There are countless unexplained mysteries in the world. It’s impossible to find a place where some of the locals don’t have stories of some amazing unexplained mysteries. Some of these are supernatural, involving ghosts, and fairies, and some are strange crimes committed by unknown perpetrators. This particular list includes 10 unexplained mysteries that will blow your mind.

The Phantom Barber Of Pascagoula

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The small town of Pascagoula was the victim of a strange mystery no one could ever solve. Phantom Barber was the name given to who ever committed the strange crimes. Someone broke into a covenant full of sleeping children, and cut their hair. He only cut the hair of two sleeping girls, and that was all he did. Nobody ever worked out why he did this. What did he need their hair for? It could have been for some sort of strange cult ritual or an unusual fetish, but this is mere speculation.

A man was arrested for the crime, but was released after he was found to be innocent. It wasn’t just a one time thing either. After the first instance he would return twice a week, always on Monday and Friday, and commit the same crime. He would cut through the windows to get in, and then use chloroform to made sure the girls couldn’t wake up. He did this for months and never got caught. The barber was clearly adept at doing this so perhaps, he’s been doing it a long time in other parts of the country. It’s likely this will always be from of the world’s unexplained mysteries.

Katherine FitzGerald, Countess Of Desmond

unexplainable mysteries Grogan_nathaniel_catherinefitzgerald

The Countess was famous for being the oldest women in the world. It’s said she lived to the age of 140, which is especially amazing considering she lived during the Tudor period. Sir Walter Raleigh claimed that she had gotten married during the reign of King Edward IV, and died in 1604. Sir Francis Bacon, a famous scientist from this time tells a fascinating story about her:

“They tell a tale of the old countess of Desmond who lived till she was seven score years old, that she did [grow teeth] twice or [three times]; casting her old teeth, and other coming in their place.” She was well known and lived an interesting life, it’s said she even danced with King Richard III. When she finally died it wasn’t due to old age, but because she fell while climbing a tree. She contacted a fever after injuring herself and died form the illness.

London Monster

LondonMonster unexplained mysteries

A madman known as the London Monster terrified women all over London. It was believed that the London Monster would attack women when they were alone, stabbing them in the buttocks. He would invite women to come and smell a bouquet of flowers, with a knife hidden inside. He would then stab them in the face when they smelt it. The attacks caused a hysteria. Vigilantes began patrolling the streets looking for the criminal, women started wearing copper pans to protect themselves and pickpockets would also use it to their advantage.

They would pick someone’s pockets and then point at their victim, and shout “Monster!”, then run away during the resulting chaos. 100 pounds was offered for his capture, which was a lot of money in the past. The man was eventually found. A man who made artificial flowers for a living was caught trying to stab his fiancé. It was assumed that he was the killer because it just seemed to fit. His reign of terror had lasted for 2 years from 1788 to 1790. Over 50 women claimed to be victims of the criminal.

Phantom Funerals


A famous death omen is the Phantom Funeral. People who are going to die soon may see a funeral procession on the road, but only they can see it. The death will come soon, it could be within days or weeks. The omen has been seen mostly in Britain but also in Germany, and Switzerland. There are countless cases of people seeing the ghostly funeral processions and then dying not long later. Some of the funerals are fairy funerals, or ghost funerals.

Amelia Fisher

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Amelia Fisher was staying at her summer home with her two brothers when she saw something mysterious out of the window. She saw two glowing lights in the darkness. It was hard to see exactly what it was at such a late hour, but the lights were slowly moving towards the window. She finally got a good look at the monster before her, which had brown skin and fiery eyes. It got through the window and tried to attack her, but her brothers managed to scare it off.

They didn’t see the monster again for over a year, and only when they had almost completely forgotten it, did it reappear. They fired at the creature this time, and scared it off. After arriving at local the graveyard the next day, they found a mysterious tomb. The room was littered with vandalised coffins, except one. There was one coffin left in impeccable condition. They opened the coffin, and inside was the monster.

The Tower Of Babel

unexplained mysteries Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_-_The_Tower_of_Babel_(Vienna)_-_Google_Art_Project_-_edited

For Years people thought the Tower of Babel was just a myth, but new evidence suggests otherwise. A stone tablet that dates back to 600 BC was found, which describes the Tower of Babel. The tablet reveals that the giant tower was built while King Nebuchadnezzar II was ruling. It also reveals that the tower was a Mesopotamian step tower, with seven tiers.

Agatha Christie’s Disappearance

unexplained mysteries Agatha_Christie_as_a_child_No_1

In 1926, famous crime novelist, Agatha Christie disappeared. When she was 36 she went for a drive, headed to Surrey. Not long later her car was found, with her drivers license inside; Christie was nowhere to be found. Due to her mental health problems people became very concerned, and a nationwide search commenced. Over 2,500 people started searching for her, including 1,000 officers of the law. It took 11 days for her to be found in Harrogate, when asked what had happened, she said she couldn’t remember. She had amnesia.

Hairy Hands

Hairy Hands is a famous legend revolving around a series of unexplainable accidents around one road in Dartmoor. In England in the 1920’s people kept dying while driving on one particular road. Eventually one of these people survived and lived to tell the tale. He claimed that while driving a rough, hairy and grabbed the steering wheel and drove him off the side of the road. Other survivors claimed exactly the same thing. It remains one of England’s most famous unexplained mysteries.

The Hinterkaifeck Massacre

unexplained mysteries Hinterkaifeck-Hof

On Hinterkaifeck farm in Bavaria, a family of 5 and 1 maid were massacred by a killer wielding a mattock. He would lure out the family members one at a time, and then stab them. After killing them all, he stayed in the house over the weekend, looked after the farm, and fed the animals. He didn’t steal anything, he was never found, and his motive remains unknown.

Ourang Medan, Ghost Ship

unexplainable mysteries Flying_Dutchman,_the

In 1947 a pair of US ships received a distress call from a ship called the Ourang Medan, which means man from Medan, Medan being the largest city on an island in Indonesia. “S.O.S. from Ourang Medan * * * we float. All officers including the Captain, dead in chartroom and on the bridge. Probably whole of crew dead * * *.” The next message was impossible to work out, and it seems whoever was sending the messages started struggling to type. The final message they received said, “I die.”

Eventually they managed to locate the ship, which was in perfect condition. Once they boarded they found the ship was covered in dead bodies, “[s]prawled on their backs, the frozen faces upturned to the sun with mouths gaping open and eyes staring, the dead bodies resembled horrible caricatures” It remains one of the oceans unexplained mysteries.

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