North Korea has conducted many strange experiments, many of which are ridiculous, idiotic, and trampled on the human rights of it’s citizens. Some of the experiments were supposed to solve some of the nations huge problems. North Korea experiments included experimental programs, studies, and experimental methods of torture.


Human Surgery Practice Operations on Prisoners

surgery-676375_1280 North Korea Experiments

One of the most shocking north Korea experiments, is the practice of practising medical operations on living human beings, who are awake, and aren’t administered anaesthesia. This was reported by a north Korean prison guard who defected from north Korea. He said “The people who carry out these executions and these experiments all drink before they do it. But they are real experts now; sometimes they hit prisoners with a hammer, on the back of the head.

The poor prisoners then lose their memory, and they use them as zombies for target practice. When the Third Bureau is running out of subjects, a black van known as “the crow” turns up and picks out a few more prisoners, sowing panic among the rest. The crow comes about once a month and takes forty or fifty people off to an unknown destination.”


Giant Overweight Rabbit Feeding Program

Mr Szmolinsky was distraught after working out that North Korean officials might have eaten his giant rabbits. Szmolinsky is an award winning rabbit breeder famous for his giant rabbits, which can produce up to 7kg of meat. He believed that north Korea would be breeding his rabbits to try and feed the people and he was glad to help. He even sold the rabbits at a lower price. But then the rabbits disappeared without explanation.

He claims that the north Korean officials ate the rabbits themselves. Although t could just be that the rabbits actually need to eat more food to grow to a large size than they actually produce making it completely inefficient. Meaning that either they realised this and gave up on the rabbits, or aimed to eat them from the beginning. Szmolinsky is furious and refused to sell any more rabbits to North Korea. This is one of the least damaging failed north Korea experiments.


Human Faeces Government program

soil-766281_1280 North Kroea experiments

North Korea used to get it’s fertilizer from South Korea, but when south Korea stopped shipping them fertilizer they took drastic measures and started using their own human faeces as fertilizer to grow crops, meaning north Korean citizens have to eat food grown in their own poo. Shops in north Korea have even started selling the excrement. Factory workers even had to meet a quota of two tons of human faeces per day.


Poisoned Cabbage Leaves

cabbage-1078163_1280 North Korea Experiments

North Korea doesn’t have a line when it comes to human experimentation and will do even the most depraved actions, for reasons we don’t even understand. In one of North Korea experiments, they took 50 female prisoners who were in good health, and forced them to take part in an experiment the women could never survive. Each women was forced to eat a cabbage laced with deadly poison. Every single one of the women died a horrific death, screaming, and vomiting before finally dying in excruciating pain. If the women refused to eat the cabbage knowing they would die, then their families would be targeted. Each women took 20 minutes to die.


Empty City Near Border

North_Korean_village_Kijong-dong North Korean Experiments

This is one of the weirdest North Korean experiments, a giant abandoned ghost city on the North Korean border between North and South Korea. It isn’t certain what this mysterious city is for but it’s believed that it is supposed to be propaganda to lure unsuspecting South Koreans to defect. North Korea claimed the city had 200 citizens and a vibrant economy, the city looks modern, and the buildings are colourful. South Korea quickly noticed that there was absolutely no one there, and believe it to be a fake city. The buildings are completely empty, and the lights turn on and off by an automatic timer, the only living humans ever seen there are maintenance workers.


Camp 22


Camp 22 is a north Korean concentration camp much like the ones that operated during world war two. The prisoners and their entire family are held in detention until the day they die. The camp guards are taught to believe that the prisoners in the camp are factionalists, and class enemies that need to be destroyed like weeds down to their root. The prisoners are seen only as slaves and not people, guards can kill prisoners at a moments notice if they feel it’s necessary.

Even if you obey the rules you may still be killed if a member of their family disobeys. The defector who provided this information even admitted he had once ordered the execution of 31 people from multiple families because one of their family tried to escape. It could be that not only are the prisoners oppressed but the guards are brainwashed to see them as subhuman.


The Knee And Wood Torture Method

wood-1092193_1280 Noerth Korea Experiments

North Korea experiments with torture methods on people as well, and have out with new and shocking ways of torturing people for information. One of the gruesome ways north Korea tortures it’s prisoners is with a method called the knee and wood torture method. The prisoner will kneel on a wooden bar inserted into knee, to stop the blood flow. After a week you lose the ability to walk, and after a month you die. This is mainly used on prisoners known as enemies of the state, who are are often captured because a member of their families escaped.


The Water Torture Method

steel-tank-292646_1280 North Korea Experiments

This torture method is one that isn’t easy to survive. You must stand in a small room, while it is slowly filled with water until it gets to the point their the room is so full of water that you have to stand on your toes, to be able to get your nose above water level, so you can breathe. You have to say like this for 24 hours, and if you aren’t strong enough to hold that position then you will die. This is not only a torture method, but also a brutal form of execution.


The North Korean Space Program

North_Korean_Unha-3_rocket_at_launch_pad North Korean Experiments

North Korea has also been experimenting with a space program which is believed to have been started in the 1980’s. The North Korean Space program was incredibly unsuccessful. They launched 6 satellites but most of the attempts failed, two out of the five failed to reach orbit, two failed to launch, and the final two were successful. North Korean astronauts died in some of the failures, and the program has been disbanded, and replaced with a new one called the National Aerospace Development Administration.


Anthrax Test On Disabled Children

Bacillus_anthracis_Gram North Korean Experiments

A scientist who defected from north Korea and fled to Finland has revealed that north Korea has been experimenting on disabled children with chemical weapons, such as anthrax. Other defectors have also reported that chemical weapons are being tested on people. It seems the purpose of this is to see how they die. This is just another of North Korea’s human rights violations, and people all over the world are calling for UN intervention.

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