From a woman who tried to kill Jennifer Love Hewitt, who she believed to be a satanist with mid control powers, to a woman who started a fan club for her hero, and then shot her too death. This is a list of the 5 most insane celebrity stalkers.


Diana Napolis

Satanic ritual - celebrity stalkers

Diana Napolis Stalked, and harassed Steven Spielberg, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Diana firmly believed the celebrities were devil worshipers with the power to control people’s minds. They apparently did this with the use of “Soul Catchers”, which would be inserted into the bodies of unsuspecting victims. Napolis threatened to kill Jennifer Love Hewitt, for her satanic crimes, and perhaps also in self defense, as she believed Jennifer was also trying to kill her. Napolis has been sent to prison, and is not allowed to go near the pair for ten years.


Ruth Ann Steinhagen

Eddie_Waitkus- celebrity stalkers

For Ruth Ann Steinhagen, what started off as a harmless celebrity crush, on her favourite baseball player, quickly turned into a murderous obsession with the player. It all started when her favorite player Eddie Waitkus was traded to another team, although this is something normal for athletes to do, she felt it was a crime worthy of murder. She found out what Hotel he would be staying in while playing in Chicago, and after tricking him into entering her room, shot him dead, or so she hoped, Waitkus survived the gun shot, and she was later arrested.


Mark David Chapman

John Lennon - celebrity stalkers

Mark Chapman was a huge fan of John Lennon, he was such a fan he even managed to get his autograph, before he shot him six times in the back. Chapman was a deeply religious man, because of this when John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, he just couldn’t let it go. After stalking him, and finding out where he lived, he asked for his autograph, and then shot him. After shooting him you would expect Chapman to run, and hide, maybe flee to Mexico, instead he sat down right where he was, and read J.D Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. When Police asked him for a statement, he told them the book was his statement.


Grim Lerogue

baseball-field-802107_1280 - celebrity stalkers

Grim Lerogue hated a baseball player known as A-Rod. He hated him so much he ran onto the pitch while he was playing, probably trying to kill him. In his pocket Security found a card with a picture of A-Rod with an X drawn over his face, and a drawn gun pointed at his head. Grim’s bedroom walls were full of strange pictures, including naked girls, and Osama Bin Laden. He claims he was attempting to win Cameron Diaz’s heart by choking A-Rod, who was seeing her at the time. Instead he was tackled by about 30 security guards, and arrested. He confessed that he also wanted to kill bobby Brown because he believes that Osama Bin Laden had a crush on his wife, Whitney Houston.


Yolanda Saldivar


Yolanda was a huge fan of Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. She called the singers father several times asking for permission to start a fan club for Selena. Her father agreed, and Yolanda became president of the fan club. Yolanda did such a good job, that she was even put in charge of some of Selena’s clothing Boutique. However money started disappearing with no explanation. Eventually Selena’s father discovered the Yolanda had been embezzling funds from the fan club, and Boutique. Naturally Yolanda was fired, and they hoped they soon would be seeing the last of Yolanda. However Selena’s wish came true in only too cruel a way. When Selena went to tie up loose ends with Yolanda, she was shot dead by Yolanda. Yolanda was charged with murder, but claims it was an accident.

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