From an 11 year killing two toddlers, to a young boy who killed while smiling, and laughing maniacally. This is a list of 5 crazy killers who are only children.

5) Mary Bell:


She was convicted in December 1968


Mary Bell was a British girl, who strangled two young boys to death, when she was only 11 years old. The boys were aged 3 and 4. Mary had a horrible upbringing, which is most likely what caused her to be the way she was. Her mother was a prostitute, and her father was a well known crook. Mary’s mother attempted to kill her daughter multiple times. she tried to make it look like an accident. Mary’s family members became suspicious when she mysteriously fell from a window, and accidentally ate some sleeping pills.

4) Jon Venables and Robert Thompson:


The twins were known to misbehave, and steal on a regular basis


Jon, and Robert famously killed a young boy called James Patrick Bulger from Kirkby, Merseyside. The 10 year old twins abducted the two year old, tortured, and murdered him, then left him on a railway. They were convicted on 24th November 1993, making them the youngest convicted murderers in modern English history. Jon Venables is now released, and on his fourth new identity, so he could be anywhere in England.

3) Graham young:


His step mother was poisoned with the rare poison Atropa belladonna


Graham young used poison to to kill several members of his families at the age of 14, including his own stepmother. He went to jail, and was eventually released. Once he gained his freedom, he used this opportunity to poison yet more victims. He managed to poison a total of 70 people, killing two. This earned him the nickname the “Teacup Poisoner” Young also suffered tragedy at a young age. His mother died only a few months after he was born. Young was intrigued by poisons, and there affects from a young age. He spent a lot of time studying chemistry, and eventually started trying poisons on his family to see the effects, causing them to become extremely ill.

2) Willie Bosket:


He is currently serving a life sentence of 82 years


Willie’s crimes were so tragic that they had to make an entirely new law so that 13 year olds could be tried as adults. Willie father killed two people shortly before Willie was born, and was sentenced to life in prison. His mother abandoned him, and left him to fend for himself. Willie was a violent child, and even vowed to be a killer like his father. When Bosket was 15 he killed a man named Noel Perez, a week later he killed another victim, and committed multiple armed robberies.

1) Jesse Pomeroy:


Pomeroy was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts


Jesse was a psychopath with no thought for his victims. He would often torture and torment his victims, some of which were between the ages of 4 and 8. He would reportedly beat his victims while smiling, and laughing maniacally. Not much is known about Jesse before he age of 11, as that is when he started killing, and torturing for fun. In 1984 Jesse killed a little girl, and then not long later he killed a 4 year old so violently he almost took off her head. When asked whether he killed one of his victims Jesse responded “I suppose I did”.

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