Gun laws are an interesting area of the legal system. Some believe all innocent civilians should have the right to own a firearm for personal protection, while others believe dangerous weapons should be tightly controlled. I have no idea what the answer is but that’s really irrelevant. Although most countries do not guarantee people the right to own weapons, there are some where it’s common for ordinary citizens to own guns. You’s be surprised by the number of countries where guns are legal. Many of which have enshrined in within their own constitution, as inspired by the American founding fathers. It’s true that most countries allow some kind of gun ownership under specific agreements but I’m more interested in places where people can pretty much own any weapon they like. In no particular order, here are ten countries where guns are legal.




Finland isn’t unique when it comes to it’s gun laws. Anyone wanting to own a firearm needs the approval of their local police authority. It’s pretty easy to get one of these licences and each person can have more than one. They will ask you for a legitimate reason to have a gun though. You can get around this by joining a shooting club and giving the reason of gun sport enthusiasm. More often than not they ask for evidence that you’ve been engaging in the sport for at least one year before they grant you a licence. If you want to carry your guns in public you’ll need a special licence.



Thailand is different from most others as they literally only allow people to own guns for self defense or related purposes. But Thai officials reserve the right to deny a licence to anyone they consider a threat to themselves or others. There are tight regulations on the type of gun your allowed to own, with suppressors outlawed, along with fully automatic weapons.



It’s fairly easy to obtain a gun in Russia. You basically just need to be a Russian citizen and not a criminal. You don’t really even need a reason to obtain your licence, but it is required that you attend a class on gun safety. It’s very rare that the authorities give our handgun licences, but it does happen with a good enough reason. There are also tight limits on gun capacity and weapons which shoot in 2 or more round bursts. Each citizen is limited to owning ten guns or less, which seems fair to me.


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is very confusing when it comes to it’s gun laws. It’s easy to obtain an ownership licence, which literally just covers the gun’s ownership. To carry a gun outside of your house you’ll need another licence. It’s easy to gt these licences but difficult to buy a gun legally. For this reason, most people just turn towards Saudi Arabia’s huge black market. After buying an illegal gun you can licence it, thereby making it legal. And that makes me wonder why it’s illegal in the first place. Strangely, all hunting with firearms is completely illegal. It’s common for people to own an AK47, which does nothing to fight against stereotypes.




Israel allows many people to obtain a gun licence due to their occupation. You you work in security or police, or if you’re retired from such jobs. There are some parts of Israel where a gun licence is easy for self protection, as those areas are more dangerous. But you can own a gun no matter where you live. All you need is a civilian licence. For this, you’d need to have lived in Israel for at least two years. You can carry them outside either concealed or not. Israel is a dangerous place, and so 60 percent of gun licence applications are successful.


Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, gun licences are granted to literally anyone who isn’t considered a danger to themselves or others, just so long as they have a good reason. This can include self-defense though. You’ll need to be an innocent civilian and over the age of 18. Also, you’ll need to be reasonably healthy. Once achieving this, you’ll be able to own and shoot guns for the rest of your life. You’ll even be allowed to conceal carry as part of the same licence. The Czech Republic has become famous for it’s gun culture, with shooting standing as their third most popular sport.



Serbia is ranked second of any country when it comes to gun ownership per capita. Serbia is one of those old school countries where they don’t care about political correctness. Gun ownership is considered an important part of their national culture. Almost anyone can own a gun. If you’re not a criminal or an insane person, you’ll be given a licence. Police have the right to confiscate guns from anyone not using them safely. You can buy all kinds of guns, but there are limits on the amount of ammunition you can purchase. Unlike other countries, where people are campaigning for more restriction, there are big campaigns in Serbia for less restriction. They love their guns.



In Canada, gun control is ever-increasing. Right now, some weapons are restricted and some aren’t. Restricted weapons include handguns and semi-automatics, which require extra permits to own. They also require a further permit to transport them, and another to use them outside of a gun range. Unrestricted include things like hunting rifles. There are so many regulations when it comes to gun ownership in Canada. But jump through all the hoops and you’ll get your guns. It’s possible that the ability to own firearms may soon completely disappear within Canada. Time will tell.



Switzerland is the example so often used when discussing countries with guns without them being a problem. About 25 percent of the Swiss population hold a gun at their home. Most of which is from military service. They still have national service in Switzerland and demand people keep a rifle after their service has ended. And until 2007, people were also given military grade ammunition. But now people aren’t allowed to store ammunition in their house. The idea is that Switzerland may one day be threatened by foreign invaders, in which case they would call on the ordinary Swiss population to rise up against the threat with their weapons ready for action. Swiss citizens also have the right to purchase and own guns.


United States

The United States is at the top of anyone’s list of countries where guns are legal. Americans have their right to own and maintain firearms enshrined in their constitution. The founding fathers were inspired to add this by the old English bill of rights, which also guarantees the right to own guns. There are some places where guns aren’t allowed, which are known as “Gun free zones”. Other than these, you’re pretty much able to own a gun anywhere in America. Gun laws differ in each US state. Most states allow some kind of conceal carry and also open carry. Different states also allow for the ownership and restriction of different kinds of weapon. It’s among the biggest issues in American politics with campaigners on both side desperate to win. As the American constitution is so incredibly difficult to amend, US citizens may have this right forever.

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