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North Korea isn’t exactly home to a stable regime. For years now international sanctions have been imposed on it, which were intended to destroy it. The idea is that either it’s citizens would rebel, or the regime would completely collapse. And at this point they can’t even afford to feed their own people. Any other regime would have collapsed by now, but Kim Jong Un is still with us… like an…enormous… insane zombie.

Not only is his regime still afloat but launching nuclear missile tests. For a while no one knew how this is possible – but now we do. It’s the result of what happens in one room in Pyongyang.

Inside Pyongyang’s workers party building is believed to be Room 39. Before we talk about the room, know this. North-Korea can only survive as an economy with the illegal use of American money. They use counterfeit money which is almost identical to the American dollar because their own currency is basically worthless. They can’t buy anything with it. Their counterfeit money is sold on the Chinese black market – and it’s the Chinese black market with props up the North Korean economy. It’s in room 39 where the counterfeit money is created.

It’s said that North Korea’s other illegal activities, like exporting hard drugs, are processed in Room 39. We don’t really know much else about it. It’s just a big room full of fake money and drugs – And Japanese pornography according to some reports – but those seem less credible.

Here’s something weird/ The North Korean government have their own chin of restaurants. It’s actually an international chain, with over a hundred locations in 12 different countries. I’m not sure how this is allowed to happen or what kind of people would spend money on North Korean food, but it’s one of the many income streams of Kim Jong Un. It’s thought that they recently attempted to open one in Scotland recently. It has been reported that Kim Jong Un has some kind of special interest in Scotland. They already have one in the Netherlands.

Getting back to Room 39, we only know about it because of North Korean defectors. They describe how Room 39 is an integral part of Pyongyang’s ability to attract outside support. And when I say outside support I mean nuclear materials.

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