Most people see dolphins as fun and playful creatures, but there actually vicious killers. These almost unbelievable dolphin facts reveal how depraved, and terrifying these creatures really are. Not just in the way they attack humans but also the way they attack other dolphins. Dolphins are also some of the most intelligent creatures, and they behave like any other highly intelligent species on the planet, horrifically.

The Unsolved Dolphin Murder Spree

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There’s evidence to say that dolphins actually engage in murdering baby porpoises. At first it was believed that the baby dolphins were killed by weapons tests, but evidence found on the body indicates the killer was a dolphin. Dolphins can use echolocation to locate the vital organs of the infants and aim for those spots specifically. They pummel them, throw them into the air, and won’t stop chasing them until they die. Strangely though, baby porpoises believed to have been killed by dolphins have only ever been found in two places. Off the coast of Virginia, and Scotland’s north-east coast. Now that scientists have confirmed these porpoises are being killed by dolphins, they are baffled as to why. The murders were committed for an unknown porpoise.

The Strange Reason Why Dolphins Kill Babies


Dolphins don’t just kill baby porpoises but babies of their own species as well. It’s now believed that male dolphins will kill the infants of female dolphins in order to get them to mate with them. Committing infanticide like this causes the females to immediately become ready to have children. This may also explain the undeciphered killing sprees of the Scottish and American dolphins. It’s been theorised that these dolphins are practising to kill ones of their own species, or may have gotten the porpoises mixed up for other baby dolphins. However this doesn’t explain the mystery of why it only happens in those two places.

Dolphins Are Rapists. But Is That Really The Case?


There have been a lot of different publications claiming that as opposed to being the clowns of the ocean, dolphins are actually the gang rapists of the ocean. But, is this really true? Let’s look at the evidence. Well dolphins tend to team up, with around 4 to 5 males protecting and capturing female dolphins. And males can act aggressively towards females but there’s no evidence to say they actually rape them. If a female dolphin isn’t into it, they can say no by turning up their belly, and there’s no evidence to say a male will force a female to have sex. This is one of the most commonly cited dolphin facts, and is most likely a myth. Although the possibility being raised still makes dolphins more terrifying creatures.

Will They Ever Stop!


Dolphins have been shown to have endurance far beyond what a human could hope to achieve. In fact, dolphins have been shown to be able to stay awake for not one, not two, but five whole days without sleep, and another study found they could stay alert for a total of 15 days. To achieve this they use an unusual, and fascinating method. But first, why do they do this? Well, dolphins can’t breathe underwater.

They take in oxygen by making trips up to the surface, and then they can stay underwater for a total of 17 minutes. Some then wonder, how do they sleep? Dolphins sleep by resting half of their brains at a time, no really. They even keep one eye open, while the other is closed. Half of their brain is in what’s called slow-wave sleep. Sleeping with one eye open, means they can watch out for predators.

They’re Territorial Soldiers


One of the lesser known dolphin facts is that they claim territory, and then control them in hierarchical structures. These structures are known as pods. These pods are surprisingly well organised. They’re split into subgroups with different goals. Three dolphins will have the team objective of capturing, and herding female dolphins. Groups of four to fourteen dolphins will be organised to attack other groups of dolphins and steal their females. They also have diplomat dolphins who go to communicate with opposing factions, which can lead to two groups joining forces in order to dominate other groups of dolphins, or form an alliance against a group larger than both of theirs. Sometimes dolphins may become traitors due to the influence of enemy diplomat dolphins.

Some Dolphins Can Sniff Out Mines And Have Military Training


The US and probably some other navies have been giving dolphins military training on how to seek out underwater mines, and mark them. Human divers will then go down and disarm the marked mines. This allows oil tankers to travel through areas that previously would have too dangerous to pass through. These dolphins are highly trained, yet still indistinguishable from ordinary dolphins. This means they can slip past the Iranian, and other armies without them ever noticing. This is one of the most insane dolphin facts; dolphins and military training make a dangerous combination.

The Most Dangerous Dolphin Is Not What You Might Expect


One of the most shocking, and unknown dolphin facts is that the Killer Whale is actually a dolphin. This insane killing machine, so large millions of people are convinced it’s a whale, is actually a dolphin. This is why they’re so smart, and can be trained. The combination of the size and brute strength of a whale, mixed with the intelligence of a dolphin, makes it one of the most dangerous predators in the ocean. Killer whales will eat any animal including great white sharks, and other mega-predators, and there isn’t a single predator in the ocean above the Killer Whale.

They Have Most Unusual Penises


Dolphins don’t have penises that function in the same ways that normal humans do. They have multi-purpose penises capable of doing more than just mating. They also act almost as a hand which allows them to touch and feel things. Which explains why they have been seen doing nasty things to inanimate objects, and may also explain the rumour that dolphins rape humans. Many people have made the claim that dolphins rape humans, but most likely it is just them using their “hand” on something they don’t normally interact with.

Dolphins Are Actually Mega-Predators


Mega-predators may be a made up term, but it perfectly describes dolphins when you consider this fact. Dolphins eat an insane amount of fish. They only weigh 260 lbs but eat about 33 lbs of fish a day. What they eat includes a variety ranging from fishes and crustaceans, to squids and shrimp. Dolphins capture fish with a organised attack. The first step to herd a school of fish into a smaller but denser group, and then circling round, taking turns to charge in and attempt to grab a fish. This is known as pinwheeling.

Dolphins Can Speak!


Scientists in Crimea discovered the unbelievable. Dolphins can actually speak to each other in a way that resembles human words. They make a series of noises including pulses, clicks, and whistles. Using these sounds they can create up to five words, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but can actually be used to create thousands of sentences. Researches were fascinated watching conversations unfold. One dolphin would emit noises, the other would quietly wait, and then reply with their own noises. Each dolphin sounds a unique way, similar to the way we have our own voices. Researchers are now looking into how to talk to animals.

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