6 Emerging Business Trends That Are Becoming Huge: The climate of business is constantly changing. New areas are constantly emerging; so some of these areas can only grow larger. In this article we count down the 6 emerging business trends that we at Eskify are most excited about.

6) Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is simply a type of computing that relies on the sharing of resources with other servers. It’s basically just internet based computing. Servers and applications are shared to a computer network through the internet. It is not a new area, but it is currently growing at a rate faster than ever before due to advancements in computer technology. As you read this, thousands of startups are finding newer, faster and smoother ways of using cloud computing. As cloud computing is often a hell of a lot cheaper than using local storage systems, it’s an industry that will be with us for the long run.

5) Digital Marketing: 

Businesses are making use of the internet more often than ever. The natural result of this is a growth in the online marketing industries. The web is full of all kinds of businesses trying to raise their profile; from local businesses in small Latvian towns, to multinational corporations and internet businesses like YouTube. As everyone is trying to get more attention, it is really difficult to stand out from the crowd. In order to do so, people are turning to digital marketing professionals (who are making a killing) who find efficient and creative ways to build an online-friendly brand for their clients.

4) Virtual Reality:

The entertainment industry has been interested in virtual reality for decades at this point. But only now is technology getting good enough for us to start exploring it to any real extent. And the industry really isn’t messing around; virtual reality development company was recently acquired by Facebook for insultingly high amounts of money. Many other corporations, like Microsoft, are also said to be exploring virtual reality. So you ain’t seen nothing yet!

3) Online Video Sharing:

Youtube isn’t the only video sharing site but it is the largest. However, companies like KeekDailymotion and Facebook are gaining ground; so for small video websites the race is on to secure a foothold in the industry. The more views you have, the more money you gain. That’s why Facebook recently introduced their auto-play feature. Facebook also purchased Instagram recently. Twitter Purchased Vine recently. Even Amazon got in on the action, purchasing Twitch last year. It’s an industry that anyone with editing software can grab a piece of as a content creator. In fact, CLICK HERE for the Eskify Youtube channel.

2) 3D Printing:

Now this may seem like a rather silly industry but in 2015 international shipments are expected to grow 98%. The industry is constantly finding newer, cheaper ways to produce printers for the consumer market. It is expected that most adults in first world countries will soon easily be able to afford 3D printers. Hopefully I will never be buying one. Either way, it’s one of the most swiftly emerging business trends.

 1) Legal Marijuana:

Weather you believe weed is good or bad, you can’t deny the facts. In the USA, the multi-billion dollar legal Marijuana industry grew 74 percent. At this stage several american states have legalized the drug. Colorado, California, Washington, Arizona and Michigan have all seen more than a 100 million dollar growth. With new evidence that the drug is more safe than tobacco or alcohol, governments of other countries are getting interested in bringing weed money to their people.


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