I’m sure you have all heard of McDonald’s. It’s one of the true success stories of the 20th centuries. Along with Walmart and Microsoft, it’s well known all over the world, and for good reason. McDonald’s have a regular net income of several billion dollars. Any student of business should be aware of the company and how it became the dominant food chain. From it’s logo being more recognizable then Jesus, to the enormous amount of people they reach every day. This is a list of 5 incredible facts about McDonald’s.


It’s logo Is The Most Recognized Worldwide


There is no symbol in the world more well known than McDonald’s golden arches. A study by Sponsorship research international found that more people recognized the arches than the cross. Only 54% of people could recognize he Christian cross, where as 84% could recognize McDonald’s golden arches. Anyone wanting to learn about brand awareness or the psychology relating to it should closely watch McDonald’s. They don’t do anything without carefully planning the decision.


Ham Burger University

In the hopes to improve the skills of future workers McDonald’s opened their own Ham Burger University. Where you can get a degree in things like flipping burgers, and how to say would you like fries with that in any language you might need to.


Getting into the Rap Game



McDonald’s have thought outside the box, and decided to get into the rap game in their own way, by paying famous rappers to rap about big macs. Any rappers they made the offer to would get paid by mentioning McDonald’s in any way in their songs. Whenever the song was played publicly they would receive a fee. This is a typical example of McDonald’s general business policy, they are always ready to move into new industries. If there is money to be made in a way that can be relented to fast food, McDonald’s is encroaching.


Exclusive Burgers


McDonald’s have a lot of exclusive burgers which you can only get in other countries, like in Japan they have the mega hot dog, and the chocolate and orange pie, which is a deep fried pie filled with orange flavored chocolate.


Largest Fast Food Restaurant



McDonald’s has managed to become the world’s largest fast food restaurant. It serves 68 million customers everyday, has shops in 119 countries, and has 36,000 outlets globally. In America McDonald’s employ 1 million people every year. They did this by keeping to disciplined marketing strategies over several decades. They really put a lot of work into it, studying human nature relating to everything from evolutionary psychology to biochemistry. To put it bluntly, they have studied our minds and know how to use them against us.


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