A UFO religion is a religion which teaches of the existence of UFOs. Aliens with advanced technology are usually said to be piloting those UFOs. Some UFO religions teach that humans are descended from aliens, while others say we are enslaved by them. Some would more easily be described as cults or religious movements, but are all united by their belief in UFOs. Here are ten crazy UFO religions.




Claude Vorilhon is more well known as Raël – he claims to be the messenger of an alien species called Elohim. He founded a religion called Raëlism, teaching that the Elohim created life on Earth. They did so with advanced scientific processes but hid our origin from us. They told humans they were angels, rather than aliens. But they sent messages to us in the form of prophets. Raëlism teaches that Jesus and Buddha, and all other religious prophets were actually alien messengers. Raëlism teaches that if human beings become peaceful and eliminate war, the aliens will return and introduce us to advanced technology. They once attempted to set up an embassy in Israel to welcome aliens who arrive on Earth. But because they use the Swastika as a symbol, their application for land was rejected.


Heaven’s Gate

In the early 1970s, Marshall Applewhite founded Heavens Gate. Heavens Gate was a religious group that believed the human species could not survive climate change on Earth. To avoid extinction their souls would escape Earth on an alien spacecraft and follow a comet to a safe new planet. They believed the Hale-Bob comet was a sign their spacecraft was approaching. So when it passed by Earth in 1997 they commit mass suicide by consuming poison-laced Apple sauce. Applewhite was a charismatic leader, brainwashing his followers while isolating them from the outside world. Some survivors still believe in his teachings, and that his soul escaped this world in 1997.


Aetherius Society

In 1955 George King founded the Aetherius Society. He taught his followers to worship the “Cosmic Masters” – an alien species much more advanced than we are. He taught them a series of spiritual rituals to dedicate themselves to the aliens. They believe positive energy can be manipulated, as the aliens taught their leader to do so in the 1950s. He claimed to be in communication with beings from the planet Venus, beings who created human life. George King is now dead but his religion remains. They believe an alien prophet will soon arrive on Earth by flying saucer and give them further guidance.


Universe People

Universe People is a Czech UFO religion. They believe a fleet of alien spaceships are constantly orbiting the Earth. They are observing human behavior. And when we achieve a higher state of consciousness they will transport us to a new dimension. The goal of the universe people is to achieve this state of higher consciousness. They reject modern technology as they believe it will distract them from their goal. They reject materialism in general, believing money is evil. They rose in popularity in the 1990s at the same time as Heavens Gate, taking advantage of the coming millennium.



With their incredibly long name, this is a Neo-Nazi religious group who claim Europeans are of alien descent. They claim other humans evolved here on Earth but white people came here on a UFO thousands of years ago. They really believe white people then built Atlantis and lived in Utopia until it disappeared. They believe the Nazis were in contact with aliens, and that the aliens taught them their ideology. They also believe aliens will one day return to Earth and help the Aryan race dominate the world.


Church of the SubGenius

Klaatu (1)
Church of the SubGenius is a joke religion; it satarises other UFO religions with their prophet, Bob Dobbs. He was a salesman in 1953, when he was contacted by god. God told him of an alien race called the X-ists, who are planning an invasion of Earth. Bob Dobbs is said to have gone to Malaysia and founded his own settlement called Dobbstown. But really Bob Dobbs never existed. He’s a fictional character inspired by some old clip art. But some people really believe in him – that he was the greatest salesman ever born, and was a prophet to warn us against alien invaders.


Nation of Islam

Nation of Islam
Nation of Islam is a North-American religious movement. It was founded in 1930 by Wallace Muhammad, a man so mysterious we don’t know where he was from or where he went. He disappeared in 1934. It’s an Islamic movement made famous by followers like Malcolm X, although he eventually left the movement. Nation of Islam teaches that UFOs are built and piloted by humans – that secret advanced technology is accessed by scientists, which they use for space travel. They believe 15 billion dollars were spent on building a mother ship but don’t give much more info on it. They also believe our planet is 76 trillion years old.


Order of the Solar Temple

Order of the Solar Temple is an international secret society. Founded in 1984, they soon gained a reputation as a dangerous group. They believed that aliens inhabit planets better than Earth, and that humans are transported to another planet when we die. In 1994 they murdered a baby, claiming it to be the Antichrist. They then commit mass suicide. They had many lodges in different counties which saw members kill themselves. The number of deaths eventually reached 74. It’s unclear how many members are alive today, if any.


Unarius Academy of Science

Unarius Academy of Science was founded in 1954. It’s members believed humans have souls, which have recorded data from our past lives. They believe that we can progress to a new world if we commit more positive acts than negative acts. They also believe that aliens much more intelligent than us live in a distant galaxy, and that their religious leaders are in communication with these aliens. And that aliens will soon land on Earth to share advanced technology with us. Despite their mental beliefs, they often object to being classified as a religion, claiming it all to be based in science.



Scientology is classified as a legitimate religion in the western world, apart from some countries like Germany, but that’s kinda complicated. The Scientologists believe an alien overlord called Xenu once brought his people to planet Earth, and massacred them with hydrogen bombs. That was 75 million years ago. The souls of his people are now stuck inside the bodies of us humans. One of the goals of scientology is to free them of ourselves. In my opinion Scientology has a much better creation story than other UFO religions, and probably all other religions in general.

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