4Chan pranks 4Chan is infamous for being a website where almost anything goes. Some people even mistakenly believe it’s a part of the deep web. One of the main reasons 4Chan is famous is because of it’s many successful pranks played on celebrities and companies alike. Some 4Chan pranks have been some of the most popular pranks online, mainly because they’re normally hilarious, and creative.


Pools Closed

Rumours started to spread on 4Chan that moderators on an internet game called Habbo, where racially profiling people’s avatars and banning people just for having a dark skinned avatar. 4Chan then decided to raid Habbo, by getting lots of people to make black avatars, with Afros and suits. They would arrange themselves in the shape of a swastika and block people from entering pools. This started a meme which had a picture of a black man, with an Afro and suit, and the words pool’s closed. Eventually this meme made it’s way into the real world, and people started putting up fliers of it on pools everywhere. This is one of the only 4Chan pranks that was done with good intentions.


Almost sending Justin Bieber to North Korea

4Chan pranks Flag_of_North_Korea.svg

Justin Bieber innocently put on a competition where people could vote for where he does his next tour. Justin Bieber is one of the most hated celebrities in the western world. 4Chan are no exception to this. Before they go involved the number one spot was Israel and it seemed like this was were he was going to perform. 4Chan managed to get involved and make North Korea the number one contender, with over 650 thousand votes. Unfortunately Bieber’s manager said the competition was illegitimate, and Bieber refused to tour in North Korea.


Oprah Winfrey Over 9000 Penises

In another prank 4Chan managed to trick Oprah Winfrey into saying the popular meme “over 9000” on air. Oprah seemed to be talking about the topic of Paedophilia and quoted a comment someone left on her message board. She claimed it was someone representing a paedophile network and said “It said this, He doesn’t forgive, he doesn’t forget, his group has over 9000 penises and they’re all raping children. They obviously didn’t realise that this was a joke, and wanted to bring attention to this network of over penises. This is one of the many pranks that made it on t.v.


Voting Taylor swift to sing in a school for the deaf

Taylor Swift put on a competition where people could vote for their school, and she would perform at the one with the most votes. 4Chan caught wind of this and decided they would make sure the school they wanted would win the competition, thanks to them a school for the deaf came first place and she would have had to do a concert for a school for the deaf. Unfortunately when taylor saw who won she refused to do it.



4Chan pranked the host of reality T.V. Show Pawn Stars. They would ring up and ask about a vdeogame from the 90s called battletoads. A fighting game where toads fight each other to the death. The host of the show starts to get really angry and repeatedly hangs up. It’s happened so much he started to get wise to it, so people started making up stories to try and trick him into a false sense of security, and then try to slip in battletoads at the end.


Making Kim Jong Un Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year



Another one of Time magazine’s polls allows readers to vote on who they think the person of the year should. And 5.6 million people voted for Kim Jong Un, to help him win an overwhelming victory over less deserving candidates like Malala Yousafzai, and Jon Stewart. Even 97% said that Kim Jong Un should be Time magazine’s person of the year, Time still decided to make it Barack Obama.


Making 4Chan’s founder the world’s most influential person

Every year time magazine holds an internet poll to see who the most influential person in the world is. The number one spot is based on who has the most votes and the highest rated level of influence. People like Barrack Obama are commonly seen on the list, which isn’t surprising. What was surprising is that they were all beaten by “moot” the founder of 4Chan. Moot got over 18 million votes and an influence rating of 90, the guy who came in second only had an influence of 40.



Rickrolling was probably the most popular internet prank of all time. Everybody did it to someone, and almost everyone had it done to them. People would send you a video of something completely normal, and part of the way through when you least expect it, Rick Astley would start singing “Never Gonna Give You Up”. It originated on 4Chan as duckrolling. People originally would trick you into seeing a picture of a duck on wheels, but it eventually evolved into Rickrolling.


Microwave your iPhone

It’s amazing how so many people fell for something so obviously a prank. When Apple released iOS8 4Chan decided to take advantage of apple’s more gullible fans by tricking them into believing their phone was now able to be charged by being microwaved for a minute and a half. It was called Wave and was made to seem completely legitimate. They released a very convincing advert for Wave which said “Wave is our latest and greatest addition to iOS8. Wave allows your device to be charged wirelessly through microwave frequency.” It then went on to tell people that if they put their phone in the microwave for 1 and a half minutes their phone would be completely charged. Instead lots of people tried it, and completely destroyed their iPhones, and then complained directly to Apple, giving them a hard time. This is one of the most impressive 4Chan pranks because they put so much effort into production value.


Mountain Dew Hitler Did nothing wrong, and moist nuts

Adolf Hitler 4Chan prank

Mountain Dew made the mistake of putting on a competition where people could vote for the name of the new mountain dew. 4Chan had millions of daily visitors so they can basically guarantee a victory in polls. They called the competition dub the dew, the three most popular ones were “Fapple” at number three, “Gushing Granny” at number two, and at number one “Hitler did nothing wrong”. “Diabeetus”, and moist nuts also made an appearance. For some reason Mountain Dew refused to call it “Hitler did nothing wrong”, despite it’s objective truth.


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