Hobbits, Vampires, and  Dragons, what do all these things have in common? Well most people reading this are probably convinced they don’t exist, but reading this article may change your mind. There are thousands of creatures considered mythical, and most are just figments of our imaginations, however new evidence could point to some of the most famous mythical creatures actually being real. Although nothing is conclusive, the evidence is certainly interesting.


Mythical creatures Hobbiton_Movie_Set,_Matamata

Scientists discovered 1 metre tall humans that lived alongside us 12,000 years ago! The Hobbits are a species of human called Homo floresiensis. Scientists found the remains of the mythical creatures on an Indonesian island called Flores. The creatures have been found on multiple Indonesian islands, including the island of Flores, and Sulawesi. A three foot tall female hominid was found inside a forgotten cave on Flores. She had a small brain about 60% smaller than the average person. It’s possible that the Hobbits may have lived alongside six-foot stalks that wandered the island. The stalks may have even preyed on small child Hobbits. The Hobbits used stone tools to hunt Komodo dragons, giant rats, and pygmy elephants.


You may have trouble believing it, but yes the ferocious creature Harry Potter encountered in the chamber of secrets is real, and just as terrifying in real life as it is in the films. It slithered through the Jungle, a giant snake stretching 40 ft long. The snake lorded over the jungle, which was also huge, few creatures stood a chance against such a fearsome creature. It weighed 2,500 lb or 1.25 short tons. It was the largest snake to ever exist, and considering even a small snake can eat an animal much larger than itself, you can only imagine the animals this creature could devour. Titanoboa means Titanic Boa, because it looks like an oversized Boa-Conscrictor.

The Kraken


Most believe that the Kraken is a myth made up by bored, or crazy sailors but scientists have uncovered new evidence that may prove otherwise. The Kraken is a ferocious sea monster, 100 feet tall, armed with powerful tentacles that could tear ships apart. It’s said the creature could eat an entire crew in one go. A hungy Kraken could swallow a whale, or even a whole ship. Although most sailors feared the Kraken some hoped to encounter, because it was rumoured that the Kraken was followed by masses of fish ready to be captured. Professor McMenamin found fossils which show that there may have actually been a Kraken that lived millions of years ago. The Discovery channel also managed to capture footage of a giant squid which estimated to be 26 feet long but can grow up to 43 feet.

Moby Dick

mythical creatures Moby_Dick_p510_illustration

Moby Dick, or Mocha Dick was a notorious Sperm Whale that lived during the early nineteenth century. It lived in the pacific ocean near an island called Mocha Island. Mocha was a ferocious, and fearsome whale, who won many battles against whalers. Whalers tried at least 100 times to try and kill the whale before one finally succeeded. It was large and powerful, which allowed it to easily destroy small ships. Mocha was pure white, and his head was covered in barnacles. It’s reported that whereas most whales made a snorting noise, Mocha would roar. Mocha was happy to swim alongside boats rather peacefully, but when attacked to he would ferociously destroy his opponent. Mocha is certainly one of the most fascinating mythical creatures of the waters.

Dire Wolf

Many people consider the dire wolfs to be mythical creatures from the series Game of Thrones, but surprisingly this isn’t true. The dire wolfs actually existed, they were giant wolves that roamed, Around 10,000 to 125,000 years ago. Dire wolfs lived in North America. They weighed 130 pounds, which is significantly larger than wolves around today. They were pack animals who hunted in large numbers to gain an advantage over other animals. The wolves worked well together as a team and supported ones that got injured. The Dire wolfs haven’t existed for about 10,000 years, and nobody knows what wiped out them out. One of the dire wolf’s competitors was the sabre tooth cat.


mythical creatures gothic-1482950_1920

Petar Blagojevich, is believed to be responsible for killing nine people, after he died. Villagers believe he rose from the dead and killed them, many even claiming they saw him do it, his own son testified to this, saying he saw him as well. Apparently after everyone had thought he died, he suddenly appeared before his son, demanding food. His son gave it to him, and then he left. The next day he came back demanding more food. This time the son refused him and he simply walked off. A day later the son was found dead, and not long later so were nine other villagers.


Hundreds of people have claimed to have encountered mermaids. Christopher columbus claims to have seen mermaids in Haiti. He saw three mermaids rise above the water, he said they weren’t as beautiful as people had said, but did have humman like faces. Captain John Smith also encountered a mermaid in the 1400’s, according to him it had green hair, and green eyes, it took him some time to even notice the bottom half was that of a mermaid. These mythical creatures have been spotted so often by so many people it’s easy to imagine that they could be real.

The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is one of the most famous mythical creatures of the Americas. It was first sighted in Puerto Rico, and is said to capture and then drink the blood of livestock. Chupacabra literally translated means goat sucker. Different people give different accounts of how it looked with most people describing it as a large bear like creature, with powerful jaws, and a row of spines down it’s back. Large numbers of strange animal deaths have occurred. Healthy animals were found mysteriously dead, with puncture wounds, and devoid of blood. Thousands of animals were found like this all over the Americas.


Evidence shows that there is something large living in Loch Ness, which has led some people to believe that it might be Nessie. Some people have captured footage of the monster that nobody can explain. Sonar has shown consistently that there is somehting massive living in the Loch, but it isn’t entirely sure what it is. An explorer recently found a massive underwater cave in the loch, measuring 889 feet deep. It’s also possible that the cave is connected to other Lochs, which would allow the monster to travel between lochs making it hard to find. The description of Nessie matches the description of a Plesiosaur, a large marine reptile that lived 203 million years.


Megalania is giant dragon-like lizard which used to roam Australia. It’s the largest lizard to ever live and probably fed on large mammals, and snakes. Megalania could grow up to around 16.5 feet long. Instead of breathing fire, the Megalania could poison it’s enemies by biting them which would cause them to slowly bleed to death. It lived in a range of Ice Age habitats, including forests, grasslands, and woodlands, although occasionally it might find it’s way to a lake or a cave. Considering it’s massive size you may assume it needed to eat an enormous amount, but surprisingly it ate a significantly smaller diet than animals of similar size.

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