Death In Saunas?

What is a sauna if not a big hot room? Big hot rooms can be quite dangerous because they are big and hot. So hot that you might burn to death in one – that’s not a joke. Actually people have died in saunas before, it’s a well documented occurrence. In short, death in Saunas can happen. From a man who died in a competition to see who could stay in the Sauna the longest and won, to a man who was so burnt his body turned black and began to melt. This is a list of 4 people who burnt to death in Saunas.

Dennis Antiporek


Dennis Antiporek was completely charred, to the point where his white skinned body had turned black, to the point where his daughter didn’t even recognize him upon seeing the body. Parts of his body horrifically melted off and remained in his place. His family are now suing the gym he was using because they believe he died because of a faulty timer, the gym should have been aware of. Dennis left a note saying he was going to relax in the sauna for a few hours, but then never came back.


Death in Saunas can occur anywhere

A man was taken to hospital after he became unwell from being inside a sauna, in Newcastle. Police investigated the incident but decided there was nothing suspicious going on. Police were called to the scene at about 2:00pm, to help a man who had fallen unwell, I’m not sure why they called the police instead of an ambulance, but there you go. Once he was taken to the hospital he was pronounced dead.

Belfast 59 year old man


Four police officers investigated the crime scene, one armed with a machine. Police in the UK never carry guns unless they think it’s absolutely necessary. From this it’s hard not to assume the police thought it was a homicide. A 59 year old man was found dead inside a sauna in Belfast, famous for it’s popularity with they gay community. After investigation Police do not believe the death is suspicious.

Finalist dies in world sauna championship

Russian wrestler burnt to death in the final round of a sauna competition. The sauna was 110c, hot enough to cook a pizza. His body was dragged out in front of thousands of shocked spectators. The winner and reigning champion didn’t come out much better, he was shaking and covered in third degree burns, from head, to toe. The competition started in 1999, but ended in 2010 after this incident. This really has been a horrific article.

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