Throughout history people are murdered in mysterious circumstances. Some of the circumstances of these mysterious murders are so strange that they capture the attention of people all over the world, as everyone tries to solve it. Mysterious murders are ones left unsolved in a significant way. This is a list of 10 mysterious murders that cannot be explained.


Tom Thomson

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After Thomson was found dead no one could explain how the strange situation had occurred but there are several theories. Tom Thomson went out on a fishing trip in a canoe on 8 July, 1917, and 8 days later his lifeless body was floating in a lake. He had suffered an injury to his temple, and his fishing line was inexplicable wrapped around his left ankle 16 times. It’s hard to believe that the line was wrapped by accident and more likely that it was done by a human, but why? It’s possible that Thomson committed suicide, and attempted to use the line to wrap a weight around his leg to drown himself, but it’s also a possibility that for some reason he was murdered.


Gareth Williams

A British code-breaker supposedly locked himself in a duffel bag from the outside and then died. He was found dead inside the bag which had been locked from the outside with a padlock. It’s unlikely he managed to do this on his own, even though it’s theoretically possible it’s almost impossible to pull off, and why would he do it anyway? Not to mention it was determined that it was impossible for him to do it without getting DNA on the padlock, and the padlock had no DNA. Williams had been unhappy at work, and even spoke about quitting working at MI6. This has led some people to believe he was taken out by MI6, but the police argued that since he bought women’s clothing, and visited bondage websites this could have been a fetish situation gone wrong.


Giovanni Borgia

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Giovanni Borgi was discovered floating in the River Tiber, with a slit throat, and a multitude of stab wounds. He wasn’t missing any money, in fact his money pouch was completely untouched meaning it wasn’t a robbery. It must have been a murder but who did it? Borgia was the son of the Pope at the time, which means it could have been a rival family, or some sort of political enemy. His father launched a large investigation but abruptly put it to a stop only a week later, what exactly did he find? He was last seem alive after attending a feast his mother put on in his honour. The next morning his horse came back alone, with one it’s stirrups cut. It’s been theorised that one of his brothers killed him, perhaps because he was the eldest, and they were jealous of the privileges that came with that.


Dag Hammarskjold

Hammarskjold was the UN Secretary General from 1953 to 1961, but died in a mysterious plane crash on his way to the Congo. He was going to the Congo to end a civil war which many countries had a vested interest in, and then died in incredibly strange circumstances. He died when his plane crashed on the way to his destination, but for some reason his body was the only one that wasn’t burned, not to mention the fact that the bullet hole in his head had been airbrushed out of photos, and for some reason the ace of spades playing card was left in his body. So was it really an accident or is this one of the most mysterious murders in recent history?


Charles Bravo

In the 19th Century, Charles Bravo died of antimony poisoning. It took him four whole days to die, but in all that time not once did he reveal who had poisoned him. Many of the people he knew had motives for killing him, which has sparked fierce debate over who killed him, and whether he was actually killed at all. One of the main suspects was his wife Florence, she had become angry because of his aggressive sexual advances. It also could have been Florences ex-lover, James Gully. One of the most likely theories is that he actually killed himself, in a suicide attempt or in a botched attempt to murder his wife.



Gunther Stoll was found nearly dead in his car, which was lying in a ditch to the side of the road. He died on the way to the hospital. At first it may seem like a simple car accident, but the autopsy found something interesting. It turns out that he had been run over before being placed back into his car. This makes it an obvious murder, and him being placed in his car is probably just a sloppy attempt at making it look like an accident. So what was the reason for his murder? It’s impossible to say, but a not was found next to his body which read YOGTZE. The word isn’t a part of any known language, and it’s meaning was never worked out. He wrote the note only a day before his dead, and mystifyingly said to his wife “Now I get it” before writing it down and leaving the house.


Laetitia Toureaux

Toureax was sitting alone in the first class carriage on a train in Paris, France; the other two carriages were completely full. Then three more people boarded the train, and only a minute later when they had reached the next station, someone had stabbed Toureaux in the throat. Toureaux was no ordinary passenger, she was an informant for the authorities in Paris, and was in a relationship with an arms dealer for a terrorist organisation called the “hooded”. Two men from the organisation claimed that she was assassinated by a top assassin in their group, but the police never managed to finish the investigation because of the start of World War Two. This case was never solved and continues to be one of the most mysterious murders in history.


Dyatlov Pass Incident


A group of 9 Russian university students were found slaughtered in the mountains. Rescue parties found a torn tent, and footprints leading into the forest of a mountain called “Mountain of the Dead” in Siberia. The tent had clearly been slashed with a knife. They had clearly run from the tent without thinking since they had left items essential to survival in the freezing cold weather. Eventually the rescue team found the 9 bodies, most of which had died from hypothermia, but two had broken ribs, two had fractured skulls, and one of the women was missing her tongue.


The Wallace Case

Someone murdered a housewife named Julia Wallace, in 1931. The killer was never caught but the case became world famous, and people all over the world have given their opinion of who it might be. At first Wallace’s husband was accused of the crime, and almost hanged, but luckily for him he won an appeal.


The Icebox Murders


Charles Rogers was an unusual man living with his elderly parents in Houston. He was reclusive and apparently communicated with his parents by slipping notes under the door. Their neighbours were unaware that Rogers even lived there since he left home early in the morning, and only returned late at night. Police responded to a call from a family member who was concerned that the couple had been ignoring their phonecalls. The police forced their way into the house, and found unusual meat in the fridge. He then noticed two head inside the fridge, the heads of Rogers parents. Both of his parents had been brutally murdered and there’s evidence to say someone tried to flush their organs down the toilet. Charles Rogers was missing, and never found.

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