From dead World War Two soldiers appearing out of nowhere and asking for a light, to the screams of dead samurai echoing through the night, only the bravest will enter these haunted places in Japan. Japan has a bloody history (like most countries), it was home to endless wars between samurai in Feudal Japan, and some of the most gruesome events from the Second World War. It’s no surprise then, that there are many haunted places in Japan.

The Nakagusuku Hotel Ruins


This is an unfinished hotel in Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa. A wealthy businessman from Naha ordered it’s construction, hoping to make a profit. Partway through, the construction had to be stopped due to a series of strange occurrences, and unusual deaths. Before all this happened, monks from a nearby temple had warned them, and made it clear that they were building on graves, and sacred sites. But, they ignored these warnings. Many workers quit,  when the spooky incidents became too much, and the man in charge decided he had to do something. He decided to sleep there until the construction was finished, to prove it wasn’t haunted. But, he went insane after only three nights. Eventually they abandoned the project, and over the years it’s been consumed by the island.

Atsugi Naval Base


Atsugi Naval Base is commonly named as one of the most haunted places in Japan. Many soldiers were outraged when Japan surrendered to the Allies during World War Two. Some soldiers felt so ashamed of the defeat, that they chose to take their own lives. Now their unsettled spirits manifest themselves in number of ways inside the Naval Base. Visitors have reported seeing doors slamming, chairs flying, and disembodied red eyes floating through the base. Atsugi Naval Base is a place only the bravest would be able to enter after hearing the horrific stories.


Amiidaji temple is the location of one of the most famous hauntings in Japan’s history. At the temple there was a blind lute priest. Lute priests were travelling performers who existed before the Meiji period. It’s said that his performances were so wonderful that even creatures such as goblins couldn’t hold back the tears. One night, a samurai appeared at the temple, and asked the lute player, to perform for his lord. The samurai led him to his lord, and the lute player put on a performance which gained high praise. The next night, the samurai returned, and asked him to play again, which he did. However, this time his friend from the temple noticed his absence. Confused, he went looking for him, and found him playing furiously in the cemetery, for no one at all.

He quickly realised that he had been tricked by ghostly spirits, and painted the heart sutra all over his body, and informed him not to reply to the samurai when he next came.When the samurai came back, all he could see where the lute player’s ears, as they were the only part of his body part not covered by the heart sutra. He tried to speak to the lute player, but got no reply. Then, in his anger, ripped off the man’s ears, for that was all of the lute player, that was available.

Okiku’s Well


Okiku’s Well sits in Himeji Castle. The owners of the castle accused Okiku of losing dishes that had a special sentimental value to them. Okiku failed to prove her innocence when facing the false accusations. So the owners threw her down the well. It’s said that at night she will appear out of the well, and count to nine, and then scream before disappearing back into the well. This is one of the most famous haunted places in Japan.

Round Schoolhouse Ruins


The Round Schoolhouse ruins is an abandoned schoolhouse in Japan. It’s said to be haunted, and is one of the most famous haunted places in Japan online. A group dared one of their friends to go in.  Whatever he found, drove him insane. You can only get so close by car, and will have to travel the rest of the distance on foot. Once there, you’ll find a dismal, round schoolhouse, no one would want to enter. Many people believe that anyone who tries to enter the building will be driven insane as well.


The Temple Of Lies

Hkchan123 / (CC BY-SA 3.0) Example of Spirit Tablets.


In the early 2000’s, a cult who owned the Temple of Lies used it to exploit the vulnerable, and grieving. Although, in reality it wasn’t a temple at all. It was a storehouse. In fact, storehouse is too kind, it was a dumping house for the group.They would sell spirit tablets to the loved ones of the recently deceased, with the promise that a monk would perform daily rites that would bring their souls good fortune. There was no such monk, after taking their money, they just threw the tablet on pile of other tablets in the Temple. Once people caught the cultists, outraged citizens gave it the name, “Temple of Lies”. Spirits now haunt the temple. The cultists who decieved their loved ones, outraged the dead.


Okinawa Prefecture

The ghosts who roam Okinawa prefecture, have made it one of the most haunted places in Japan. We’ll start with Camp Hansen, in this Marine Corps base, scared onlookers often see the tragic sight of a bloodied soldier, wandering the grounds. The guards will see him walking towards them, holding a cigarrette, and give him a light. After this, the ghost is satisfied, and disappears. In the same camp, the screams of a dead samurai haunt the guards unfortunate enough to hear it. Dead soldiers make their appearance all over the island before disappearing, including an entire battalion of soldiers marching on a lake. Once spotted, they’ll surround the witness, and then disappear.

Yokohama: Ikego-The Middle Gate


This US military base used to be a Japanese concentration camp during World War Two. Thousands of people died here, in particularly gruesome ways. The base, and the incinerators inside, are closed off to public, with the only way in being through one of three gates. Guards at the middle gate specifically, have reported seeing a series of strange occurrences. The guards have heard footsteps, voices, and even seen dismembered bodies of World War Two soldiers.

Old Chusetsu Tunnel

You can barely see three feet in front of you while walking through this tunnel. Once far enough inside you’ll start to discover the voices, footsteps, and ghostly screaming that have led so many people to call this a haunted tunnel. People have reported hearing warnings, piercing screams, and ghostly wails. The tunnel is no longer used, and it’s said that a murder once took place there. The tunnel can be found at Fukuoka, Japan, for those who dare to go in.


Aokigahara or suicide forest, is an infamous forest in Japan because it’s a hotspot for suicides. Naturally a place like this has endless stories of ghosts, and other supernatural creatures. This is known to be one of the most haunted places in Japan. It can be found at the base of Mt. Fuji. There have been 500 suicides there in the last 68 years. Since so many people have killed themselves in this forest for such a long time, some people have started to believe that their spirits are still haunting the forest. Some even believe that the supernatural presence can cause some visitors to the forest to never be able to leave once they’ve entered. The creepy forest had countless bodies hidden with in it, as well as books on suicide, and personal objects of the deceased.

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