Some of the world’s darkest legends are Australian. Having it’s roots in ancient aboriginal mythology, Australian legends were born when 2 civilizations collided. With parts of the country still barely touched by humans, it’s easy to see why so many monsters are said to hide in the wilderness. But strange monsters are just one element of Australian legends.

10: Yara-ma-yha-who

In remote wooded areas lives a monstrous amphibian. Around 4 feet tall, it’s like a cross between a frog and a human child, with a strangely large head. Preying on humans, they are known to perch on tall fig trees. Patiently waiting for months on end, they pounce on any human to walk below. Through suction cups on each of it’s fingers, it will drain you of blood and shovel you into it’s mouth. But before you die it regurgitates you, then swallows you whole once again. In time your body will shrink. Your skin will turn red, and you will become one of it’s kind.

9: Eaglehawk And The Crow

In a small village there once lived a man called Eaglehawk. One day he needed to go out on a hunt and left his baby to be looked after by his neighbor. But the neighbor wasn’t a fan of babies. So when it wouldn’t stop crying, he beat it to death. Returning to find the dead child, Eaglehawk chased him out of the village. Soon the hunters had him surrounded as he hid high up on a tree. Unwilling to risk climbing, they set fire to it. But as the flame reached higher there was no sign of him. It was as if he’d disappeared. Then they saw a small bird fly away, and realized what had happened. His evil deed had cursed him, transforming him into a crow that could not die.

8: Gippsland Phantom Cat

At the height of world war 2, US airmen were stationed in Australia. With them came 2 pumas to serve as their mascots. But in the confusion of war the pumas escaped. Since then thousands have reported encountering a large cat in the area, and dead cows have regularly been found torn apart. Some even claim to have been attacked. Perhaps the two pumas mated and now a group of them are killing their way through the country.

7: Yowie

Somewhere in the wilderness there is a 12 foot tall ape-like humanoid. A mysterious beast, the footprints it leaves vary in size. Some prints are large and with ten toes, while others are smaller and with either less or more. It’s almost like the creature physically changed while on the move. But no one has ever witnessed the change. Although most who encounter the monster are quickly killed, eaten head first with no chance of survival. In the 1970s, a hundred thousand dollars was offered to anyone who could capture the Yowie dead or alive. As of yet none have claimed the reward.

6: Lasseter’s Reef

In 1929, an Australian explorer announced his discovery of a vast gold deposit. Deep within central Australia, the area is hard to reach. Soon he was able to fund a mining expedition – heading into the desert with a team. But during the journey he began to act erratic, deliberately leading the group through especially deadly routes. Warped by greed, his companions realized he had lost his mind. And when he refused to reveal the gold’s location, they abandoned him. Stumbling on into the desert alone, he was soon blinded by a sandstorm and died of exhaustion. No one knows if the gold is real. He took that secret to the grave. But he was not the last to die searching for it.

5: Hook Island Sea Monster

In 1964 Robert Le Serrac was enjoying a boat trip. He was in the waters surrounding hook island, just off Australia’s northern coast. Then suddenly, he spotted an enormous creature swimming towards the ship. Like a giant tadpole, it’s head was four feet wide, with pale green eyes and a monstrous mouth. It appeared to be 30 feet long but the more he watched, the longer the creature grew. Swimming closer, it grew even larger and opened it’s mouth wide, as if it would swallow the ship whole. But just as death seemed certain it swam away. Many doubted his encounter with the hook island monster. But he did take photographs of it.

4: Schneider’s Alley

Australian legions and ghosts
In the early 20th century, a German doctor bought a mansion in Australia and moved his family to the country. But after just a few months his wife and children died in mysterious circumstances. The sudden loss drove him mad. Now instead of helping his patients, he conducted dark experiments on them. Holding them captive and torturing them without anesthetic. As the mansion was so far from any city, no one could hear their screams. It was only after his death that local authorities investigated the crime. But the ghosts of his victims never grew quiet, and still now they walk the halls of his old home.

3: Muldjewangk

mermaids in Australian legends
In the lakes of southern Australia lives a mysterious race of creature. Half man, half fish, they are essentially mermen. They are very old and capable of emerging from the water. Many Australian legends tell of small boats being boarded by them, or pulled underwater with the crew still aboard. Suspicious of humans, they are extremely dangerous when threatened. Their skin is thick and naturally bulletproof. And a single touch from them is deadly. Immediately, painful blisters break out across your body. But it will take half a year for you to finally die. Yet the mer folk are the ones who fear us, hiding under seaweed to avoid detection.

2: Inland Sea Disaster

In the early 1800s, it was widely believed Australia had a vast inland sea. The only problem… nobody knew exactly where it was. Many explorers set out to find it, knowing their name would go down in history if successful. All failed, and many died from exhaustion or dehydration. During one of the largest expeditions, a sandstorm enveloped the party. It lasted for several minutes and when it died down they realized one of their members was gone. Neither he nor his horse were ever found. Their fate remains a mystery. In case you hadn’t realized it yet, a lot of Australian legends end in disastrous expeditions.

1: Bunyip

Bunyip in Australian legends
The most dangerous of all Australian monsters is the Bunyip. By the time Europeans arrived on the island, natives knew to avoid it at all cost. Yet their descriptions of it varied. According to some it was a giant reptile with long tentacles and a single large eye. Just looking into that eye can cause death. Other say it looks more like a large dog. All agree it is a water dwelling beast, inhabiting remote swamps and rivers. Lurking quietly, it can easily kill and eat any animal, including humans. Some tribes would never approach a body of water they were not familiar with, fearing a bunyip may be there.

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