10 Real Clown Horror Stories: There is nothing less funny and more creepy than a clown. So they scare off their target audience like a terrorist in a theater. This is a list of 10 real clown horror stories; from killer clowns to haunted clown dolls.

10) West Palm Beach Murder:


A jolly start to the list

A jolly start to the list


In May 1990, Marlene Warren answered her front door to find a clown staring at her. The anonymous clown revealed his revolver and shot her in the face. On hearing the gunshot, her son rushed to the front door to find his mother dead on the floor. He also saw a fleeing clown; a clown that has never been identified.

At the time of the murder the clown was holding a bouquet of flowers. I’ve always said that killer clowns are the most polite of all the brutal murderers.

 9) The Harlequin:


Your standard Harlequin

Your standard Harlequin


The Harlequin is sort of like slenderman, but many people have reported sightings of him. They say the Harlequin can only be seen by young children. It has a very loud and sinister laugh that strikes fear into the soul of anyone within hearing range. Reported encounters with the Harlequin stretch back to the 13th century. Apparently they often plague certain families, visiting their children for several hundred years.

Could the Harlequin be real?

8) Phantom Clowns:




During the 1980s the United States was shaken by dozens of reports of clowns attempting to kidnap children. There were stories of schoolchildren being chased home by groups of clowns driving white vans.

On the 22nd of May 1981, sightings of a knife wielding clown were reported at 6 different schools. On the same day, one mother heard her children scream after a knife wielding clown ordered them to enter his van. With these incidents occurring in cities across America around the same time and no suspect being apprehended, it remains a chilling open mystery.

7) Francisco Felix: 





Francisco Felix was a Mexican drug lord. As a leader of a cartel, his life was in constant danger. And in 2013 this danger caught up with him when he was shot to death by a clown.

It is thought that the assassin dressed as a clown in order to get close to Felix as the whole thing happened while he was celebrating his birthday. Nothing ruins the reputation of a notorious gangster like being killed by a children’s entertainer. But let’s face it, there isn’t a gangster movie in existence that couldn’t be improved by a clown or two.

 6) Ghost of Zozzaby:


u wan sum haunting?

u wan sum haunting?


Fredericj Zozzaby was a Czechoslovakian clown. He moved to northern England during the Edwardian era so that he could find more work in the circus. Which didn’t go well so he ended up killing himself. This was the beginning of the terribly named Legend of Zozzaby.

In December 2002 two sleeping brothers were woken up by the sudden sound of laughter. Upon regaining consciousness, their eyes were greeted by the ghost of Zozzaby. This report was just one in a series of Zozzaby reports.

In 1950, while sleeping in the exact same house, another two brothers described an encounter with the clown. The reports were identical down to the last detail.

5) Amon Carlock:


Typical police clown

Typical police clown


Amon Carlock was a police officer who used to get all clowned up and entertain local children. In 2007 he was arrested after he was found to have traveled abroad to molest children. As a pedophile police officer, he didn’t last long in prison. He died after just 38 days; the cause of his death has never been identified.

4) Indian Clown Incidents:


This is not an Indian clown

This is not an Indian clown


In 1994, a disturbing series of crimes were reported in India. On separate occasions a gang of clowns held down 7 people and gouged out their eyes. Each attack happened in a different rural villages. And despite a frenzy of support for the police no clown was ever identified.

What makes this more creepy is that with every incident, a nearby warehouse was discovered. The inside of these warehouses was scattered with clown costumes and pictures of the human eye.

3) Vincent Hitchcock – haunted clown doll:


Clown dolls are always creepy

Clown dolls are always creepy


Not too long ago, a woman named Renee purchased an innocent looking clown doll. She placed the doll in the corner of a room. For a while everything seemed normal but she soon started experiencing in-explainable happenings. She would often find that the doll had been moved to a different are of her house. She never found out who…or what moved it.

She decided to investigate it by placing a tape recorder next to the doll overnight. When she played back the tape, she heard the mysterious voice of an old man. The most clear recording was of the voice yelling “WAKE UP!!”

Her daughter claimed to have heard the voice before at night. Which makes me wonder why she didn’t mention it sooner…

2) The Clown Statue:





The clown statue was one of the first scary stories of the internet but it was in 2004 that it became famous. According to the story, a wealthy American couple hire a teenage girl to babysit their young child.

While watching television, she rang up the father to inform him that the children had been put to bed. She also asked if she could move his life-size clown statue to the next room as it was annoying her. The father immediately commanded that she take the child to the house next door and call the police.

In the grip of confusion she did what he said. He then told her that his family did not own a clown statue. His children had recently been complaining about a clown who watches them sleep. The parents had not believed the children…up until that night.

1) John  Wayne Gacy:


His actual mugshot

His actual mugshot


John Wayne Gacy was the world most notorious killer clown. Gacy used his position as pogo the clown to get close to teenage boys. He would kill these boys and bury their bodies under his house. After he ran out of room to bury bodies, he started dumping them into a nearby river. Gacy was executed in 1994 after being convicted on 33 counts of murder. His tale really is the worst of the 10 real clown horror stories.

So that concludes our list on 10 real clown horror stories



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