The existence of real life curses has long been disputed, and most people just write them off as coincidences, however some coincidences are so unlikely that a curse actually begins to seem more likely than anything. Anything can be cursed from objects, to people, and even films. Below are the strangest, and creepiest curses to ever take place, and are almost enough to convince any skeptic.


The Omen

While filming the Omen, many of the production crew suffered untimely deaths, and almost fatal close calls. One crew member cancelled a flight at the last minute, the plane then crashed killing everyone on board. Three crew members in separate planes were all struck by lightning, the director’s hotel was bombed by the IRA, and was hit by a car. A crew members son shot himself. And in 1976 on Friday 1 Richardson crashed his car in Holland, his assistant was slice through the cars wheel. As Richardson climbed out of the wreckage he saw the road sign: Ommen, 66.6km


The Curse Of The Iceman

The cursed mummy of a man from 3,300 BCE was found by two German tourists. Seven people who died in mystery circumstances are said to be victims of it’s curse. The mummy died a violent death in battle, after being shot with an arrow, and then having his head bashed in. One molecular archaeologist actually died while writing a book on the Ice man, and a another man suddenly developed a hereditary disease, and a mountaineer strangely fell off a cliff in a freak blizzard in the same spot he saw the mummy. Three more people died, one from a heart attack, one from multiple sclerosis, and one in a car crash. The last man to die was the an who filmed the body, he died of a brain tumour.


The Timur Curse

The great Khan Timur Launched a military campaign from Persia to southern Russia, where he killed thousands of people and become incredibly rich. On his coffin was written “When I arise from the grave, the world will tremble” People believed these words for many years, and when Stalin came to excavate his tomb a lot of people tried to convince his men not to, unfortunately they did anyway.
“These old men showed me a book saying that the tomb of Timur should not be opened, otherwise a war could be provoked. I was young at the time and not too wise. I did not pay too much attention to this event. On 21 June we removed the skull of Timur. Then, on the 22 June the war with the Germans began.”
A few hours after this, Hitler launched operation barbossa, an invasion into Russian territory. Years later towards the end of the war, the Russians returned Timur’s body to his tomb and at the same time the final attempt for Germans to escape Stalingrad failed.


The Curse Of Thomas Busby’s Chair

This chair was cursed by a killer known as Thomas Busby’s before he was executed. Busby was arrested after he killed hist father in law in the 1700’s. As he was being led to his execution he cursed that anyone who sat on his chair would not live for much longer. So far anyone who has sat in the chair has died. Any soldier who sat in the chair and went to war and never came back. A bricklayer sat in it and fell to his death, a roofer who sat in I later died falling through a roof. So many people have died soon after sitting in the chair that you’d be hard pressed o find someone willing to try it.


Sarah Good’s Blood Curse



Sarah Good was the first person to be executed for witch craft in in the Salem Witch trials, which occurred in 1692. Before execution she cursed the man who accused her, Reverend Nicholas Noyes.
“I’m no more a witch than you are a wizard, take my life and God will give you blood to drink.” Later Noyes died of a haemorrhage inside his mouth, he literally choked on his own blood. Sarah was known by the community to be moody, solitary, and filthy. She would often go door to door asking for charity. I think her argument against being a witch might have been better if she didn’t end it by cursing a priest.


The Hope Diamond

This giant blue diamond was taken from the eye of a statue of the goddess Sita in India. It weighs 45.5 carats, and gets it’s blue colour from small amounts of boron atoms. This is only part of the statues eye, in total the eye was over 100 carats. When priests discovered the eye was gone they put a curse on it. Jean Baptiste-Tavernier stole the diamond, and then his body was supposedly ravaged by wolves. King Louis XIV gained possession of the stone, he died of gangrene and so did all his children except for one. Nicholas Fouquet wore the diamond for a special occasion. Countless others have died after handling it, there’s no proof it’s from the curse but it’s definitely suspicious.


The Grimaldi Curse

Prince Rainer I of the Grimaldi family instigated this curse when he raped and kidnapped a maiden women. The maiden later became a witch and cursed the family saying “Never will a Grimaldi find true happiness in marriage.” This curse seems to have taken affect on some of is ancestors, Prince Rainer III’s wife died in a car accident. Their daughter was divorced by her first husband, and her second died. Their youngest daughter has never been married, and has three children out of wedlock. Their only son’s marriage is rumoured to be an unhappy marriage, and his wife almost called it off completely. Whether it was the curse or not, the witch seems to have gotten her revenge.


The Crying Boy Painting

During the 20th century the painting of a crying boy was incredibly popular, everyone had one in their house. What was strange is that many of the houses that owned the painting burned down, the entire house would burn to ash except for the painting of the crying boy. In every case of a house burning down, the painting was always in pristine condition. Many people speculated that the painting was possessed by the ghost of a crying boy. I also read that the Sun newspaper in England asked readers to send in a copy of the painting if they had one and they would destroy it for them The warehouse they were storing the paintings in mysteriously burnt down, and all the paintings were in pristine condition.


The Bjorketorp Rune Stone

This is a cursed rune stone in an ancient grave in Sweden. The stone has been there for hundreds of years, and over time people eventually forgot the language written on it. One man attempted to remove the cursed stone by heating it up, and cracking it with a stone. However if he could read the Proto-Norse language it was written in he may have thought twice. On the stone it reads “I, master of the runes conceal here runes of power. Incessantly (plagued by) maleficence, (doomed to) insidious death (is) he who breaks this (monument).” While the man was attempting heat the stone with a fire, a freak burst of wind blew the fire in his direction, and set him ablaze, burning him to death in process.


Johnny Garrett’s Wrongful Execution

Johnny Garrett was arrested for the crime of violently raping and murdering a nun, a crime that he claimed he was innocent for. Johnny was mentally handicapped, and had a history of violence, although there was evidence to say he was innocent it quickly disappeared, and johnny was pressured to sign a confession. After a nine year long court case, he was finally sentenced to death. Before Johnny died he wrote a letter to the state and the media, in which he named and cursed many people. It was eventually discovered that he was actually innocent and the real killer was a Cuban refugee with a history of rape and murder. His name was cleared but the curse still stood, 15 people related to the case died, including lawyers, jurors, news reporters. Many of them died from cancer or a horrible accident. His two Lawyers both contracted the same type of cancer. With cases like this it’s hard to believe they were accidents.


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