Have you ever been treated badly by your boss? Not in comparison to the cases in this list! From the head of the FBI, who made secret agents clean up cat poo,to a boss who caused a protest that led to the death of Martin Luther King. These are the 5 worst bosses ever.


J. Edgar Hoover


J. Edgar Hoover is the ex-director of the FBI, who had to step down because he was completely insane. Edgar would use FBI agents to do anything he wanted, which included cleaning his house, repairing his stuff, and getting forensics to analyze a poo he found in his garden. He believed it was left by a wild animal, and so he set up a trap for it, which killed his neighbours cat. He would give orders to his employees nobody could understand, which consequently led his employees monitoring and arresting people they weren’t supposed to. He also fired employees with small heads. He had dirt on everyone, which he found using illegal methods. He apparently was impossible to fire, as he could black mail every president. According to Nixon, he would have fired Edgar, because of Edgar’s ability to black mail him. 


George Pullman


George Pullman created an entire town for his employees, and their families to live in. At first a job that comes with it’s very own state of the art house sounds like a dream, but it came with a catch. Pullman used his workers condition to exploit them for all the money they had. He owned everything in the town. He was not only their boss, but their landlord, and any money he paid them in wages, he took back in rent. He owned all the shops, and petrol stations. He would cut wages, while keeping rent the same. People were left with very little money to buy food. Any money he paid in wages, eventually came back to him.


Scott Rudin


Scott Rudin is a fat old man, who appears to hate people. He works in the theater, and treats his employees like dirt. He often gets angry, and shouts at his employee. He’s known for blackmailing people, and firing on a whim. Sometimes even firing all his employees at once. He demands that all his employees are on call 24/7, and doesn’t let them ride the subway. After working with Angelina Jolie, he called her a “minimally talented spoiled brat” who wanted to turn his film into a “$180 million ego bath.” He also made racist comments about Barack Obama.


 Charlie Ergen


Charlie Ergen is the co-founder of a company called Dish. The Wall Street Journal named Dish the worst company in America to work for. Employees at Dish are treated terribly, with no respect, and expected to work excessive overtime. Any employees, that complain are asked to leave. He often threatens to fire large groups of people, and often shouts at people for long periods of time. Middle managers are even reluctant to accept promotions because they are afraid of working closely to him. When on the road employees have to share rooms at Hotels, and get charged if they tip more than 15%.


Henry Loeb


Henry Loeb was the Mayor of Tennessee. He was an obvious racist and, treated his black employees like an inferior species, especially the cities sanitation workers. They weren’t allowed to sit in the shade of trees, they only had fifteen minutes break, and their trucks were prone to malfunction. Inevitably one the malfunctioning trucks killed two workers, and the other workers protested the abysmal conditions for 64 days. The city council caved, and agreed to give them better working conditions. Unfortunately Loeb ignore the city council, and sent in the police force to break up the protest with with mace, and tear gas. People didn’t take too kindly to this, and a big name came to town with an army of tens of thousands of protesters. That big name was Martin Luther King, and he wasn’t taking any shit. Loeb, then took things to an even more extreme level, and declared martial law. He brought thousands of National guardsmen to end the protest. Martin Luther King was unfortunately assassinated while he stayed in Tennessee. Which led to nation-wide rioting. Eventually Loeb had to give in to their demands.

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