Most cops are good people who try to serve the public, otherwise there would be chaos in the streets, however not all cops are good. Dirty cops are the ones who abuse their power to serve their own needs. They might sell drugs or weapons to make some extra cash, protect gangs for bribes or sometimes even run their own gangs. This is a list of 10 dirty cops who abused their power.

Gerard Schaefer


Gerard Schaefer is one of the most sickening dirty cops in history. He already had a bad past before joining, and was fired from being a teacher. He then went on to become a policeman, likely attracted to the power. He picked up two hitchhiking girls while he was on patrol, and then instead of returning them home, he took them to a secluded area and tied them to a tree. He then left them alone after getting a call, somehow the girls managed to escape, and run to the nearest police station. While there they told the police what happened, and Schaefer was arrested and imprisoned. After he got out he was caught after murdering two teenage girls, they raided his house, and linked him to 32 murders.

Jon Burge

dirty cops poland-2423529_1920

If you were to walk into the interrogation room and see Burge, you would likely be tortured in order to gain a confession, and at least four men confessed to crimes they didn’t commit just to stop the pain. You may expect Burge and his team of dirty cops to suffocate you, force you against burning objects, and electrocute your genitals as they did to Andrew Wilson. Burge got away with the bulk of his crimes, because of the stature of limitations. He was accused of torturing more than 200 people. Burge even made a suspect play Russian roulette with a magnum before. Another accusation was that he used a cattle prod against suspects.

Joseph Miedzianowski


Miedzianowski was a dirty cop of unheard of proportions. While he was a cop, he was also a drug lord, who sold cocaine, and protected gangs he was supposed to be catching. He successfully sold more guns and drugs to gangs than he even cleared off the streets. He worked in the city of Chicago, and is remembered as Chicago’s most corrupt policeman in history. Miedzianowski is what all dirty cops hope to become. His 22 years as an officer ended in April 2001 when he was sentenced to life in prison. Medzianowski even threatened to kill the lead prosecutor.

Royle Kipp


Royle’s wife left him to start a relationship with another policeman. Kipp was a maniac with a gun and refused to accept this. When Kipp found his wife in bed with another man, he went into a rage and shot them both dead. He was sentenced to death by a jury. He sat stone-faced throughout the process. The jury decided that the murder was premeditated, they determined the motive was jealousy. Two hours after the murder he rang his friend and said “I waxed ’em”. He was described as an abusive and controlling husband. The psychopathic cop was sentenced to death.

Manuel Pardo


Manuel Pardo was an ex-naval officer who held an obsession with Hitler. In three months he went on an insane killing spree, murdering six men, and three women. He was a celebrated naval officer, but after leaving and joining the police he slowly began to become more and more villainous until his crazed murder spree, and consequential lethal injection. Pardo only killed criminals involved in drugs, and claims that he never killed those six women. Pardo saw himself as a vigilante protecting women from bad men. He collected Nazi memorabilia, and his dog had a swastika. Pardo graduated at the top of his class, but kept getting in trouble. Falsifying traffic tickets, and beating people to a pulp. Interestingly, he once arrested a man for stealing valuable parrots, and parakeets, and saved a two-month-old boy using CPR. After killing his victims, he would sleep soundly at night, satisfied after carrying out his twisted form of justice.

Antoinette Frank

Frank was involved in an unusual, and mystifying crime. She was an officer who would travel with a drug dealer she pretended was a trainee cop. One day she robbed a Vietnamese restaurant with her drug dealer. While holding up the restaurant she shot a fellow officer, and two of the restaurant owner’s daughters. She then left, but came back as a police officer. However, she left some witnesses alive, they instantly identified her as the killer, and she was arrested and sentenced to death along with the drug dealer. Frank had an unstable childhood and lied during her psychiatric exam to gain entry to the police force. As dirty cops go, she wasn’t the smartest.

William Leasure


Leasure was a cop who made millions on the black market. He ran a gang who made their money selling stolen cars, yachts, and carrying out assassinations. A policeman who killed two people went to the police, and spilled the beans on Leasure after he got nervous. Turns out Leasure had paid him to kill two people, and commit a whole host of other crimes. Leasure wasn’t afraid of being caught by police, though, he was afraid of being killed by Leasure for knowing too much. Leasure was the getaway driver for his crimes, as well as the organiser.

Charles Becker

Bekcer dirty cops

Charles Becker was a cop who would extort casinos and brothels for money, in exchange, he would stop the police from investigating them. Becker likely made a lot of money doing this, however, he became too greedy, and a bookie complained. In conversation with the press one bookie complained about how much money the officer would take from him. That same bookie wound up dead. The crime was committed poorly and Becker was sentenced to death. He was the first officer in the US to be sentenced to death.

Bobby Lee Cutts


Cutts murdered his pregnant girlfriend by elbowing her in the throat. In a panic, he rolled her up in a rug and abandoned his two-year-old son at the scene of the crime. The victim’s mother entered the scene of the crime and found the two-year-old alone; bleach was spilt on the floor, and the house was a mess. The child said “mommy broke the table”, and “mommy’s in the rug”. Cutts was later arrested by the FBI for the murder of his girlfriend and her unborn child.


Joshua Carrier


Carrier was accused of over 200 accounts of molesting young boys, child pornography and child exploitation. Carrier was a police officer working at a middle school as a wrestling coach and a guidance counselor. He was sentenced to 70 years. Carrier would force the boys to undertake nude “skin examinations”, for wrestling. He used it as an excuse to fondle young boys, and filmed it with a webcam. After going to prison for a few years he had to be moved for his safety, and the safety of the officers guarding him. Being both a policeman, and a sex offender, the inmates hate his guts. What normally happens is that sex offenders are told by other prisoners that they have to pay rent, if they refuse they’ll be beaten to death.

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