From haunted islands drowning their visitors to islands were mysterious “accidents” scare away the residents. Ghosts often take over a house, or possess an object, but it’s unusual for an entire island to be abandoned due to ghosts. This is a list of 9 haunted islands you should visit if you want to die.

Suicide Cliff

At the bottom of this large cliff face are the mutilated bodies of thousands of Japanese civilians, who jumped of their own volition in 1944. Japanese propaganda couldn’t have painted a more depraved image of how the Americans treated Japanese people. Thousands of Japanese jumped off a cliff in Saipan, fearing ‘American devils raping and devouring Japanese women and children’. It’s estimated that 8,000 people died. Another cliff not too far away called Banzai Cliff was used by hundreds for the same purpose. After their deaths they were commended for their actions, and described as “the pride of Japanese women”. The mass suicide took place after the Americans attacked the island, and the Japanese lost the consequent Battle of Saipan. The battle ended with a brave but suicidal, Banzai charge. A mass human charge at the enemy with the intent of killing as many as possible, and likely dying yourself. The surviving Japanese after this attack made their way to suicide cliff. Apart from Lieutenant General Saito, who had his last moments in a cave instead.


Poveglia Island is full of the roasted bodies of plague addled victims. Sent to die on the island by inferno, the ghosts of these poor Italians now haunt the premises. The Romans were afraid of the plague spreading too far, as something like that can destroy an empire, and so they had to find some way of keeping the infected away from the uninfected. They decided to ship the men off to an island, and then burn them to death so they couldn’t spread. Over 100,000 plague victims died on the island, and after being killed so horrifically their spirits possess the island. It’s no wonder this place is considered one of the most haunted islands in the world.

Cursed Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is known for its famous curse, stating that anyone who claims the island for personal pleasure, will be damned. In 1023 a deadly fire burst and spread on Lokrum island, engulfing most of the island in flames. The people living there were desperate, and prayed to St. Benedict that if the fire were extinguished, they would build a monastery in his name. The fire instantly went out, and so they celebrated and built the monastery.

Years later the priests who now lived on what is now sacred ground were expelled by Napoleon, but upon leaving they placed a curse on the island. 50 years later a rich member of the Habsburg family, a wealthy and powerful family read more about them here, tore down the monastery and turned it into a sort of resort for himself. As the curse promised, he met an unfortunate fate. The Republicans executed him, and his wife went slowly mad staring at the sea. So, if you’re thinking about visiting one of most haunted islands in the world, for a bit of fun, don’t.

Daksa Island

Daksa, at first, is a puzzling island. Looking at it, it’s clearly the perfect place to set up a tourism based business, being a beautiful, 12 acre in Denmark’s hottest tourist spot. You could make a killing, easily. Yet no one will buy it, despite it’s extraordinarily low price of 1.7 million Euros. This is indeed puzzling… at first. Then you look into its history, and realise why. The island was the site of a horrific massacre, which some locals now believe has led to the haunting to the island. A group of people who were alleged to be Nazis were shot without a trial and left to die. There was no trial, no evidence to say they were Nazis, and the families of the victims claim they weren’t actually Nazis. Some of the people shot turned out to be Catholic priests.

Deadman’s Island

Deadman’s Island is where diseased prisoners aboard floating water prisons were sent to die. The prisoners were aboard ship prisons known as prison hulks 200 years ago. When the tide goes out you can still see their bodies and coffins just below the surface of the mud they were buried in. The public doesn’t have access to the island, and you can only visit it when you’ve gained special permission. The island is now haunted by ghosts, headless skeletons, and red-eyed devil dogs said to eat the heads of its victims.

Norfolk Island

Unabashed, unashamed, unscrupulous, murderers, rapists, and hooligans were the only population of Norfolk Island, and that’s including the guards supposed to create order. The Australian Island quickly became one of the most violent places in the world, after England rounded up many of its worst prisoners and sent them here. The guards abused the prisoners, the prisoners abused the guards, and they all abused each other, it’s no wonder a place like this became haunted. Years later in the late 20th century, residents of the now peaceful island were interviewed. About 50% of them were reported to have had an encounter with a ghost. This is undoubtedly one of the worlds most haunted islands.

“Isla de Las Menecas” Or “The Island Of The Dolls”

A man named Don Julian came to the island in the 1950’s, and while there he heard the voice of a young girl. He eventually discovered that the girl had died from drowning on the island a long time ago. He decided to bring a large number of dolls to the island, and then hang them from trees. 61 years later he was found dead. He drowned in the exactly the same spot the little girl had died in. On one occasion the dolls were possessed by the girl’s spirit and made to move, and even whisper. Julian’s nephew claims the Don was hearing voices come from the water, and even that it was calling to him. This is considered by many to one of the most haunted islands in the world.


Alcatraz is now shut down a prison island, famous for keeping some of America’s most dangerous prisoners. Escaping from the prison was impossible. It was situated on an island, could be left by boat, and the distance was way too far to swim. The prisoners are now believed to haunt the premises, and most people stay away from the island. Native Americans have claimed that the island was home to evil spirits before the prison was built. Many prisoners, and visitors on the island have reported strange occurrences on the island, including whispering, doors shutting on their own, ghosts, and the sounds of sewing machines being played by no one. Mark Twain commented on how the prison was cold, even during the summer.

Okinawa Island
NakamuraHouse2 haunted islands

Okinawa is known for being Japan’s most haunted islands, mostly because of the infamous Royal Hotel. This was an expensive, complex built to attract wealthy tourists, and expected to be quite profitable. The developers smelt money, but local Buddhist monks forewarned them. They were concerned that building it on an ancient grave site would anger the local spirits. Like the start of many horror films this warning was ignored, as the developers had their minds on money. Accidents started occurring on the site, and the workers started to believe the monks were right, the site was haunted, and that they needed to leave; quickly. The owner decided that he needed to do something to calm down the workers, and show them that there really was nothing to worry about. He spent a night in part of the construction site to prove their nothing to worry about. Overnight he went insane and had to be admitted to a mental asylum. Only a few days later he disappeared with no explanation. Now the place is abandoned and said to be haunted by ghosts.

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