If we are being honest, we love celebrity meltdowns. The media goes crazy, and we get all excited to hear about what kind of wild things a famous person is doing. Sometimes it’s over alcohol or drugs, and sometimes they’re just crazy. I think most celebrities have some kind of crazy in them, otherwise they would never want a life where photographers constantly harass them. But no matter how crazy you are, the stressful life of being a start will wear on you. And so you’ll probably have a meltdown. Maybe you’ll physically assault someone, maybe you’ll shout racist abuse at ethnic minorities, or maybe you’ll shave all your hair off. Celebrity meltdowns tend to be unpredictable – here are the 10 most epic.


Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was an child star actress in several bit hits. I know it’s somewhat of a cliché that child stars grow up to be unstable but Amanda Bynes really takes the prize. In 2013 she was arrested for throwing a glass bong out of a window. During her trial she wore a big blond wig for some reason. She also spent the whole year tweeting ridiculous attempts at attracting interest in male celebrities and insults aimed at other females. Also in 2013, she was admitted to a psychiatric facility as she was basically going mental. Her admission to the facility was triggered by her allegedly setting fire to a driveway.


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is famously odd. Not only is he one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but he is also openly a Scientologist. As the most famous scientologist, he is deeply involved with the church. As it turns out, this has nothing to do with his moment of madness. Some celebrity meltdowns are motivated by love, as was Tom Cruise’s. In 2005, he appear on the Oprah Winfrey show. While on the show, he went completely crazy. He stunned the audience with his erratic behaviour, especially when he started jumping up and down on the on-set furniture.


Robert Downey Jr.

Today Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. But it wasn’t always happy days for him. I think his life through the late 1990s could be considered one huge meltdown. During the period he was arrested on a variety of crimes that mostly related to drug possession. He was talented enough to maintain his career as an actor – even when he spent time in prison. And even after he got high as hell and climbed into a strangers bed. The stranger was very surprised to see him asleep there. Luckily his life is quite different now and celebrity meltdowns have ruined more than one career.


Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is an interesting guy. He is the oldest and probably the most successful of the Baldwin siblings. Not only is he an actor, but also a writer for the The Huffington Post, and seemingly a meltdown specialist. He’s had several of them, some of which caught on film, audio, or images. In one he pinned a photographer up against a car, which is quite funny. My personal favourite of his is the one where he leaves an incredibly aggressive phone message for his young daughter. It’s incredible; you can hear the audio of that phone call in the video above.


Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon went mental one night when her husband was pulled over by the police for drunk driving. The police mad it clear that they were about to arrest her husband, when Reese Witherspoon stepped out of the car angrily. She was also very drunk… which didn’t help things as she soon found herself arrested for obstruction of justice. She was essentially being so annoying it was criminal. Luckily, the police officer was equipped with an audio recording device. This allowed him to record her saying the now infamous words “Do you know who I am??” – how embarrassing.



Björk is basically the only famous person from Iceland. Now, Iceland is a pretty bizarre country. With it’s active volcanoes, horrendous winters, and still present folklore. Studies show that the majority of people in Iceland still genuinely believe in the existence of elves. A few years ago, construction of a road in Iceland was deleyed due to fears it would disturb a colony of elves who were said to live nearby. So by comparison Björk’s celebrity meltdowns don’t seem so strange after all. It happened in 1996 when she was visiting Thailand. On arriving in Bankok airport, a local radio presenter approached her and said “Welcome to Bankok.” This provoked a violent attack for some reason. So Björk started lashing out at the woman. You can see the whole thing in the video above – it’s actually quite shocking.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is one of those celebrities where you have no idea how or why they’re famous. You wish they would just go away and be quiet. Apparently she was a child star, acting in several highly successful movies and tv shows when she was just a teenager. By now you’ll know that celebrity meltdowns never happen to child stars. Lindsay Lohan has had many. But I want to talk about her latest. Just last month, it was reported that she was heard shouting racial abuse at a barman and spitting in someone’s face. And that is such a Lohan thing to do.


Christian Bale

Christian Bale is easily the best actor on this list. Famous for playing delusional psychopaths and vigilante heroes, he is clearly absolutely dedicated to the art of acting. A great actor needs focus – he needs to be able to concentrate fully on the character her is portraying. Distract an actor during filming and you might just find yourself on the receiving end of their wrath. This is what happened to a photographer who once interrupted on-set filming. Bale went off on the man, verbally destroying him and threatening him physical violence. And as we love celebrity meltdowns, I’m pleased to inform you that the whole thing was caught on audio.


Courtney Love

Courtney Love has had a fuck load of meltdowns. She most famous for being the wife of Kurt Cobain, and for being accused of murdering him. But she’s also famous for being an actress and singer. Her problems with drugs have been well documented – and I’m sure they had something to do with her breakdowns. She once went barefoot to a restaurant and started flashing her tits. She has assaulted people on several occasions; she was arrested on a few occasions. She once had an on-stage meltdown and started screaming about how she was a gay icon.


Britney Spears

Everyone knows who Britney Spears is. In 2007, she walked into a hairdressers and demanded they shaved off all her hair. They were confused at her request and refused to do it. Not being fazed by this, she grabbed the razor and shaved her own hair off. The next year she locked herself inside her house and refused to hand her children over to the police, as their custody was granted to their father. That wasn’t normal behaviour for a mother so she was soon taken to a mental facility. Which is now the standard ending to celebrity meltdowns.

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