7 worst reality tv shows: I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but there is a load of reality shows on right now. They have taken over like a plague; more specifically the Black Death… because it’s fucking unbearable. Personally I think they’re about as entertaining as a French comedy film, so it was hard to pick the worst of a bad bunch.

7) My Super Sweet 16:

This show truly is the embodiment of all that is wrong with our society. But if you like to cringe at bad parenting and spoiled children, you’ll love this. It really is a joy to see a teenager getting angry at their wealthy and loving parents for not being either wealthy or loving enough for them.

6) Breaking Amish: 

With no meth labs or murder scenes, Breaking Amish really was the biggest disappointment since the allies won World War Two. It managed to be terribly banal, incredibly tedious and infinitely depressing. The holy trinity of shite television.

5) Cake Boss:

Would you have thought a whole show about cake would be shit? It’s very hard for cake to become a hot topic in showbiz.

4) Jersey Shore:

After watching two episodes of this show, I’m still not sure what the premise is. It would appear to literally just be some footage of people getting drunk. I mean…sometimes they fight or ‘hook-up’ with each other but the charisma vacuums who star in the show manage to make even that completely dull. They are the worst people alive.

3) The Quest:

A new kind of reality TV show set in the mythical land of “Everealm”. 12 contestants compete to be the one who may defeat an evil demon-like thing. It’s shit.

Just watch the trailer if you want to know more:

2) The World According To Paris:

Paris Hilton’s failed TV show. The most classy woman in the world meets the most classy TV genre. The highlight of the show was when a stalker broke into her residence; an event they covered for a whole 3 minutes. Turns out she sees herself as emphatically witty. But she isn’t, so she’s just constantly rude to genuinely nice people. The show was a complete flop from the start.

Watch this to learn more about her humble and gritty existence:

1) Mrs. Eastwood & Company:

People were shocked when Clint Eastwood’s wife gained her own reality show. Shocked most by her complete desperation for both attention and eternal youth. The show consists of her spending time with her daughters while pretending not to be too much of a hack. She lives with the south-African boyband that she manages as well as a pig. An actual pig, that’s not a dig at Clint Eastwood. Oh, and her daughter is dating the most creepy photographer of all time.



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