North-Korea is such a weird place. Apart from being the last cold-war-ish dictatorship left standing, it’s the only country I can think of that happens to be controlled by a pudgy maniac in a boiler suit. From their leader having the ability to control the weather, to cheese madness. This is a List of 5 Jaw-dropping North Korea Facts.

10) Kim Jong Il’s autobiography:


Kim Jong Il owned 20,000 plus films.


North Korea is notorious for bullshitting about their leaders. Here some the claims they made about Kim Jong IL. Kim was born on Mount Paektu under a double rainbow as a new star appeared in the sky. He learned to walk at 3 weeks old and corrected junior high teachers during history lessons. He has written over 1500 books, which is impressively more books than anyone has written ever, and he did it in only three years. Considering 3 years holds 1095 days, he would have had to have written at least a book a day, many times writing two. The record was previously held by L. Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology, it took Hubbard 66 years to write that many, 63 more than Kim. He is also an expert on cinema. He shot a 38 under par on the nation’s only golf course, after which he retired from the sport as he couldn’t get any better. He also has the ability to control the weather by his moods.

9) Kidnapped film director


Shin was one of the most famous directors in North Korea


Kim wanted to create a film industry in North Korea, and decided to do it by kidnapping a famous director from Seoul, and his ex-wife. He then forced him to remarry his ex, and create propaganda films for North Korea. Shin hated communism but had to pretend to be devoted to it, so that he could one day escape North Korea. One of the films he had to make for Kim was a rip-off of Godzilla, promoting socialist ideals. After being stuck in Korea for several years, Shin, and his wife eventually escaped, during a film festival, and made it to safety.

8) Secret tunnels


They have enough tunnels to move an army twice their size into south Korea


Four massive tunnels have been discovered leading from North Korea, straight into south Korean territory. Each of these tunnels could accommodate 30, 000 soldiers, and there are believed to be twenty more. Although one retired General there are in fact 84 tunnels undiscovered. That many tunnels could sneak 2520, 000 soldiers into south Korea. The tunnels are also armed with booby traps making harder to discover and explore. North Korea claim they are just coal mines they dug the wrong way, even though there is no coal in the area. They even painted the walls black, as if nobody would see that.

7) Cheese love


Kim Jong Um has eaten so much cheese he now has gout


Kim Jong Un has an expensive addiction to Luxurious cheese. He imports cheese from all over the world, causing the country hundreds of thousands in cheese money. Even though his citizens are starving, he can’t stop eating Emmental. He fell n love with cheese while studying in Switzerland. He was studying under pseudonym, at University, so nobody actually knew he was a Korean dictator, at the time. Just a weird fat man, who loved cheese, and was apparently shit at maths, and English, according to the university he attended.

6) Citizens


Between 240,000 to 3.5 million North Koreans have died of starvation.


North Koreas citizens, are some of the most destitute people in the world right now. There is extreme poverty, with most people making around $2-$3 a month. North Koreans have to appear to be devoted to their leader at all times; even the ones that are dead. If you are seen defacing a picture of one of their leaders you will be sent to jail. Even if it is a newspaper. When in the presence of Kim they have to cheer madly, for fear of execution. Kim Jong Un even executed his own uncle for “Dreaming different dreams than him”. He also poisoned his aunt for complaining.

5) Kim Jong Un had plastic surgery to look like his Grandfather:


Kim jong sung (Kim Jong Un’s grandfather) is even more respected than Kim Jong Un. He is their eternal leader, and still technically Un’s  boss, even though he’s dead. It makes sense he would want to look more like the most respected man in Korea. Although Korean news refuses to admit it’s true, and completely denies it. They described it as. “sordid hackwork by rubbish media, unimaginable, and a hideous criminal act which the party, states, army and people can never tolerate”

4)200, 00 prisoners


Many prisoners are executed in Korea


North Korea has between 150, 000 to 200,000 citizens in prison camps. A large amount of the prisoners are there for committing political crimes. Many of these people didn’t actually commit a crime, but in North Korea if someone commits a crime, then their entire family can be arrested with them.

3) Weed is legal


A surprisingly Liberal view on Marijuana


Surprisingly this extremely right wing country has legalized wee, and actually encourages the use of it. People regularly smoke it, and there is no stigma around it at all. People smoke weed as a substitute for more dangerous substances like tobacco or alcohol. Stronger drugs like Crystal Meth are still illegal in Korea.

2) Kim Jong Il addicted to Cognac


Most cognac companies get 80% of their profit from asia


Kim Jong Il imported $763,000 worth of cognac. which means he either had an enormous amount of cognac or one really expensive bottle. His favorite brand was Hennessy, he was there biggest customer.

1) 7 day work week


Most people in Korea live in poverty


In Korea they have a six day work week, and one day of forced volunteer work. This means Koreans have very little to do other than work. Even if you weren’t working, t.v doesn’t air until the evenings, and most entertainment is illegal. Even though they have to work so much, most of them live in poverty. The majority of the population is starving.

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