Have you ever wondered who the strongest man in the world is? It’s really difficult to determine who is exactly the number one strongest person alive. However, we can look at those considered as among the most strong alive. Their lives are quite interesting. What does it take for a person to get that strong? Is is genetics, years of training, or both? From a man who holds three World’s Strongest Man titles and weighs 415 pounds, to a man who won the Arnold Classic multiple times and set a record breaking 500 pound log lift. This is a list of 5 of the world’s strongest men.


Brian Shaw


Brian Shaw is a gigantic human being, weighing 415 pounds, 6.8 tall, and even holds three world’s strongest man competition titles, he is one the strongest men to ever live. He was 240 pounds by the time he graduated from high school, and didn’t show any signs of slowing down. Now 34, he still doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.


Leonid Taranenko


Taranenko was born in the USSR in 1956, he was a body builder for most of his life, and in 1988 he set a record in weighting that would never be broken. Using a clean and jerk he dead lifted 266kg over his head. It’s one of the heaviest weights that’s ever been lifted in competition.


Andy Bolton


To demonstrate that he is one of the world’s strongest men, Andy Bolton is the first known body builder to have been able to dead lift 1,000 pounds in competition. Even after doing this h continued to improve in competition and beat his own record twice by dead lifting 1,003 pounds, and hen 1,008 pounds in weight. When it comes to squats he doesn’t disappoint his three squat total is 2,806.34 pounds which is the third highest in all of history.


Mark Henry


412 pounds, 6,4” and the only man to have held both the U.S weightlifting and power lifting super heavyweight championship[ titles at the same time. Mark Henry is one of the most impressive weightlifters to ever live, as well as a full time career as a professional wrestler, Mark Henry is not a man to be messed with. Not a man to be messed with at all.


Zydrunas Savickas

Savickas has won both the Arnold Strongman Classic as well as the World’s strongest Man competitions multiple times. He’s also barely lost coming in second many times in both competitions as well. Savickas can complete a 880 pound raw squat a, a 900 pound deadlift and a record breaking 500 pound log lift. This is more than enough to prove that he is one of the world’s strongest men.


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