ISIS news , or ISIL news , has been flooding our screens and newspapers for years now. ISIS is basically the most frightening terrorist group in the world. They are the most well funded terrorists in in the world, controlling an area with 10 million people.

10) They Are More Wealthy Than Some Countries:



With a revenue of over $1 Million per day, ISIS seems to be pretty good at raising funds. The vast majority of their wealth comes from the oil fields that they control. Since they started claiming land in Iraq and Syria, they have taken control of dozens of oil fields and have began selling barrels full of the substance on the black market.In fact, it is estimated that ISIS control half of the oil fields in Syria. In 2014 they raided a number of banks across Iraq, taking hundreds of millions in US dollars. Ever since then they have been a serious financial player. They have also gained over $120 million through kidnapping people.

ISIL have placed a huge tax on the 10 million people under their control. Anyone who doesn’t pay the tax is executed. So they’re basically just a bunch of criminals. They have recently introduced their own form of currency so that they can “compete with the devilish western capitalism.” Isis operates in the same way many countries do when it comes to gaining revenue. Which might explain why they actually have more money than some recognized nations.

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9) They Are Slave Traders:

ISIS slaves


ISIS has reportedly taken over 300 women as slaves. The women are apparently taken from their families and sold to whoever wants them. The really creepy thing is that the younger the female is, the more money she is to be sold for. Last November, Amnesty International released a full report revealing how ISIS systematically rape and enslave girls and women.

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8) They Love Twitter:

isis twitter


Everyone knows about ISIS twitter accounts. They have been constantly reported on in the media. Twitter is always banning their accounts, but they seem to keep popping back up to scare us on a new platform. The terrorist group uses twitter for propaganda and recruiting purposes. As to be expected, twitter bans as many of their accounts as possible. Which has led to twitter employees recieving death threats from the group. Despite their efforts, the Daily Mail has recently reported that ISIS control an estimated 90,00 twitter accounts.

7) They Aim To Take Baghdad:

ISIL in Baghdad


The city of Baghdad is their main target in Iraq. If they take it, the Iraqi government would have essentially failed in every way. They recently captured the city of Ramadi (their last main target before Baghdad). ISIS has now literally surrounded the capital and are preparing for an all-out battle. As a reaction to this the Iraqi government has mobilized 3,000 Shia soldiers in one last attempt to push ISIS back.

6) Their Leader Is Really Dangerous:

His favorite colour is black

His favorite colour is black

For the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, there is a $10 million reward for any information leading to his capture or killing. The only person with a higher reward offer is actually the leader of Al-Qaeda. No one is sure about his past but it is thought that he was a religious leader at the time of the US-UK invasion of Iraq. What we do know is that he aims to avenge the death of bin Laden; he released a statement threatening this after he was killed. He claimes that Islam has never been a religion of peace. Instead, he says it is “the religion of fighting.”

5) The Great Wall Of ISIS:

The Saudi government is actually building a great wall to keep ISIL out of their country. The 600 mle wall will consist of five layers of fencing behind a huge ditch. 40 watch towers are to be equipped with night-vision and radar cameras. The radar towars are able to detect people walking towards them from a distance of 18km. There will be 32 military response stations, 240 rapid response vehicles and 30,000 extra troops sent to the border. ISIS have said they aim to capture Saudi Arabian land… and this wall seems to be an indication that the threat is taken very seriously.

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4) They Have Been Supported By Turkey:

ISIS fighters in Iraq

ISIS fighters in Iraq


There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the Turkish military is supporting Islamic State fighters by providing them with weapons and intelligence. Former ISIS members have given detailed accounts describing Turkish officials turning a blind eye to their brutal activities. The Turkish government doesn’t exactly have a good relationship with the Kurds. It wouldn’t be a surprise for anyone to find out ISIS and Turkey are teaming up against them.

3) They Kill Wizards:

This is not the actual man they killed

This is not the actual man they killed


The terrorist group recently executed a Syrian street magician on claims that he was practicing sorcery. While performing magic for children, the terrorists dragged him away and publically executed him. Shortly afterwards they announced that he deserved to die because he was distracting people from their muslim duties. They claim people should be praying… all the time. In ISIS controlled areas taxi drivers face capital punishment if they are ever late, as it causes people to be late to the mosque.

2) They Kill As Many Christians Possible:



ISIS basically kill every single christian or jew they can. In the captured city of Mosul, Christianity has been declared a crime punishable by death. It is estimated that there are no christians left alive in the city. They have all either been killed, or chased into the desert. The place is now strictly a muslim-only area.

1) Some Lebanese Drug Lords Have Joined The Fight Against ISIL:

Couldn't find a pic of them, so here is a Afghan soldier instead

Couldn’t find a pic of them, so here is a Afghan soldier instead


When ISIS started targeting cannabis fields, the drug lords who own them started fighting back. So a whole load of Lebanese drug lords and gangsters have taken up arms against the extremist group. The Lebanese army has been fighting the drug dealers for years, but right now they are both part of the same cause.


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