Future predictions seem to be present in every culture from the gypsy fortune tellers of the west to the buddhist prophets of the east. So it begs the question as to whether any people do genuinely posses the ability to tell of what hasn’t yet happened. We don’t know whether it’s just coincidence or whether it’s genuine magic, but some future predictions have actually come true. From predicting the Titanic’s sinking, to foreseeing 9/11 hundreds of years before it took place. This is a list of 5 accurate future predictions.

5) Morgan Robertson:


Fourteen years before the titanic sank, novelist Morgan Robertson wrote almost exactly what happens to the titanic in one of his novels. The Novel was about a ship, that was the biggest the world had ever seen. In the the book, the giant ship was described as unsinkable, before crashing into an iceberg, and sinking. Robertson’s ship had almost the exact same measurements as the titanic, and could reach the same speeds.

4) Raymond Kurzweil:


Raymond has had many predictions come true, he even has an 86% success rate. He predicted the fall of the soviet union by 1991, which turned out to be the exact year the soviet union fell, and wireless internet becoming popular by the start of the 21st century, e-books, nanotechnology, and face recognition, all by 1999, and a computer beating the best human chess players by the year 2000.

3) John Elfreth Watkins:


Future predictions don’t get much wore weird than this one. Watkins wrote in a women’s magazine at the dawn of the 20th century, his predictions for what the world will be like 100 years in the future. Many of his predictions came true: Colour photographs, rising height of Americans, Mobile phones, ready meals, slowing population growth, hot house vegetables, T.V., Tanks, big fruit, and the Acela express.

Some of his predictions haven’t come true yet: The letters c,x,q will be abandoned, everyone will walk three hours a day, no more cars in large cities, and there will be no mosquitoes, or flies.

2) H.G. Wells:


Famous fiction writer H.G.Wells predicted a host of modern day inventions including: The heat ray, which has been invented by the U.S army, the atom bomb, which was also invented by the U.S army, genetic engineering, automatic doors, invisibility, tanks, and mobile phones. All of these things have now been invented, or are in the process of being invented.

1) Nostradamus:

Adolf Hitler

Nostradamus is famous across the world for his accurate predictions of major world events. Some of these being: The great fire of London, The French revolution, the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler, the second world war, Atomic bombings, the death of the Kennedy brothers, the death of princess Diana, and 9/11. Some of his claims were wrong and really don’t belong on a list of future predictions – but he still has a good enough track record.

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