All governments keep secrets, they write down these secrets on classified documents. Overtime many top secret governments have been released to the public. The secrets that come out of declassified government documents can be shocking, and reveal things about the world, and it’s governments many people can’t believe. Some of the things revealed in these declassified government documents show the dark underbelly of certain governments, as well as the strange experiments, and plans they conduct which many wouldn’t consider to be ethical or even legal.


Operation Northwoods


The Department of Defense proposed that the CIA or another Government Agency commit terror attacks against it’s own citizens to justify a war with Cuba. The American government actually considered committing terrorist attacks against innocent American citizens in the form of hijackings, fake evidence and even bombings. The aim was to create public support for a war against Cuba, by blaming the attacks on them. Luckily President Kennedy refused the proposals. This was in 1962 when communist Fidel Castro had recently taken power in Cuba. Although the plan was denied by Kennedy it was approved by the chairman, and every single member of the joint chiefs of staff. This is one of the most unbelievable declassified Government Documents, and makes you wonder who was behind other terror attacks in the USA.


Churchill wanted to kill Hitler


Churchill planned to have Hitler executed without a trial, if he was ever captured by the allied. He wanted to execute Hitler as well as other Nazi leaders. He described Hitler as a gangster, and the mainspring of evil. Although the US and Russia backed court trials, Churchill believed that Hitler would never get a fair trial, and saying that “better to declare that we shall put them to death”. “Contemplate that if Hitler falls into our hands we shall certainly put him to death,” Winston Churchill. Churchill never managed to execute Hitler, as he committed suicide in his bunker, or so we thought, as an one the declassified government documents below paints a completely different picture.


Operation Gladio


Operation Gladio was the code-name for a secret NATO “stay behind” operation in Italy during the cold war. It was created during the cold war, in fear of a Warsaw Pact invasion. There job was to prepare for the possible invasion, by putting up an armed resistance in defense. Although it was set up in Italy the Italian Government had no idea it was happening, because the Chief of the Italian secret service had set it up in a secret agreement with the CIA. Eventually the secret army of 1000 men was exposed, and was called “The best kept, and most damaging, political-military secret since World War II” by the Italian Press.


Iran Flight 655


An Air passenger was shot down by the United states Navy on 3 July 1988. It was shot by a guided missile cruiser under the command of William C. Rogers. The incident took place in Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf. All 300 innocent passengers were killed. They had no reason to shoot down the plane, it’s just that they mistook it for a Iranian F14 Jet fighter. Plane was destroyed and fell into Iranian waters. Iranian ships, and helicopters looked for survivors but none were found. The incident caused outrage, and the US had to pay millions in compensation, although they never apologized and were even caught lying about certain details.


Nixon Sabotaged Peace With Vietnam


Like most of the secrets revealed by declassified government documents, this was rumored by conspiracy theorists for years. This time it was revealed that Nixon inadvertently sabotaged peace talks with Vietnam, leading to the war lasting another 5 years, causing a lot of death and destruction. He didn’t even have a good reason for doing this. Nixon’s campaign revolved around the war with Vietnam, and so he postponed peace talks until after the election which he barely won. Nixon’s aides actually told the south Vietnamese government to obstruct peace talks, and help Nixon get elected, saying that they would get a better deal if they did. This is according to Tom Charles Huston who authored the secret report.


World War II Monopoly

DarrowPage1 declassified government documents

The makers of monopoly managed to save Prisoners of war during world war two with a modified version of monopoly. This version of monopoly contained several items that would allow prisoners to escape from camps. It all started when the secret intelligence service known as MI5 was trying to improve maps, which were very loud, and easily damaged. They came up the idea of printing maps on silk, which was durable and silent. They approached Waddington Ltd because they were the best at printing on silk, and by pure chance happened to be producing monopoly board games. Someone then came up with the genius idea of hiding the maps within monopoly pieces, since games were permitted to be air dropped to prisoners in camps by the red cross. It was the perfect way to sneak the maps in, as well as a metal file, a small magnet, and real currency instead of monopoly money.


The Cat Bomb

770px-Gato_enervado_pola_presencia_dun_can declassified government documents

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During world war two one of the best way to attack ships was with dive bombing, but it wasn’t a very accurate way of attacking, and the bombs often landed in the ocean instead of on the ship. So the military came up with an idea that would have been genius if it didn’t fail miserably. They decided that if dropped cats with bombs attached out of the plane, then the cats would redirect themselves towards the ships, because cats are afraid of water. Unfortunately this failed for so many reasons, but mainly because they couldn’t find a way for the cats to stop feinting after being dropped out of a plane, with a bomb 100 times their weight attached to them.


Voice of God Weapon

st-peters-basilica-101425 declassified government documents8_1280

The Military use this weapon to put words in peoples head. It’s called V2K, voice to skull. The microwave auditory affect, creates click sounds, or with speech modulations, spoken words. The click sounds, or words appear in someone’s head without them without a transceiver. You could use this weapon to put words in the head of anyone on the street. There are countless people who claim to have been attacked with the device, and so the government is using it for mind control. Mysteriously the Army had a web page on the device, but removed without explanation, even when asked. Some have speculated that it was used on a man called Abu Zubaydah, to extract information. Zubaydah reportedly was tortured by the US for 83 days, and didn’t give out, but one night he heard Allah talk to him in his head, and convince him to cooperate.


Operation Paperclip

Project_Paperclip_Team_at_Fort_Bliss declassified government documents

After the second world war, Nazis were rounded up and executed, but there were some who were seen as too valuable to kill, and instead were recruited by the US government to continue their work during the Cold War. More than 1,500 German scientists, engineers, and technicians were brought to the united states. One of the purposes was to deny German expertise and knowledge to the UK, and the Soviets. At first President Truman forbid bringing over anyone who was a member of the Nazi party, but went back on this when he realized some of the leading scientists were members of the Nazi party.


Hitler escaped to Argentina

declassified government documents

Recent FBI documents have shown that Hitler didn’t actually commit suicide like we used to believe but actually escaped by submarine to Argentina. The FBI were in communication with an informant in Argentina who helped Hitler escape, and says that he would try to help them catch him. The FBI investigated but didn’t manage to locate Hitler. The theory has gained popularity, and the declassified government documents have been seen by thousands. There is also a picture online of a man who is believed to be Hitler, standing next to a Brazilian women suspected to be his lover.

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