From a Priest who escaped a double murder charge for thirteen years, to a German Priest who moved to America and then killed his secret wife and child to avoid excommunication. These are 5 priests who committed unspeakable murders.


Father Ryan Erickson



A double murder that no one understood took place thirteen years ago in the town of Wisconsin. A funeral director and his employee were shot in the middle of the day by an unknown assailant; they both died. It was three years before anyone discovered who the criminal was, when they finally did find out, the entire town was shocked to discover it was a local priest. He killed his two victims to cover a prior crime; the sexual assault he committed on a young boy. After being questioned by the Police Erickson hanged himself, he left a suicide note claiming he was innocent, however evidence against him, and fifteen witness statements convinced the judge that he had committed the ultimate sin. Some of the evidence against him was his large gun collection, and the fact that the judge believed him to be deeply disturbed.


Father John Feit



An elderly priest who was accused of sexually assaulting a young beauty queen, and then murdering her, has avoided any punishment for fifty years. He was 27 at the time, and she was 25, he was a suspect because he had already been caught sexually assaulting someone before, and only fined $500 for it. The family of the victim are convinced he committed the crime even after 50 years of apparent “innocence”. After the incident the priest was moved to another monastery, and didn’t seen to suffer any punishment. He lives comfortably now as a retiree, and a grandfather. The victims family believe he was let off due to corrupt officials, who let him go because he’s a priest.


Hans B. Schmidt; the only priest to ever to be executed in the United States



Hans was a priest born in Germany, he emigrated to the U.S with purely good intentions, but Schmidt was a bad apple. He started to work in a parish in Kentucky, unfortunately he didn’t get along with a priest there, and was forced to move to a Parish in a completely different city; St. Boniface’s church in New York City. He met a beautiful young maid called Anna Aumuller. Even though he was priest he couldn’t hold back his urges, and started a relationship with Anna. They of course, kept this a secret. They even got married to each other in secret, although he did the service himself so they weren’t officially married, as he couldn’t let anyone find out they were together. However he quickly lost his romantic side after finding out she was pregnant with his baby, he slashed her throat, and killed their baby, throwing the remains in a river. Hans was caught and executed three years later.


Gerald Robinson



Robinson is the only documented case of a priest killing a nun in history. It was 1960 Gerald when gerald killed the nun, and it took 24 years for him to be arrested. He recently died in prison, after being denied the option to die outside of prison with his family. His victim was Margaret Pahl, she was 71 at the time, he strangled her, and stabbed her 31 times with what appeared to be cross. It’s believed that Rob was a satanic Priest, whose only goal was to cause as many sins as possible, and get away with it. Robinson got away with his crimes for years, until a letter was found indicting Robinson of being a Satanist who sexually assaulted a littler girl in a malignant ritual to Satan, which also included human sacrifice. This combined with other evidence was finally enough to put him away for good.


Father Andras Kun



Kun was a Roman Catholic Priest, and commander of a Nazi death squad. He would command his squad to massacre Jews while shouting “In the Name of Christ-fire.” Kun didn’t have any mercy for Jews, and even attacked a Jewish hospital killing 149 Jews including doctors, and nurses. He later attacked it again, killing 80 to 100 more victims. Later he killed over 500 Jews, and the people who housed them, while they were attempting to hide the Jews from the Nazis. Eventually Kun was captured by enemy forces and tried for the murder of over 500 people, he was hanged on September 19th 1945. It isn’t surprising that  one of the 5 priests who committed unspeakable murders was a Nazi.


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