Most people have the goal of starting their own company in one point or another. But most people never truly commit to their idea – and even fewer people actually have business ideas to begin with. There are some businesses that are quite straight forward, some would even say easy. The truth is that no businesses are easy to run, but there are some that are much less stressful than others. Some of these will be good business ideas for decades and some will become dated rather quickly. It is therefore appropriate to write articles like this annually. This year we look at 10 easy business ideas for 2016.




A webinar is just a seminar held over the internet. As you read this there are people making a full time income just from delivering webinars. All they need to do it is a webcam and an audience. It’s okay to start off with just a webcam. Just start producing good content and the audience will follow. There are even websites that can host your webinar for you, appearing on these websites will help you gain your initial audience. If you have any kind of expertise or specialist knowledge then maybe you should consider webinars, there is a lot of interest in them right now. And that’s why it’s one of out easy business ideas for 2016.




Forex trading is a type of investing which involves trading on the foreign exchange markets. Now I know that sounds incredibly complex, but relax… you’ll get the hang of it once you get past all the jargon. The value of currencies goes up and down. One day the US dollar can be up against the British pound, and on other days it can be the reverse. It is therefore logical to realise that you can make money be exchanging between currencies at princely the right moment. If you exchange your money for Japanese yen when the Japanese yen is down, you can exchange back when the Japanese yen is up against western currencies. So when you exchange back, you’ll have more money. I suggest you spend a little time reading about it before you begin. Not many people even know about it so it’s one of the more rare easy business ideas for 2016.


Social Media Consultant


Do you like social media? Because that could be your job. You don’t need any qualifications or previous experience to be a consultant. You just need to convince people that you know what you’re talking about and they will pay you good money for guidance. This would be number one of the easy business ideas for 2016 but it’s in no particular order. We live in a time when more and more business people are turning towards social media. Some of which are very successful and are just interested in expanding into the internet. This means that a lot of money is out there for social media consultants.


Freelance Writer


You can make good money by writing for other businesses. Whether it be a small blog or a national newspaper, there is always work out there for talented writers. So if you enjoy writing articles this one is the job for you. Websites like listverse and Toptenz are literally always willing to pay for article submissions. You could head over to Fiverr and write a certain number of words for 5 dollars – that’s a good place to start. A quick google session will find you some work. But if you’re having no luck finding work, you may need to establish yourself as a writer by submitting articles for free. On our website we are always looking to accept articles from our readers. So maybe consider that if you’re looking to build an audience.


Start A Podcast Network


Podcasting is the radio of the future. I love listening to podcasts; I love the idea that you can find someone you like and hear them talk for several hours without break. Don’t assume these people host their podcasts just for our enjoyment though. They make big money. Whether it’s via sponsorship and product placement, or just passive income from youtube views – there is one huge reason to get into podcasting. It can be your job. You can make a full time income from just talking into a microphone once a week. The more downloads you get, the more money you get. And anyone can start a podcast. That’s a common theme here for the easy business ideas for 2016 – anyone can do them. It has been reported that Adam Carolla makes of $14 thousand per episode of his podcast.


Sell On Ebay


Ever since it’s launch people have made money selling on Ebay. But you might not realise that some people base their entire business on ebay transactions. You can make millions of dollars on ebay. You don’t just have to sell your old junk. You can buy entire shipments from overseas manufacturers and sell the stock to people on ebay. You can do the same thing on Amazon. Amazon even gives you the option of storing and shipping the delivery for you. It’s called fulfilment by Amazon, and they handle of the customer issues for you. It’s one of the more professional sounding of the easy business ideas for 2016 if you can say that you’re working with Amazon. And anyone can do it!!


Multi-level Marketing


I seem to have subconsciously decided that our easy business ideas for 2016 should be as jargon-rich as possible. Multi-level Marketing is a marketing strategy in which you recruit people to sell products for you. You also set them the goal of recruiting other people. They get paid for the sales they make and also a percentage of the profits made by the people they recruit. It’s basically pyramid selling. Anyone can start their own multi-level marketing scheme. All you need is to be good with people.


Buy And Sell Domains


Web domains are the real estate of the internet. Snap up a deal on a valuable domain name and you’ll be able to sell or rent it for a fairly large amount of money. Single word domain names can sell for 6 figure sums. You might just get lucky and push into 7 figure deals. was the most expensive web domain ever sold, at 35 million US dollars. Seriously…35 million. I understand if you want to just stop reading this article and begin looking for domains.




Of the easy business ideas for 2016, this is the one that I have personally chosen. You can start your own blog fairly cheaply and in a short amount of time. Use a website like squarespace if you can afford to. Once you have your blog you can start uploading content. Blog posts can be on anything you like. You could write an article on easy business ideas for 2016 – or an article on the best way to give your dog a bath. Simply place adverts on the web pages and you’ll be raking in the money in no time!


Ecommerce store


You’d be surprised at how easy it is to build your own Ecommerce store. Built it completely on your own if you’re experienced in that kind of thing, or just use a website like Shopify that builds it for you. Once you have your website, all you need to do is find a manurfacturer and sign up with them. Try and make sure it has a drop-shipping option. This mean that they will handle all the deliveries for you, you just need to be the middleman when you get a sale in your Estore.

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