Robots are being built all over the world and they’re becoming more advanced everyday. Robots are not only cheaper, but better workers than humans, many companies will jump at the chance to hire robots instead of people, and the ones that don’t will go out of business. Some companies have already started using some amazing robots to work at their company, and there already doing better then humans. The question isn’t will we lose our jobs to robots, but which will go first?



Advanced mega robots are even being sold now. Japan has developed a giant mech bot which is fitted with a turret. Next month Japan’s best robot is set to fight America’s best robot in a duel. America’s megabot is 15 ft, 12,000 lbs, and can throw objects at 130 MPH. The japanese megabot is known as Kuratas, and weighs 9,000 lbs, and has a gattling gun which is designed to shoot when you smile. Soldiers will soon be replaced by robots as it’s seen as more humane, but also it’ll be cheaper, and they wont make mistakes. Another example is the Modular Advanced Armed Robotics System or MAARS. This robot is being built Qineteq, and is designed for surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition.



Woman_consults_with_pharmacist amazing robots

The UCSF Pharmacy has recently launched two pharmacy’s run by robot employees. Pharmacies give out thousands of doses of medication everyday. While making so many humans get tired and often make mistakes which can be life endangering for some people, who need important medication. The amazing robots at these two pharmacies have already given out 350,000 items without making a single mistake. Because robots are doing the hard work, humans that still work there, are less tired, and make a lot less mistakes. It’s great news for customers who want to make sure they get the right dose, but the employees who get fired because of it, probably aren’t so pleased.



With the rise of self driving cars the need for taxi drivers, bus drivers, and chauffeurs will dwindle, and eventually disappear completely. Lots of huge companies including google, and General Motors. Self-driving cars, are cars that sense the environment around them and operate without human input. Self-driving cars almost never make a mistake so they cause less accidents, and the more self-driving cars there are on the road the less accidents there will be. These advanced robots have 5 different ways of sensing what’s around them, these include, radar, lidar, GPS, Odemetry, and computer vision.



reporter-852096_1280 Amazing robots

Quill is a software that takes complicated data, works our what it means and writes it into plain English so ordinary people can read and understand it. Lots of different companies have started using the software including sports new agencies. It’s a lot cheaper and more efficient for robots to gather the information and write in an easy way for people to understand. It’s also used by master the card, the National Health Service in England, and American century investments.



robonaut-600978_1280 Amazing Robots
NASA and General Motors are partnering up to create a robot to help with astronauts. Robots will start off doing menial labour, like cleaning the space station, but eventually will help work on more complicated things like repairs, and space walks. Robots will likely be sent far into space where humans cannot survive. The robot is known as Robonaut 2 and is designed to look and operate like a human. It has five fingers on each hand, including thumbs, and has visuals. One of the best things about R2 is that he is designed to be able to work without constant supervision, and can do much of the job, on his own. R2 is one of the most amazing robots in the world right now, but even considering that he will most likely be overtaken by new robots in a few years time.


Baby sitter bots

baby-724895_1280 Amazing Robots

In Japan in 2008 a company called tmsuk developed a robot babysitter designed to look after your kids when you can’t find a babysitter. The robot is large, 1.4 metres tall, and yellow. Each child it’s looking after is given a badge which allows the robot to read their badge, so it knows there name. The robot can talk, and call the children by their names. It has a camera in it’s eye which can take pictures, and a projector in it’s face which can display adverts. It has been 8 years since then, and the company has started building amazing robots as security guards, and rescue bots.


White Collar Workers

russia-95311_1280 amazing robots
Software bots are one the cheapest kinds of robots, and can do your job a lot better than you. Almost any job done on a computer can be done by a software bot, and since these are the cheapest kind of robots they will be the ones companies hire first. Unlike the industrial revolution when a lot of labourers and factory workers lost their jobs to workers, the first people to lose their jobs to robots are skilled white collar workers.



doctor-1193318_1280 Amazing robots
Doctors will certainly be replaced with robots as soon as we can. There is a shortage of doctors all over the world, 5 billion people currently don’t have access to safe surgery when they need it. Being able to mass produce doctors and sell them to people all over the world could change that quickly. One example of this is Watson. Watson is an AI developed by IBM, Watson’s job is to make utilisation management decisions in lung cancer treatment.



There are even amazing robots that can be creative. This is the one thing a lot people said robots would never be able to do, but there are some robots that already can. Emily Howell is the name of an AI that creates music that even professional musician’s and music critics can’t tell isn’t made by a human. Robots can also write stories, create sculptors, and write poetry.



woman-1060921_1280 Amazing Robots

Sex robots could be a huge trend in 2016. They’re improving at a rapid rate. Dr Driscoll from the University of Sunderland said robotic sex could be central to the sex industry in the next few years. Sex robots would be designed to look like supermodels, and perform like a porn star. You could choose from a variety of types, and if you put the money in you’ll probably be able to get one specially made. You could also set it to have whatever personality you want. The robot would commit whatever act you want it to, when you want it to, and would never get tired or worse, it would only get better as it learns your preferences. A lot of people have become offended by this, and have even claimed that it’s sexist towards women, and are calling for it to be banned.


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