Sometimes people just vanish. They just disappear, never to be seen again. Sometimes no trace of them is ever found and the mystery of their fate is never solved. But what is more creepy is when more than one person disappears at once. Multiple Person Disappearances surely are the most chilling type. This is a list article of the top 10 most creepy multiple person disappearances.

10) Scott And Amy Fandel:

Just a cabin in the woods

On September 4 1978, 13 year old Scott and 8 year old Amy Fandel mysteriously disappeared. The person who saw them last was their own mother, before she went out for the night. She left their wood cabin and only returned in the early hours of the next morning. She couldn’t find her children but assumed they were fine… for some reason.

I guess she didn’t think the Alaskan wilderness outside of their cabin was an unsafe place for children. When the local school rang her phone the next day, she finally realized Scott and Amy were missing.

Detectives suspected the children’s father for a long while after the initial disappearance but no evidence was ever found linking him to the incident. One of his girlfriends supposedly asked the police for money, so that she may reveal what happened to the children. The weird thing is that bullet shells were found just outside the cabin.

After the disappearance the mother mover to a different state and lived quietly. The cabin itself was burned to the ground just years later and no one ever found out what happened to Scott and Amy Fandel.

9) The Sarah Joe Crew:

Couldn't find a pic of the sarah joe!

In 1979, 5 men take a boat named ‘the sarah joe’ on a fishing trip. They sailed out to a patch of water near Hawaii and were greeted by a massive storm. None of them would return from the trip or ever be seen alive again.

The truly amazing thing is that pieces of the sarah joe were found 9 years later, on an island 2000 miles away. The body of one of the crew was also found buried under a pile of rocks but no trace of any of the others was ever found anywhere.

The really creepy thing is that the same island was searched just 2 years before the body and wreckage was found there. Nothing was found. So the body must have been buried at least 7 years after they went missing. Who buried the mans body? where did they go? And what happened to the other crew members of the Sarah Joe?

8) The Royal Norfolk Regiment:


One of the most mysterious events of the first world war was the disappearance of an entire British army regiment. According to eyewitness accounts by reliable soldiers from New Zealand, the royal Norfolk regiment were seen marching up a Turkish hillside before they disappeared into the thick mist.

None of the soldiers ever emerged from the mist and no one knows why! At the time the British government blamed the Turkish for the disappearance but the Turks have always denied it. Not one trace of any of the 200 men was ever found.

7) Ghost Blimp:

WW2 Blimp

Multiple Person Disappearances are scary enough already without being given a name like ghost blimp. In August 1942, two American soldiers disappeared from within a moving blimp. The men were ordered to go on a patrol in the blimp and make sure everything was fine but they were never seen again. The U.S. navy launched an investigation into the disappearance, finding that no parachutes or lifeboats were missing. The engine and electronics were all working fine.

It has since been dubbed the ghost blimp as no one is quite sure what happened on August 16th 1942.

6) Flight MH370:

Malaysia Airline jet

On the 8th of March 2014, Malaysia airlines flight MH370 mysteriously disappeared while on route to an airport in Beijing. The mystery of the missing plane was very well publicized over the following months. A wreck was never found and nothing has been heard of the people on board.

The only thing we know for sure is that the plane’s transponder was manually switched of and the path of flight was drastically changed without any warning or messages being sent out.

The really strange thing is that the black box has never been located. A black box is the least destructible part of a plane and is said to be able to survive almost anything. The black box will usually send out distress signals for about a month after a crash.

5) Angkor Civilization: 

Part of the old city

Angkor was an ancient civilization. It was famous for both its incredible buildings and for its considerable elephant population. In its time, it was one of the largest and most wealthy civilizations in the world. It was built by Hindus but later taken over by Buddhists. No one knows why for sure but the whole civilization mysteriously vanished in the 14th century. This might be the most extreme case of multiple person disappearances in history.

4) The Springfield Three

Perfect house to break into

The springfield three were a 47 year old woman, her 19 year old daughter and their 18 year old friend. In June 1992, they suddenly disappeared from a house in Springfield, Missouri. Their vehicles, personal belongings and food were left behind. There was no sign of a struggle or a break in other than a single broken porch light. The police simply had no idea where they had gone.

An individual later came forward and claimed to have seen the 47 year old woman driving a van while a man scream at her: “don’t do anything stupid”. A convicted murderer once told reporters that the three women had been killed and buried. He claimed they would never be found but never said anything else on the issue.

3) The Roanoke Colony:

Discovering the message

The Roanoke colony was England’s first settlement in mainland America. It is more commonly known as the lost colony because the whole group of settlers suddenly and mysteriously disappeared sometime before 1590. British officials discovered that the settlement had gone missing when they arrived there on August 18 1590.

There were few clues as to what happened to them but the word “Croatoan” was carved into a wooden post at the town. Croatoan was the name of a local island and a native tribe. When English officials attempted to sail towards the island they were caught in a storm and blown off course. The storm was so bad that they were forced to return to Europe.

When  they returned to the new world, they investigated the island. They found no trace of any survivors or any message left for them. So what happened to the settlers? Legend has it they were abducted by natives and assimilated into the tribe. Various native American cultures tell stories of a group of Europeans that joined a group of natives. They traveled across the planes of North America and were treated like kings.

2) 5 Missing Children:

Fear the light.

Multiple person disappearances are depressing enough on their own without a fire being involved.On christmas eve 1945, one family had 5 children disappear at the same time. They seemed to just vanish during a huge fire that burned down the family home. They didn’t die during the fire. Otherwise there would be some remains (Teeth, bones, etc.). It is suspected that the fire was started as a distraction for the parents so that the children could be easily abducted.

The house’s phone wire was found to have been deliberately cut and a ladder was found in 1 ditch 75 feet away. The parents tried hard to find the children but eventually died before the mystery could be solved.

1) MV Joyita:

The MV Joyita drifting aimlessly

Multiple Person Disappearances don’t get much more creepy than this one. The MV Joyita was a merchant boat that set sail for the tiny Tokelau islands in 1955. Four days after it set sail, the islands sent out a message that the boat had not arrived.

Long story short, the boat was found 5 weeks later. It was drifting in New Zealand waters 600 miles off course and completely abandoned. The boats navigation equipment was missing along with three life boats. The ship was found to be in completely working condition but there was damage to its side. There had clearly been some damage but not anything serious. Many of the windows had been smashed and the engine was found covered in mattresses. The onboard medical kit contained some blood soaked rags and had some vital medical equipment missing.

What happened to the Crew of the MV Joyita?



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