Places With No Gravity

I think it was Albert Einstein who said “Gravity is super legit boi boi” – and it turns out he was right. As far as we know there is no where in the universe without gravity, even the farthest and most remote regions of space. Yet there are places where gravity has no power thanks to other forces cancelling it out. An example would be the exact center of a planet. With gravity of this planet pulling in every direction with equal strength, you get a net gravity of zero.

So in a sense there are places with no gravity. I could make a whole video on that but I won’t because it would be savagely boring. It is much less boring and much more Eskifyish to look at gravity from a folkloric viewpoint. In every country there are places long rumored to defy the laws of physics. For centuries people have come to these places to see with their own eyes if the rumors are true. Often they went away thinking they had seen something supernatural. Such places are known simply as mystery spots.

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Mystery Spots

The term mystery spot comes from one specific location. You might have never heard of it but in the mid 20th century it was one of America’s best known attractions. From the outside it may seem like a normal wooden building. I mean, no wooden building is normal, but you know what I mean. Anyway, enter this building and it will be as if gravity has been suspended. Over the years many explanations of this phenomenon have been put forward. Some claimed it was simply magic – that long ago a meteor fell from space and landed here. Since that day gravity here has been distorted. Others say that some kind of strange electromagnetic field exists in the area.

In reality it’s just an optical illusion, the house being deliberately constructed on a 20 degree angle. But you should never let reality get in the way of a good story, and so rumor spread of the place without gravity. Although the namesake of this kind of illusion it was not the first. It wasn’t even the first man made one. In the 18 hundreds, poorly planned commercial mining caused one half of an English pub to sink into the ground. As the pub became more lop sided it became an accidental mystery spot. Surfaces that appeared to be perfectly flat were simply not… Put your glass down on a table and it would just slide onto the floor.

No gravity locations

Crooked Pubs

Thanks to the immense creativity of locals it came to be known as “The Crooked House”. It still stands today, crooked as ever. Mystery spots can be found all over the world, from Siberia to the middle East. Most are natural occurrences and really can be found almost anywhere, even deep within underground caverns. The spot I speak of lies inside a remote Pennsylvanian cave. According to legend local native groups have long known about the cavern. To them it was a place of mythological importance, a gateway to another world. All you would need to do to reach this other world is walk far enough into the cavern. Enter certain tunnels and the illusion becomes apparent. Walking down a passage feels like you’re walking an incline. It was believed this apparent distortion of reality served as a supernatural warning to turn back.

No Gravity Hills

Many mystery spots are roads. At first glance nothing about such roads will seem strange. But drop a ball onto the surface of this uphill slope and it will start to seem very strange. Before your own eyes you’ll see the ball roll uphill. Really they are actually slight downhill slopes that just look like uphill ones. It’s an illusion created when the horizon is obstructed, meaning we have a lack of visual reference. This makes it almost impossible for us to accurately judge angles. The human mind is very vulnerable to illusion. It’s no surprise so many have believed they were seeing an inversion of reality. The bottom of the hill genuinely looks like the top.

People often come to the roads and watch as their car slowly rolls uphill. Hundreds of them are known to exist. Chances are if you’re reading this, you might not be too far from one yourself. Humans have always been easily captivated by simple optical illusions, even the common mirage. It is said that one of the greatest of all illusions can be found on the island of Crete, just outside an old Venetian fort. For hundreds of years the fort played a crucial defensive role on the island, and in 1828 it was besieged by Ottoman forces. When the fort fell, everyone inside was massacred. Fast forward to world war 2 – Nazi forces took over the fort as an obvious defensive position. Then one morning a patrol was sent out, as it was daily. But this time was different.

The Fort of Myth

Before their eyes they witnessed an army of figures emerge from the mist. Slowly these figures march towards the fort, appearing more lifelike with each step. Eventually the patrol saw them as a threat. So they opened fire, causing the ghostly army to fade away. Now, I don’t know if that was some kind of optical illusion or just some made up European lie. But they aren’t the only people who claim to have seen the ghostly figures. According to local legend they appear every year on the anniversary of the battle previously mentioned. On those cold mornings they always march towards the fort but never seem to make it there. Countless people have reported experiencing it themselves and it remains a real mystery.

Mystery spots and attractions like them can seem like relics of a more superstitious time – and they should be. But something about human nature keeps them alive. Even when people know it’s just an illusion they flock to these places, and for a brief moment, trick themselves into believing gravity has been suspended. That’s the problem with people, they’re dumb.

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