From a Cannibal with metal teeth, who’s eaten over 100 victims, to a psychopathic nurse who poisoned 138 patients. This is a list of 5 serial killers loose in Europe right now.

5) Nikolai Dzhumagaliev


A depiction of cannibalism. Nikolai’s teeth were white, making them appear normal at first.


Nikolai is estimated to have eaten somewhere between 50-100 women. Making him one of Russia’s most prolific serial killers. He even had his teeth replaced with metal ones, to make it easier to eat people. Nikolai made it his mission to rid the world of prostitutes. After killing victims, he would eat some, drink their blood, and then have sex with the dead bodies. Nikolai’s friends had no idea what he was doing, and were even unknowingly served some of his victims for dinner. After drunkenly shooting his colleague he was finally caught, and arrested. They let him go after only a year. He then killed three more people straight away. The police found on the floor covered in blood, and they were so shocked, they let him escape. He escaped to the mountains naked, with only a hatchet. They arrested him again, and diagnosed him as completely fucking mental. He served ten years, and now he’s free again.

4) The monster of Udine


A picture of where the murders took place.


One of the few things the police know about this killer, is that every time before he killed someone he would say, “Tonight Udine in Hell”. The monster killed between 4 to 16 people, between 1980-1989, in Udine, Italy. He is certain to have the killed at least four people, three prostitutes, and one teacher. These four were all found with an incision in their abdomen, caused by the killer. There isn’t a lot of information about the killer, but I guess if they knew more, they would have caught him by now.

3) Juha Valjakkala


Juha has been free since 2009


Juha’s first crime was stealing a bike from a fifteen-year-old, but the child, and his dad gave chase, and Juha couldn’t get away, even on the bike. So in desperation not to get caught, he shot them both to death. Unsurprisingly Juha was arrested. He then escaped from prison four times. After being caught so many times he somehow got  parole. He was quickly arrested again for stealing a car, and a taxi, and driving without a license. He was released once again in 2009.

2) Manchester Canal killer.


The professor believes a serial killer is hunting gays, in Manchester.


A professor, and expert on serial killers, said in January that there could be a serial killer in Manchester right now. In a part of Manchester famous for gay bars, and gay clubs, 60 bodes were found dead in a canal. Professor Jackson claims it could be a serial killer, he named the canal killer, or Gay slayer. Detective chief superintendent Russ Jackson, has denied the professors claim, but agreed to meet him, and discuss it. All 60 of the bodes were found in canals, not all the victims were straight, some had puncture wounds, and police couldn’t event distinguish the gender of some the bodies. Police don’t believe any foul play was involved in the incidents.

1) Arnfinn Nesset


Police described him as, “An ambitious man”.


Arnnfinn Nesset was a former nurse, but clearly that didn’t work out, as he murdered 22 people.  He may have murdered up 138 people, but 22 deaths were certainly caused by him. Arnnfinn was given the maximum sentence of 21 years, but released early on good behavior. The former Norwegian nurse was also accused of document forgery, and embezzlement. When the Police first questioned him about a series of mysterious deaths, he instantly confessed to killing 22 people by injecting them with a poisonous drug called Suxamethonium chloride but then later retracted his confession, and all other charges, which is always a sign of stable person. He is now free, and somewhere in Norway, living under an alias.

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