Phillipy Is one of France’s most badass cops, and became famous online for dealing with violent protesters using nothing but his Kung Fu skills, and self control. Phillip became known as Kung Fu cop online, when a video surfaced of him dodging multiple attacks. A protester had just smashed the windows of, and even set fire to the police car he was driving in. when he got out of his car the protester started swing an iron bar at his head, but he calmly dodged every single attack. He then went to reach for his gun to defend himself, but decided not to, and simply walked away, so as not to further escalate the violence. Phillipy was given the gold internal security medal, which is the highest award a French policeman can achieve.

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