Rampage killers are people who kill many in a single attempt without a cooling off period. Some of the worst massacres in history have been committed by rampage killers. From Anders Breivik attacking an island full of teenagers to the Las Vegas shooting in 2017, this is a list of the deadliest rampage killers of all time.


Anders Behring Breivik

At the Norwegian island of Utoya a large number of teens were attending a summer camp when it was attacked by Anders Breivik. He killed 77 people and injured another 96. This attack was a follow up to an attack he had already committed in Oslo. He set off a bomb which killed eight people, and then boarded a ferry to Utoya. He approached the children while dressed as a policeman and told them that he was there to check on them because of the recent bombing in Oslo. Breivik asked them to gather around him so he could do a head count.

He then pulled out a rifle and shot into the crowd, killing as many as possible. Breivik actually returned to the scene of the crime and starting shooting the bodies in case anybody was playing dead. He was seen laughing at some who begged for their lives before killing them. A lot of the victims jumped into the water to try and escape that way, but drowned.

George Hennard

Hennard drove his truck straight into a cafeteria, and then got out and screamed “This is what Bell County has done to me!”. He then started shooting all the women in the café one by one. At one point someone in the café tried to tackle him but was shot down instead. Hennard’s motivation was his resentment towards women.

Daegu Subway Fire

Kim Dae-han set a train ablaze that had stopped at Jungangno Station, which killed 192 people and injured over 150. The fire spread from one train to a second that just entered the station. At 9:53 am Kim was seen fumbling with some cartons and a lighter. Some of the civilians saw him doing this, and tried to stop him, but this led to one of the cartons spilling, and when one of the trains entered the liquid caught fire. Some of the people in the vicinity caught fire, including Kim’s back and legs. He ran off still on fire and managed to escape. The incident was made worse due to a number of errors.

The biggest mistake was made by the train operator, Choi Sang-Yeol, who was told by his superiors to kill the engine and quickly run. Choi fled, but he removed the master key which trapped many of the passengers inside, and stopped them from being able to escape. 79 people were trapped inside, and died. Kim was depressed after a stroke left him paralysed, and told police he wanted to kill himself in a crowd of people.

Woo Bum-Kon

He was armed with an M1 Carbine

Woo Bum-Kon was an ex-soldier and ex-policeman, who suffered with severe anxiety and depression. He finally snapped when his girlfriend swatted a fly on his chest. He assaulted her, and then went to the police station. While there he gathered a number of deadly weapons and made his way to a nearby village. While in the village, he hid in some bushes and began shooting at people who happened to pass by. Somehow, he wasn’t caught doing this, and managed to kill 42 people in five different villages using this method. During the attack, he shot his girlfriend in the leg, and took a family hostage. He ordered a boy in the family to go and buy him a drink from the shop, and when he returned he killed the whole family.

Martin Bryant

Martin Bryant was one of the worst rampage killers in history. His attack started in a small café where he was making idle conversation with the other customers. Halfway through the conversation he took out a rifle, and in 15 seconds killed 12 people. Bryant chased and killed another 8 people. A rampage ensued, killing anyone he could. He eventually arrived at a B&B, where he handcuffed a hostage to a banister. He shot the restaurant’s owners, and killed his hostage. After that, he burnt down the restaurant, and surrendered to the police. He was given 1000 years in prison.

Ahmed Ibragimov

rampage killers pointing-gun-1632373_1920
Ibragimov was one of the Russia’s worst rampage killers. His rampage took place in a Russian village where he killed a total of 34 people, in Mikenskaya village. It happened on October 8, 1999 during the Chechen War. After committing the massacre he managed to escape, but was captured a couple of days later. After being caught he was brought back to the village, where he was hanged by the relatives of those he killed. The attack took place just after a battle between Chechen rebels, and the Russian Army. He waited until people began to come out of where they were hiding, and then began the massacre. His victims were as young as 10, and as old as 89. His motive was that Chechens had been killed by Russians, so now he wanted to kill Russians for revenge.

Seung-Hui Cho

Seung-Hui Cho was a mass murderer who killed 32 people, with two semi-automatic pistols. The attack took place in a university in Virginia. Six people were injured jumping from the windows in order to try and escape him. He suffered from severe anxiety, major depressive disorder, and selective mutism. He committed suicide once police breached the doors to the building where most of the shootings had taken place. Before the incident took place he had submitted plays that disturbed the teachers. They were disturbed by the amount of violence in the plays.

Baruch Goldstein

Goldstein perpetrated the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in Hebron, in 1994. He killed 29 people and injured 125 Muslim worshippers. Goldstein was a Jewish extremist, and his gravesite has become a place of respect for other extremists. He was beaten to death by the survivors of the massacre. Goldstein was a part of the Kach movement. He went on a shooting spree inside the Ibrahimi Mosque. His victims were as young as 12. The survivors managed to overpower him and stop him from shooting, before beating him to death.

Matteo Morral

Matteo was a Spanish anarchist who attempted to kill the King of Spain in an explosion. He failed to kill the King, who managed to escape, but killed 30 people, and injured 100. The attack took place on the day of the King’s wedding. He threw the bomb at the bridal carriage as it rode through crowds of people. He hid the bomb in a bouquet of flowers, and after throwing it, he tried to slip into the crowd. Police managed to recognise him in the sea of faces of apprehended him. This is when he pretended to surrender, in order to trick the officer into lowering his guard so he could kill him, and then committed suicide himself.

Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock was responsible for the worst rampage killing in the history of the Americas, making him the worst of all the rampage killers in America’s history. He killed 58 people and injured 851. It happened in Las Vegas, 2017, he fired into a crowd of 22,000 people at a country music festival. He committed suicide in his hotel by shooting himself. He rented out two hotel rooms at Mandalay Bay Hotel, a luxury resort. After he killed himself, police found 23 rifles in his bag. He was incredibly well equipped, and police say he planned the attack carefully. Paddock fired for 10 minutes and then stopped. From the time he stopped firing to the time the police broke down the door to his hotel room, he had 65 minutes. But, for some unknown reason, he stopped firing for this entire time.

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