It would be so strange to suddenly wake up and find you’ve been in a coma for months or for years. Your life would be in chaos, there are a lot of things that can change while you’re unconscious. From a boy who woke up addicted to cheese, and swearing, to a man convinced he’s Matthew McConaughey. This is a list of the strangest, and funniest coma incidents.

5) Boy wakes up from coma addicted to cheese, and swearing:


Kai Thomas was younger than 15 when he suffered an almost fatal brain bleed. He was only in the coma for nine days, but that was enough to change him forever. He now has blocks of cheese everyday, and even puts it on his cereal. When he woke up he had lost his power of speech, and movement. After a while he regained these abilities, and his mother heard him shouting, fuck, bitch, shit. She wandered why he was shouting, so she wandered upstairs and found him eating a whole block of cheese.

4) Aussie man wakes up from coma speaking Chinese:


An Aussie man woke up from a coma he was put into by a car crash. As soon as he woke up he saw an Asian looking nurse, and instinctively started speaking Mandarin without even realizing. He was never fluent in Mandarin, but now he speaks it better than some people who grew up speaking it their whole lives. He used his new language to his advantage, and started studying in China, and even hosted a Chinese game show. He is now happily settled in Shanghai.

3) Woman delivers baby while in coma:


A woman in a coma gave birth while she was in the coma. She was in the coma for almost the entire pregnancy. Sharista Giles was in a coma when the Doctors told her family she would never wake, and her Doctors were waiting to give up, but her family never did, and they were right not to as she woke up, and was able to raise her child called “Baby L”.

2) Man wakes up from coma, after money was waved under his nose:


A man was in a coma for a whole year before being awoken by the sweet smell of a 100 Yuan bill, worth 16 dollars. He was in an internet Café for a week without sleep, researching business ideas, when he suddenly collapsed, and fell into a coma. After a year the doctors began to get desperate, and were willing to try anything. Eventually they found out he had a love for cash, and starting waving money around him, they used change, and notes, but eventually it was the notes under the nose that woke him up.

1) English man wakes up from coma, convinced he’s Matthew McConaughey:


Rory Curtis was in a coma for six days, after a serious car accident. When he woke up he was convinced he was Hollywood actor, Matthew McConaughey. He also woke up speaking fluent French even though he hadn’t spoken it for 12 years. He didn’t even take french for his GCSE’s.  He was shocked the first time he looked in the mirror after waking up because he didn’t look like Matthew McConaughey. Even after seeing his face was different it took him a few days to realize he wasn’t Matthew McConaughey. He said he couldn’t wait to get back out there, and start acting in big films again.


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