There are so many tales of miraculous survivals and some of them just seem to be beyond explanation. Just ask the Catholics, they love a good miracle or two. From a woman who fell 33,000 feet, and survived, to corpses thousands of years old in perfect condition. This is a list of 5 miracles you just can’t explain.

5) Surviving An Impossible Plane Crash:


A plane crashing.

Vesna Vulovic fell 33,00 ft out of a moving plane, and somehow survived hitting the hard ground without a parachute, or any safety gear what so ever. She even holds the Guinness world record for surviving the highest fall without a parachute. She fell out of the plane due to a explosion in the baggage area. The plane crashed and Vesna was the only survivor. Although mysteriously Vulva was not even supposed to be on the plane, and took another attendants place by accident. Reports stated that Vulva survived because she was in the back of the plane, even though Vulva, and the man who found her both say she was lying in the middle of the plane.

4) Miracle Healing – Therese Neumann: 

casper-795464_640 (1)

Theresa was cured on 29 April 1923.


She was declared blind in 1919. Therese was also partially paralyzed and suffered bedsores. She was then visited by a saintly ghost on may 17th 1925, and inexplicably cured of all her ailments. She was then diagnosed with appendicitis, and cured not long later. From the years of 1922 until her death in 1962, Therese Neumann claimed to have consumed no food, or water, and only to have taken The Holy Eucharist, until her death. In July 1927 a medical doctor and four nurses watched her 24 hours a day for two weeks. They confirmed that she had consumed nothing except for one consecrated sacred Host a day, and didn’t turn ill, lose weight, or dehydrate.

3) The Miracle Of The Sun:

The miracle of the sun

A picture of the crowd witnessing the miracle.


The miracle of the sun took place on 13th October 1917. 30,000 to 100,00 people reported seeing the miracle. Apparently people saw the sun appear in the sky as opaque, (Which it usually is), spinning (which it usually does), disk in the sky (where it’s usually found). The sun also produced multi coloured rays of light across the field and the sky. The sun then swiftly moved in a zigzag towards the earth, and dried every ones clothes. People also saw visions, which definitely weren’t hallucinations, of saints. People witnessing the miracle were reportedly believers, and skeptics, but everyone who was there claims the miracle was real, and that the sun did in fact move closer to the Earth. Even though if the sun did actually move even 10 feet closer to the earth, we would all burn to death.

2) Statue In Akita:


A statue of the virgin Mary.


In Akita, Japan a statue of the virgin Mary was seen crying on national television. It has cried on over 101 occasions, says sister Agnes. Who also claims the statue talks to her, and healed after an appendix operation went wrong. Sister Agnes apparently talked to the statue three times, each time it conveyed an important message to her. The first message said that if she recited a prayer of reparation, then her blindness would be cured. The second message said that she needed men’s souls to soften the anger of the heavenly father. The third message said that there could be worldwide calamities if men did not repent for their sins. Sister Agnes was in fact completely cured of her blindness later on. Which makes you wonder, if the first message came true, should we be so skeptical about the others?

1) Incorruptible Corpses: Rita of Cascia:


The dead body of Saint Joaquina de Vedruna.


Everyone knows that after death, our body decay, but some bodies have inexplicably avoided this process, and remained as they were the day they died. These are known as incorruptible corpses. In Catholicism if someone’s body isn’t corrupted after death it is usually a sign they are a saint, although not always. And incorruptible corpses aren’t a solely catholic thing, there have been many incorruptible corpses of people who weren’t catholic. La Doncella was an Incan girl, who died 500 years ago, her corpse remains incorruptible. A buddhist monk known as Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov who died while meditating remains incorruptible as well. Lady Xin Zhui was the wife of a noblemen, she spent her life life living in luxury, and relaxing. she died of a heart attack because of her obesity, and dormant personality. After 2000 years her body still remains incorruptible, so the idea that incorruptibility is a gift from god to the saintly, seems unlikely.


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