Real ghost stories can be found all over the world, many of which science has failed to explain. Stories like these can be found anywhere but these are the most interesting ones I’ve managed to find. Although some of these may be hard to believe, many of them have video evidence or testimonies from trustworthy sources. This is a list of 10 real ghost stories that will terrify you.


Anneliese Michel

Anneliese Michel is the famous case of a women who was believed to be possessed by demons. This led to an exorcism being performed by a priest on her. She died after the exorcism due to malnourishment, and dehydration. Michel was epileptic and had been receiving psychiatric treatment. As her mental state worsened her, and her parents became convinced that she was possessed by some sort of demon. The priest made the brash decision to attempt to use a ritual of exorcism which was over 400 years old. She developed a fear of religious objects like crosses, and even began to hear voices. The parents and priest were found guilty of negligent homicide, and sentenced to six months in prison.


I never Left

Real ghost stories ghost-1236444_960_720

Lewis and his friends were playing hide and seek at his house, It was around 11:00 pm. Lewis searched every inch of his house but couldn’t find his friend, eventually he figured that they were probably hiding somewhere outside. He left to go and search his garden, and after only searching for a while, a voice cries out, telling him to come over. It was pitch black out, so he couldn’t see who was shouting but it sounded like one of his friends. Too afraid to walk into the dark he shouts for his friend to come to him instead. The mysterious voice kept shouting for him to come over, and he kept refusing. Eventually the voice changed to a dark, growling voice, commanding him to come over. Lewis shot back inside his house, where he found his friends waiting for him, turned out none of them ever left the house.


Anne Boleyn’s Ghost

real ghost stories Anne_boleyn

Anne Boleyn was married to King Henry VIII for years before being executed for adultery, and witchcraft. It’s said that while being executed, the executioner tried to ease her pain by pretending not to have his sword, just before chopping off her head, to make her think she had a few more seconds of life. People time and time again have claimed to have seen her ghost wandering around different significant buildings in England, including Hever Castle, Blickling Hall, and the tower of London, which is said to be crawling with ghosts. There are two ghosts of Anne Boleyn you might see, one is her when she was young, and beautiful, and there is the ghost of her after she died. Occasionally people are unlucky enough to see her holding her head in her arm, as she walks around beheaded.


Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

Real ghost stories Brown_lady

An eerie picture taken in Norfolk, England, shows a ghost making it’s way down the stairs of Raynham Hall. It’s believed that the women was Lady Dorothy Townshend, who mysteriously died in 1726 after cheating on Lord Townshend with another man. She died of smallpox not long after her husband discovered that she had been unfaithful, which has raised suspicion among some people. Many visitors have seen the apparition walking around the hall in a long, brown dress.


The Amityville Haunting

Real ghost stories Amityville_house

One of the most famous real ghost stories in U.S. history is the Amityville Haunting. In the 1970’s there was a gruesome murder committed in a house in Amityville. A man named Ronald Defereo Jr. was convicted of killing his mother father, and siblings. Years later a family moved into the house, and found themselves in a series of unusual circumstances. Swarms of flies were attracted to the house for no reason, voices came from nowhere all over the house, and their daughter started talking to a red-eyed pig which didn’t exist.



CCTV cameras at Hampton Court, UK captured unbelievable footage of a skeletal figure in medieval clothing leaving the building. As the Skeleton walked towards the doors they simply blew open in front of him, as if by magic. The guards had been called to close fire doors which had been opened three days in a row with no explanation. CCTV footage showed the doors opening on their own with no one there. The next day the cameras managed to catch  skeleton walking through the doors on film. The third day security cameras showed the doors opening but no one walking through.


Bell Witch Haunting

Real ghost stories WmPorterBurnWitch

The Bell Witch is the real story that inspired the Blair Witch Project film. The haunting goes all the way back to 1817 when a farmer saw a strange animal. It had the head of a rabbit, and the body of a dog. He tried to shoot the animals but missed, and it disappeared. It then began to haunt the family, tormenting them, and attacking them. Eventually the farmer was found dead next to a bottle of poison.


Pliny The Younger

Real ghost stories The_Younger_Pliny_Reproved

One of the oldest known real ghost stories was told by Roman Senator, Pliny The Younger. Pliny talked about a home in Athens were the rattling of chains could be heard at night, with no explanation. He went on to talk about a dishevelled old man, with a long beard, his arms bound by chains. He was a ghost which could only sometimes be seen. His story scared so many people that the house was abandoned. This was until a philosopher decided to rent out the house to try and work out what was happening. He saw the ghost with his very own eyes, and after it left he made sure to dig up the spot he saw it. There he found a skeleton bound in chains.


In August 1977 a family had to deal with a poltergeist who was terrorising their home. She called the police, and even they confirmed that they saw objects move about the room on their own. As well as furniture being thrown about the house, noises came from within the walls, and children were even picked up off the ground and levitated. A paranormal investigator came to the conclusion that the children were possessed by demons.


Elisa Lam

Creepy surveillance footage of a woman who appears to be escaping from something has garnered tens of millions of views online. The women in the video is called Elisa Lam, and many people believe that she was being attacked by a paranormal entity. The weird footage shows Elisa hiding in a lift, and sticking her head out of the door every now and then. After a while she takes the lift all the way up to the top floor, and makes her way onto the roof. Police later found her lifeless body in a water tank. She drowned inside, and the lid was closed. It’s impossible to imagine she could have put the lid on herself, when workers had to use special tools just to cut it open.

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