From controversial comedians known for stealing like “The Fat Jew”, to comedians you would never expect like Robin Williams. This is a list of 5 famous comedians who stole jokes.


The fat Jew

Josh Ostrovsky is an Instagram comedian who blatantly steals jokes from famous comedians, without crediting the artists or even bothering to change the words around. He now has over 5.7 million subscribers, and makes $6000 per post. After being called out for stealing jokes, he went on an apology tour, where he probably just told yet more stolen jokes, and probably make quite a lot of money. He promised to credit every joke he stole from then on. After saying this he has been caught multiple times, failing to credit the original writers.


Dennis Leary

Leary was great friends with famous stand up bill Hicks until Bill decided he had had enough of the sheer amount of jokes he was stealing from him. Leary has been accused of copying bill hicks character on stage completely, and taking more than several of his jokes. He’s also been accused of stealing from Louis C.K, and Judd Apatow.


Dane cook

Dane Cook

Dane Cook became incredibly successful and, had the highest charting comedy album in almost 30 years, unfortunately for him his new found fame brought to light the issue of him stealng jokes from comedian Louis C.K. Three of his bits were found to be suspiciously similar to some of Louis in his most popular album. Louis C.K was more forgiving than Hicks hough, and even said that Cook may have accidentally stolen the jokes from him.


Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia
Carlos Mencia is one of he most famous Joke thief, and the accusation even caused a lot of harm to career, causing his show to be cancelled, and he claims he even had to go into therapy. Carlo supposedly stole jokes from many different comedians even one who thought of him as a friend. A video went viral of him being confronted by comedian Joe Rogan, who accused him of stealing jokes from a handful of different comeians, and called him Carlo Men-steal-ia.


Robin Williams

Robin Williams
One of the most surprising entries to the list is comedian Robin Williams. It’s hard to imagine that someone as funny and successful as Robin Williams would need to steal jokes. Williams was confronted by several comedians and it appears that he did steal jokes, but he claims that he did it accidentally due to his manic personality he would accidentally spew out other comedians jokes on stage. He seemed to earnestly want to stop himself from doing this and even took to waiting outside while other comedians were on stage, then going in doing his set, and leaving immediately.

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