From a murderer who’s killed over 30 people on the road whenever they break down, to a group of murderers with 400 possible members. This is a list of the 7 deadliest killers loose in America right now.


6) The flat tire killer:


Aka the “South Dade killer”. (All picture is just a representations).


The killer would cause his victims tires to deflate, and then offer to help them. He would take this opportunity to kill the unsuspecting victims. He has five known victims, three of which are in their twenties, the remaining two were only fourteen. Police believe he may be responsible for over 30+ unsolved homicides. Police believe the culprit to be very intelligence, and abnormal strength. He uses a combination of a gun, ice pick, and a hammer. Some of his victims are so disfigured it was impossible to immediately identify them.

5)  The Edgecombe county serial killer:


Aka the “seven Bridges Killer”.


A notorious killer of black prostitutes, in the Edgecombe area. Eight bodies of black women, all of a similar profile have been discovered, but the killer is estimated to have killed at least 10 innocent victims. One victim is believed to be a male transvestite, the only one to break the pattern, it’s possible he thought it was a women at first. Although a suspect has been arrested, he was only convicted for one of the murders, and many believe the real killer is still out there.

4) The Jennings killings:


This small town has been victim to over 20 unsolved homicides.


Again many of the victims in this case are prostitutes. Prostitutes seem to be easy targets for serial killers. Although in this case the victims are a strange choice for a serial killer, as serial killers normally choose victims with little to no connections to each other, but in this case the victims were all heavily connected. Each of the Jennings eight knew each other and some were even cousins or room mates. And all of them knew a local strip-club owner named Frankie Richard, a drug addict and fixture in the town’s criminal ecosystem. Considering this it’s possible there is more than one killer on the loose in Jennings, Louisiana.

3) The long Island serial killer:


The killer was long gone before the police even found the body.


Aka the Gilgo beach killer, had a twenty year run, and never got caught. They killed 10-17 victims, many of whom were in the sex trade. The killer hid the bodies well, as by the time the first body was discovered, it was already, a pile of bones. The killer is expected to be a white man in his mid 20’s to 40’s, and may have an extensive knowledge of Police techniques, which has lead some time to believe he could have ties to law enforcement, maybe even be an ex-cop.

2) Daytona beach killer:


The murders went on from 2005-2007.


This killer claimed between 4-7 lives in the Daytona beach area. The victims were prostitutes who accompanied the killer voluntarily before being killed. They were all middle aged women, they shot the first two in the head, the third was also shot, but not in the back of the head because she is believed to have struggled. He or possibly she was never caught, and may still be killing to this day.

1) The servant girl annihilator:


Aka “The Austin Axe Murderer”.


This killer was never found, even though the police made over 400 arrests. The Police were convinced the killer couldn’t have been working alone, or even in a small group. So it’s possible there’s a large group of serial killers who have never been caught, on the loose. The victims include four black servants, an 11-year-old girl, a black man, and two white women.

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