Youtube challenges have been there from the beginning. They started off as pointless feats of stupidity, but have been used to raise millions of dollars for charity. In this list we will focus on the most crazy youtube challenges we have ever seen. Some have been successfully overcome. Some have not. Either way… don’t do these challenges. It would be madness.

10) Diet Coke And Mentos:

In this challenge you put a load of mentos in your mouth. Without swallowing them you pour some diet coke in your mouth and that’s the whole challenge. You try to avoid letting any of it spew out of your mouth. The diet coke and mentos react together, making it almost impossible to keep it in.

9) Milk gallon Challenge:

This challenge seems a lot more easy than it is. You have 60 minutes to swallow a full gallon of milk without vomiting. The problem is that most people vomit. Vomit violently. I’m pretty sure this challenge is impossible. The human stomach just isn’t meant to take a gallon of milk in less than an hour.

8) Lego Challenge:

Can you walk barefoot over a 5 foot stretch of lego pieces? Because the dudesons can.

7) Flour Challenge:

For this one you take a heaping serving spoonful of flour and try to swallow it without the help of any liquid. You won’t be able to do it.

6) Tea Bag Challenge:

watch as these 2 maniacs try to eat the contents of tea bags. Maybe you could try and do this yourself. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

5) Cayenne Pepper:

Fill a ladle full of Cayenne pepper and swallow that bitch!

4) Ghost Pepper Challenge:

Take a ghost pepper chili and eat it. Just eat it and see what happens. I think you know what’s going to happen.

3) Wasabi Challenge: 

Can you swallow a spoonful of Wasabi? Probably not considering how disgusting wasabi is. This is one of the more painful challenges. Very possible, but most fail due to the horrible taste.

2) Salt And Ice:

Pour salt on your hand. Next, press a block of ice down on it. The challenge is to hold the ice to your hand for as long as possible. I would advice against doing this one as it might burn your skin. That’s where the pain comes from.

1) Cinnamon Challenge:

For this one, you must swallow a spoonful of cinnamon in under 60 seconds. You must do it without drinking any liquid, and it is normal for people to film themselves doing it. Which makes sense, the whole point in these challenges is to share the results with the internet.

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