You’ll be nothing short of stunned when you hear some of these. From a gun that can fire can fire between 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute, to guns that likely don’t even work properly and could end up killing the user. This is a list of 7 Unbelievable Weapons That Are Legal In The U.S.




It’s Legal for US citizen a least 21 years old to own their own minigun. Miniguns are one of the most devastating guns in the world, they can fire between 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute or 166 rounds per second. The reason why it’s legal is because it was made before 1986. Any fully automatic weapon before this time can be bought by citizens if they can find one. This is for those who fancy themselves a real-life super villain.


Flame throwers


Flame throwers are legal in almost all US states. There are only 10 states with laws against purchasing a flame thrower. Even in the states where you aren’t allowed to own one, being caught with one is only a misdemeanor.


Grenade Launcher

Greande Launcher

Grenade Launchers are one of the most lethal legal weapons in America. Firing grenades quickly and precisely makes the wielder an incredibly dangerous person if they aren’t responsible.




Cannons can be purchased in the US as long as they are black powder cannons. These types of cannons do not even need to be registered with the government they can be bought in person or online. Cannons cost around $3,000. Let’s be honest here, there is no reason why this should be legal. Cannons was destroy war ships and bombard fortresses. They have been used by everyone from the Ottomans to the Hawaiians. You could kill a gang of people with a cannon.


Chain Whip


A chain whip comes from traditional Chinese martial arts like Kung Fu and was primarily used to disarm an enemy but can also deal lethal damage due to it’s steal components which have a long range and sometimes are sharpened. I like the idea of people still using ancient Chinese martial arts weapons in the modern world. It would be like a Jet Li movie. Some weapons on this list are more effective than others. This one is rather useless if we’re being frank.


Home made Guns:

Homemade gun

As long as the weapon doesn’t violate any existing gun laws or regulations you can make almost any home-made gun you want. These weapons are incredibly dangerous because the gun may be built improperly leading to dangerous, and unpredictable results. I would really advice against producing a home made gun. If it doesn’t blow up in your face while you build it, it might set fire to your house while you sleep at night. My mother always told me not to trust a man with a home made gun. My mother is weird like that.

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