Whenever anything happens to anyone anywhere at least one conspiracy theory comes to the surface. Fortunately, most of these conspiracy theories are completely insane. So I have put together a list/video of the 10 most crazy, most insane, conspiracy theories of all time.

10) The Reptilian Elite:


My favorite conspiracy theory is that the Reptilian elite secretly control every aspect of our life. The ‘theory’ was first claimed by David Icke, he says the reptilian people disguise themselves as people so that thy may feed off out life source. He claims that George Bush, Barrack Obama and the entire British royal family are Alien lizard people. Opinion polls show that 1 in 25 Americans buy into this idea, making it one of the world most popular conspiracy theories.

9) The Phantom Time Hypothesis:

Time stuff

The phantom time hypothesis is a conspiracy theory that puts forward the idea that the middle-ages never happened. It proposes that the year 613AD was followed directly by the year 911AD and relies on the idea that all historical records and physical evidence from the time in-between is part of a huge hoax, using the fact that different civilizations have used different calendars as evidence.

One of the main arguments against the theory is the accuracy of historical records of astronomy.

8) Yoga Is Satanic Worship: 

A young demon here

In 2011, when the Vatican’s chief exorcist claimed that yoga was a form of satanic worship, he became a world famous conspiracy theorist. He claims that yoga practitioners are part of a loose network of devil worshipers who work to enslave humanity. The conspiracy teaches that doing yoga invites demons into the body; demons that may never leave.

Some even claim that Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin may have become evil through yoga loving demon spirits. The man who started all this once claimed: “People think it is an innocuous book for children but it’s about magic and that leads to evil. In Harry Potter the Devil is at work in a cunning and crafty way, he is using his extraordinary powers of magic and evil” so h doesn’t just hate yoga.

7) Hollow Earth Theory:

What it may look like

The theory that our planet is completely hollow. The idea that the earth is hollow can be traced back to ancient mythology from many civilizations. I guess people just wanted to believe the earth was hollow on the inside. Some even believed that there was a separate world to ours on the inside.

The really weird thing is that some people actually claim that not only is the Earth hollow… but that we live on the inside. They claim that the sun and other planets are also inside our mega-planet.

6) Michael Jackson Still Alive:

The Jackson Love Bunker

Some say that Michael Jackson is still alive. He’s actually living in a bunker with Elvis and 2pac. All three of them supposedly faked their own deaths in an attempt to escape life in the public eye and to boost their record sales. So each one of them individually went on the run, dressed as nuns, and found sanctuary in a 7 story deep underground bunker.

To be fair I’d quite like to see tupac dressed up as a nun but I’m not sure how they’d spend the money made from their increased record sales. I mean… they live in a fucking underground bunker.

5) Pearl Harbour:

Warship being destroyed at pearl harbour

There is a very insane conspiracy theory that claims Pearl Harbor never existed. People say the Japanese attack on Pearl harbor was just a myth created by the US government as an excuse to join world war two.

It’s so weird because you can actually visit the site today.  And look at this:


4) Fake Moon Landing:

Actual photo of an actual man in actual space

The fake moon landing conspiracy. Some people think NASA didn’t really land on the moon and they faked the footage in a Hollywood film studio. We all know their arguments and we also all know that scientists have disproved all of them.

1969 Moon Landing Footage:

3) The Iraqi Stargate:

Saddam here smoking an imaginary cigar

One of the more mental theories on this list. People claim the real reason for the Iraq war wasn’t oil or the need for democracy; it was to stop Saddam Hussein from using his stargate. Yes a stargate. A portal to distant universes. The idea is that he uncovered the artifact while excavating an ancient temple and found a way to get it working.

2) Alien Jesus:

Looking alienish there, Jesus?

The thought behind this is that the reason Jesus was able to preform miracles is because he came from space. This is how he walked on water and came back to life. Some claim he was actually a space lizard WHICH BRINGS US BACK TO NUMBER 10!!

1) The Illuminati:

The all seeing eye, featured on US dollar bills

So so so many people believe the Illuminati exists. Many of these people believe the group controls the whole music industry. The fact that old occultist symbolism is used by all major record companies would seem to support their theory. The symbols (Triangle, inverted cross, etc.) are present in the music videos of most major musicians.

Hidden satanic messages have genuinely been found in many albums. Judas Priest is indeed famous for such messages. The band styx hid the massage: “Satan moves through our voices” in their track called “Snowblind”. You actually have to play the track in reverse to hear it.

Because music breaks through language barriers, it would be the best way for a new world order to brainwash us all.


Legal stuff:

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