Astral projection is when you force yourself to have an out of body experience live outside your physical body, you’re entering what’s known as the Astral Plane. Astral projection can be an amazing experience so I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the best methods for Astral Projection.


The Rope Technique

Astral Projection

The first step in any Astral projection technique is to make sure you are as relaxed as possible, and in a good mood, so make sure you do this for all the methods mentioned. For this technique you need to imagine an invisible rope hanging from your ceiling in front of you so that you can grab it and pull yourself outside of your body. By putting pressure on one specific point on you body you will force your astral body’s separation from your physical one. You must pull yourself up the imaginary rope one by one with your imaginary hand, don’t worry if you get vertigo doing this that’s usual. At a certain point your body will start to vibrate, and you’ll feel paralysed, at this point you must concentrate entirely on climbing the rope, do not stop climbing. You will then feel yourself coming free from your body, your astral body will enter the astral plane, and you will be hovering above yourself.


The Displaced Awareness Technique


For this technique you need to close your eyes and then become as relaxed as possible, as if you were meditating. Then attempt to feel yourself above your shoulders and look around the room your in. Then imagine rotating your astral body, so that your head is where your feet are, and your feet is where you head is. Now try to see the room from this position. This will normally leave you feeling rather dizzy, which is a good thing. The final step is to imagine your body floating towards the ceiling. You should find that sometime during this, you have left your physical body.


The Hammock Technique

Astral projection

Imagine yourself lying down in an incredibly comfortable hammock, between two palm trees on a secluded island paradise. Imagine the wind swaying you from side to side, imagine the feeling of this happening to you right now. Do this over and over again until you start to feel vibrations, and then when you feel the vibrations just roll out of your body.


Muldoon’s Thirst Technique


This is probably a technique to try if all else fails, as it involves not drinking for long periods of time. The first step to this technique is not to drink anything for a few hours before gong to bed so that you become very thirsty but not enough to cause any health problems. If you feel unwell doing this then try a different method. Try to increase your thirst by keeping a glass of water in front of you, and not allowing yourself to drink it. Then just before bed have a small amount of salt. Place a glass of water near your bed, and imagine yourself getting up and drinking it. In the middle of the night you should awaken halfway through your dream walking towards the glass of water, and an out of body experience will occur.


The Monroe Technique


Again get into a relaxed state of mind. Then start falling asleep but don’t allow yourself to fall asleep, this will put into what’s known as a hypnagogic state. Try to get rid of any pessimistic or unhappy thoughts you might have while in this state. Then induce vibrations in your body, intensely. After you have increased the vibrations enough you just need to roll out of your body and you will enter the astral plane.

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