Some parties are always going to end in disaster. Because people tend to group with those similar to them, so crazy people stick together. A party thrown by crazy people is unlikely to end well. From a fake kidnapping, to a party ruined by a shit surprise. This is a list of 5 crazy party’s gone wrong.

5) Fake kidnapping to avoid birthday planning:


Jennifer Alveraz faked her own kidnapping, and then fabricated a series of contradictory stories, to avoid planning a party for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend called the Police when he found his guns missing, and blood on the carpet. Alveraz told the police, when found, that she disappeared at the overwhelming thought of planning her boyfriends party. She then told the police that two men broke into the house, and stole her boyfriends guns, leaving her unharmed. She was afraid her boyfriend would be mad at her, so she hit herself in the face to leave blood, and vanished. She then admitted the entire thing was staged. The police filed charges for wasting their time. I’m not sure why she thought planning a birthday party would be overwhelming, but a fake kidnapping would be child’s play.

4) Woman bills five year old for missing her party:


5 year old Alex Nash is being billed by his friends mum, because he missed his classmates ski slope party, to see his grandparents instead. Alex came home one day with a bill in his bag for £15.95. An amount most people wouldn’t consider worth billing a child for, but this woman has even gone to the small claims court to make sure he pays up. Old people aren’t always happy about Party’s Gone Wrong – they might sue you.

3) The police who mistook birthday balloons for a cheery terrorist threat:

Iraqi insurgents

Fabian Akessan was celebrating his girlfriends birthday, and put balloons in the shape of 21 in the window, but at some point the balloons flipped round, and although most of the time a backwards 21 might look like 12, his neighbours thought it stood for Islamic state. The Police then raided his house when he was brushing his teeth, and questioned him about his girlfriends balloon. The Police decided they weren’t ISIS supporters but asked that they took down the balloon anyway.

2) Roommate stabs birthday boy over a rambunctious threesome:


Antonio Flores Narcisso, doesn’t take any shit when it comes to threesomes, his room mate was being louder than he’d like during a threesome, on his birthday, so he kicked down the door, and asked him to quiet down. Antonio’s room mate told him to get out, so he did, and then came back with a knife, and stabbed him multiple times in the head. His room mate was quickly taken to hospital, and Antonio was arrested.

1) Birthday party ruined by unwanted faeces:


Jacinda Cambray had a disappointing sweet sixteen when a passing plane dropped an obscene amount of poo on her guests. “It was brown, it was everywhere.” Said a distraught guest. The family believes it came from one of the five planes that flew above their house during the party, but planes use disinfectant, which turns poo blue before being disposed of, and as we know “It was brown, it was everywhere”. This means it couldn’t have come from, an airliner. So who did drop poo all over their party? We may never know. The are so many stories of Party’s Gone Wrong that this could be a top 100 list.

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