Conspiracy theories always spark my interest, and so does cosmology. So this article should be good, this article being a list of 10 Crazy Space Conspiracy Theories.

10: Space Nazis


The Nazis were the most technologically advanced people in the world. They were known for experimenting with rocket technology. And some believe that they used this technology to flee earth towards the end of the second world war. After the war, British and American pilots reported sightings of UFOs. Many conspiracy theorists believe the Nazis used rockets to escape from earth. They believe that Adolf Hitler, and what was left of the SS, set up a base on the moon. On the moon, is where they remain to this day. In doing research for this article I spoke to one of these theorists. When I asked what evidence he has for these claims – he said “There is no need for evidence. There never was, and there never will be.”

9: Eye of Sauron


NGC 4151 is a galaxy located 62 million light years from Earth. Because of it’s unique look, astronomers call it the eye of Sauron, which is just a bit of fun. But conspiracy theorists always seem to take things too far. They claim that the galaxy is actually the real eye of Sauron. The idea is that the Lord of The Rings was set in this universe. Middle Earth was destroyed long ago by a supermassive black hole. The only thing that remains is Sauron himself. There are so many flaws with this theory. Let’s be honest, it’s an absolutely mental theory.

8: Planet X


There are eight known major planets in our solar system. But or a long time there have been some who claim we have another in our solar system. A planet beyond Neptune that is much larger than any other close to us. For many centuries, astronomers have believed that the planet cannot be easily detected because it is too dark to be seen. Most scientists now dismiss this as nonsense. Although many people still believe in Planet X for some reason.

7: Nuclear Aliens


This next theory proposes that a humanoid civilization once lived on Mars. The civilization flourished up until it’s population was massacred by another race of aliens by use of nuclear bombs. The man behind the theory, who is an actual physicist, claims that there were two races of Martian. They were called the Cydonians and the Utopians. Both races were wiped out by the bombing. He warns that humans could be next if we aren’t careful. I know this sounds like the plot of a terrible scifi novel.

6: 2012 Again??


Prepare your minds because this one is insane. Up until 2012, many people believed that an asteroid would destroy our planet on that year. But that was in the past. In 2015, some still believe an asteroid will destroy us all. But they don’t believe that it will happen in the future. They believe that it will happen in 2012… a year that has already been. If you don’t understand the conspiracy theory, don’t ask me for help, because it doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t.

5: Dead Cosmonauts


The dead cosmonauts, or phantom cosmonauts, is a conspiracy theory that claims Soviet cosmonauts were sent into space in secret. Yuri Gagarin was the first man to survive space flight. But theorists believe the Russians sent at least 2 space flights prior to this. The idea is that the Soviets kept this a secret as they ended in disaster. In 1972, a NASA engineer investigated this theory. He found that footage released of the Russian cosmonauts featured people who were not officially part of the space program. He found 8 men who could not be accounted for. Many assume these men to be the notorious dead cosmonauts.

4: Obama On Mars?


One conspiracy theory puts forward the idea that Barrack Obama has been teleported to Mars and back by the CIA. Theorists believe that he travelled to the red planet on numerous occasions in order to satisfy his out-of-this-world lust for adventure. Despite being mental, this conspiracy theory is so popular that the White House released a statement denying it.

3: Obama On Pluto?


Apparently Barrack Obama has been to Pluto! It’s basically the same as the last theory. But this time they claim that when travelling through space, Obama went by the name Barry Soetoro. Which is a good name for a time traveller.

2: Eclipse 42


This is the theory that every eclipse seems to last longer these days, and that each eclipse get longer and longer every time. One day there will be an eclipse so long that we won’t live to see the end of it. It would be eternal darkness. Scientists have pointed out that eclipses aren’t always longer than their last. So the whole theory falls right apart. This is just another non-theory thought up by another tinfoil hat wearing category 5 moron.

1: Lucifer Project


Speaking of category 5 morons, there are people who genuinely believe that NASA is currently trying to transform Jupiter into a second sun. Whenever NASA probes are sent near to Jupiter, they are usually manually crashed into it’s surface. This is to avoid contaminating any of it’s moons with Earthly bacteria. Conspiracy theorists believe that these probes are being sent to test te surface of Jupiter for radiation levels. Because if you want to turn a planet into a star, you need to know your facts.



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