The internet can be a scary place, especially where the deep web is concerned. You need to be careful about allowing young people to use the internet. Not just because of predators though – it’s also just because of all the disturbing material to be found. From terrifying commercials, to simply unexplainable footage – here are the 10 scariest videos on the internet.


Japanese McDonalds Commercial

You’d be surprised at what is to be seen on Japanese tv. Their culture is quite different so they have different standards for what’s considered family friendly content. The video above is a Japanese commercial for McDonalds. In it, they seem to transform Ronald Mcdonald into an obsessive stalker and home invader. The whole point of Ronald McDonald was that he appeals to children, so they children force their parents to bring them to McDonalds. But this advert ruined the whole thing.


Death, You Have One Year Less

Emerging last year, this video features a dark figure wearing a dark-ages doctors mask, the type used during the black death outbreak. In the video, people have discovered a whole range of hidden messages. In Morse code and cryptic messages, some link the video to doomsday cults or terrorist groups. The title and description of the video was binary for “Death, you have one year or less”. There is a device called a spectogram, which shows audio in visual imagery. When used on this video, the spectogram shows a woman being tortured, and text saying “You are already dead”. No one really knows what the video means or who made it.


There Is Nothing

This video features a strange robot who lives in a regular house. But that house is located in hell. She seems to speak in an unknown language. But the second half of the video is in reverse and she can be heard in plain English. She can be heard saying “there is nothing”. It begs the question of what half of the video is actually in reverse.


I Feel Fantastic

In this video, a strange robot manikin sings a bizarre song. She was built by John Bergeron, who gave her the name Tara, and sold videos of her singing weird songs. On some online message boards, it’s rumored that he was a serial killer, who created the robot to be a companion he was unable to murder. All his other companions ended up dead. But that’s just a rumor.


The Bitterroot Footage

This video was apparently found inside a wooden box purchased at a garage sale. It shows a man walking through a house. Another cloaked figure can be seen in the house poking at what some believe is a dead body. They walk further through the house and then out into the woods. In the woods they find a bag. They open the bag to find a human head. It really is like something from the Texas chainsaw massacre.


Agamemnon Counterpart

This video begins with the text:

“In the year 2571, a video cassette tape was found in a pile of rubble on the ruins of a certain blue planet. What you are about to witness will not be the contents of the fore mentioned cassette. This is an entirely different recording”.

And then the video gets really weird. Really weird.


1960s Clown Commercial

So here’s another tv commercial featuring a clown. Who could have known it would turn out to be creepy.


Obey The Walrus

I remember this video emerging when I was younger. It’s called obey the walrus and it shows an anorexic transsexual dancing. This video ends with them staring into the camera before an image of a walrus appears. It really is a strange video.


Ghost Girl Crying

A man walks through his house, opening the door to the hallway. He sees what looks like a young girl crying in the corner of his hallway. He backs off and closes the door. But then he opens the door again to get a second look. This time, he sees her standing up facing him.


Elliot Rodger’s Retribution Video

Elliot Rodger was a 22 year old student when he went on a killing spree 2 years ago. He killed 7 people including himself. Shortly before the spree, he uploaded this video to YouTube. In it, he describes what he plans on doing and why. It gives us a glimpse into the mind of a spree killer just hours before the crime.


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