There are an awful lot of strange things online. People tend to focus on creepy videos when it comes to the internet. There are whole websites just dedicated to scary videos and images. But there are also a whole lot of mysterious and creepy audio recordings that have found their way onto the internet. From messages left by serial killers to a mysterious signal from space – here are the 10 creepiest audio recordings ever.


The original Night Stalker Call

There is an unidentified American serial killer known as the original night stalker. He’s known to have killed at least 10 and raped at least 50. He became notorious for leaving creepy phone messages for his victims on their answering machines. The video above is one of them. Despite a lot of DNA evidence being taken, no one has any idea who the original night stalker was.


Sound Of A Black Hole

From NASA we have the sound of a black hole. It turns out some space objects can make noise. I’m not sure how the science behind that works, but here it is. So listen to the audio video above and imagine falling into a black hole.



In Russia, there is a mysterious radio station called UVB-76. It currently broadcasts the same audio recording – a buzzing noise followed by a voice speaking in Russian. Listen closely and you can faintly hear a woman screaming. Russian officials have never confirmed it’s purpose so no one knows what it means.


First Ever Voice Recording

From 1860, this next audio clip is the earliest known recording of human voice. You’ll be able to hear a man slowly singing in quite a haunting way. That’s thought to be the voice of Edouard Leon Scott. He died about 140 years ago.


Western Airlines Flight 2605

Western airlines flight 2605 was an il-fated passenger flight in 1979. It crash landed in Mexico city, killing 72 passengers. Unfortunately it was just one of several plane crashes that year. The audio clip above comes from the pilots cockpit. It captured the exact moment of disaster.


Jim Jones Death Tape

Jim Jones was the head of a deadly cult called the people’s temple. They lived in a South-American compound where Jim Jones could isolate his follows and take advantage of them. In 1978, he forced his follows to kill themselves after American politicians caught on to what was happening at their compound. Parents would force their children to drink poison and them kill themselves. Over 900 people died, which was the worst mass-killing of Americans until the September 11th attacks. And the whole thing was captured on audio.


WOW Signal

In 1977, an astronomer received a signal from deep space. Still today science is unable to explain the signal because it’s so different from anything else ever received. It’s origin is unclear. The astronomer was so amazed by this signal that he wrote the word “WOW” next to it. Many scientists actually believe the signal could be from aliens.


Backwards Music Station

Known as the backwards music station, short wave radios are able to pick up signals from a mysterious source. The source is thought to be either in America or Britain. Low pitched noises are constantly transmitted – but in no pattern. It seems to just be random unexplained noises.


Weepy Voiced Killer

Paul Stephani was a serial killer known more commonly as the weepy-voiced killer. His nickname comes from the phone calls he made to the police. The video above is one of them.


Operation Wandering Soul

In the Vietnam war, the American military created a bizarre audio recording. It combined Vietnamese funeral music with a voice recording of a ghost. By which I mean an actor pretending to be a ghost. The audio would be played through the Vietnamese jungle so that the Vietcong would believe they were surrounded by ghosts. Unfortunately it didn’t work. The Vietnamese soldiers weren’t scared of it at all. In fact, they would follow the noises and attack the people playing it. It was like a homing beacon for angry communists.

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